Final Call for American Dad!

Hello There Clammers!

In about 3hrs the American Dad Event will leave our games (3pm PST, 6pm EST…2300GMT) …for good!  So make your FINAL purchases before it’s too late!

Stan Hide Roger


Just what’s leaving?  EVERYTHING pertaining to American Dad that’s in the store (if you already have it in your game it’s yours forever..).  A complete list will be below the fold…for those who aren’t quite sure what’s AD and what’s FG.

What about the characters?  As a reminder…Characters that you purchased but did not yet unlock will STAY.  You will have unlimited time to finish earning the items needed to collect them.  However, if you haven’t yet purchased their item that they come with and placed it in Quahog…you MUST do so before the event ends, otherwise they’ll disappear from the store.  Got it?  Make sense?  No?  Here’s a shorter version…
Step 1: Buy characters with Cash.
Step 2: Place in your town.
Step 3: See cute lil bubbles over their head with items to collect.

If you have NOT done steps 1 and 2 and don’t see Step 3 for ANY character related to American Dad (Stan, Steve, Hayley, Francine & Roger)…you will NOT be able to unlock them when the event is over.  So I suggest you do steps 1 and 2 before 3pm PST… 🙂

So now, for a list of what stays and what goes…well honestly just what goes…click below the fold 

Again…if you’ve purchased ANY of the items from the store below and placed them in your town (or stored them in inventory)…they’re yours FOREVER & won’t disappear when the Event is over..

Characters…in the Store:

Steve SmithBlack Escashady Steve/Escashady- $700

Hayley SmithJeff's Van Hayley/Jeff’s Van- $1,500

FrancineSmith MobileFrancine/ Smith Mobile- $1,000. 

Stan Hide Roger 1S.S. Bonnie Raitt Roger/ S.S. Bonnie Raitt- $2,000.

REMEMBER: You only have to follow steps 1, 2 and 3 above to have unlimited time to unlock these characters….


Klaus 2
 Klaus- If you have not started the timer by 3pm PST today…you will lose the chance to get Klaus.  However, you have until 3pm PST to start the timer..and once it’s started you’ll have 4 days to earn him.  Even after the event ends…

Just start the timer by 3pm PST…


Buildings/Decorations: (again…these WILL NOT be in Quahog when the event ends…so get em while they’re hot!) 

Clam Festival StageClam Festival Stage: 5×6, $500, $30 & 20 XP every 4hrs

Colonial Barn Under ConstructionColonial Barn (w/Stan Smith): 7×8, $1500, $30 & 20 XP every 4hrs

Clam Exhibition HallHistorical Clam Exhibition Hall: 5×8, $1000, $40 & 25XP every 6hrs

Smith HouseSmith House: 8×12,  100 Clams, $40 & 25XP every 6hrs, Classified Documents (ALWAYS)

Crop CircleCrop Circle: 9×9, $400

Area 51 SignArea 51 (Sign): 1×2, $2000

Undercover American FlagUndercover American Flag: 2×2,  10 Clams

Groff Community CollegeGroff Community College- 75 Clams.  Earns $60, 40xp/ 12hrs. Always drops Peace Sign Necklaces.

Moon BounceMoon Bounce- 100 Clams.  Earns $40, 25xp/6hrs.  Always drops Action Figures.


building_hardwarestore@4xA ‘Buncha Tools- 50 Clams.  Earns $30,20xp/4hrs.  Returning from Comic Con.  Always drops Protest Signs.

perlman petsPerman’s Pets- 50 Clams.  Earns $30, 20xp/8hrs.  Returning from Comic Con.  Always drops Tofurkey

Dead Format RecordsDead Format Records- 100 Clams.  Earns $30, 20xp/4hrs.  Returning from Comic Con.  Always drops R & B records.

Paper and StuffPaper and Stuff- 100 Clams.  Earns $40, 25xp/6hrs.  Returning from Comic Con.  Always drops Megaphones.

sirlancewartsSir Lancewart’s Board Games- 50 Clams.  Earns $120, 80xp/12hrs. Returning from Comic Con.  Always drops Paintball Guns.

CampsiteCampsite- $1,500

Clam Festival SignClam Festival Sign- $750

Lunar LandingLunar Landing- 50 Clams

CIA HeadquartersCIA Headquarters- $2,000.  8hr build time.  Earns $50, 30xp/10hrs

CIA Mobile LabC.I.A Mobile Lab- $1,800.  12hr build time.  Earns $30, 20xp/4hrs

Hazmat TentHazmat Tent- $500. 6hr build time.  Earns $80, 55xp/20hrs.

Fun N Gun Shooting RangeFun ‘N Gun Shooting Range- $5,000.  20hr build time.  Earns $140, 90xp/16hrs.

Muffins by Mrs SmithMuffins by Mrs. Smith- 75 Clams.  Instant Build.  Earns $60, 40xp/10hrs.  Always drops Muffins for Francine.
used booksOld Timey Book Store- 100 Clams.  Earns $30,20xp/ 4hrs.  Always drops Romance Novels.

White Picket FenceWhite Picket Fence- $750/ea section.  (YES these will leave after the event!)

Sex Rose BushSex Rose Bush- $1,000.

Security Threat MeterSecurity Threat Meter- 25 Clams.

Pinky the Missing LinkyPinky the Missing Linky- 100 Clams.

Bobby the BulletBobby the Bullet- 50 Clams.

Roger's PlaceRoger’s Place- 150 Clams.  Earns $30, 20xp/ 8hrs.  Always drops Box Wines

Sand BarSand Bar- 100 Clams.  Earns $10, 5xp/ 4hrs.  Always drops Pecan Sandies.

fg_building_budgetbadasskiosk_thumbnail@4xBudget Badass- 150 Clams.  Earns $30, 20xp/4hrs. Always drops Wigs (This is a returning item from the 80’s Cleveland Update

American Dad BillboardAmerican Dad Billboard- $10,000.

Psychotic Hot TubPsychotic Hot Tub- 50 Clams.

Tearjerkey IslandTearjerker Island- 150 Clams


Carl Carl- YES…Carl will leave with American Dad.  Hopefully he’ll be back with more free clams again!


Ok guys…that’s EVERYTHING released with the American Dad event that will disappear once the event ends.  So HURRY and get everything you want within the next 3hrs before it all disappears!

So what’s next?  Well Christmas of course!  As many of you saw this in your games yesterday….

2014-12-04 05.14.39


and yes…TinyCo teased Christmas on Facebook too….



So stay tuned to Family Guy Addicts for everything Christmas….once the update hits of course!


What did YOU think of the American Dad Event?  Which characters have you unlocked?  What items did you get?  Are you ready for Christmas?  Sound off in the comments below…you know we LOVE hearing from you!

262 responses to “Final Call for American Dad!

  1. Bunny do you think they will do another American Dad event? Because that happened before I started playing game and would love to get those characters.


  2. I havnt finished getting the pecan things for roger but can’t seem to find the CIA headquarters that I need so that Stan can protect america and get the items needed now that the american dad phase is over, does that mean I can no longer completely unlock roger??


  3. So I have roger who is locked and Stan unlocked but I didn’t have a chance to buy the cia building and the event is over now. It looks like I can’t unlock roger now bc I don’t have the cia building????? Is this correct????


  4. I somehow cannot solve the “Truth, justice and whatever part 2” task. Hayley should have some option to occupy Quahog but I do not see it in her possible actions. Any idea what I am missing? Thank in advance!


  5. When do we get to buy Pawtucket (district 10)?


  6. I got all of Rogers stuff within the 3 day time frame, for some reason, I don’t have Klaus! Anybody else had this issue? Or is it an ongoing quest after the 3 day time limit?x


  7. Is this happening to anyone else? Hayley needs Dansu Dansu for one of her tasks, I had it in inventory, so put it back out and the task still says “requires Dansu Dansu”. Am I kissing something? Glitch? Bad coding?


    • And it should say *missing not kissing. 😉


    • Happens to me too. I pretty sure it’s because the game is expecting the Dansu Dansu that you can buy in the store, not the slightly differently coded one from Stewie’s Tea Party. Getting rid of that one was the first thing I did when selling was introduced – I only bought it because it seemed to have an awesome payout but didn’t mention that you had to collect every 10 minutes 😐


  8. Just had Klause show back up in town with new timer today…. Yay! Anyone know if this is a glitch or we are getting another chance if he was started too soon?


  9. Good riddance to bad rubbish (ie: Carl). Jerk only showed up twice in my Quahog, and the second time he glitched out and wouldn’t work for me.


  10. I really enjoyed the event. I love American dad and enjoyed getting the characters. Only complaint is that I wasn’t aware of when the times quests were ending. Idk if it’s my phone or what. But anyway, I was in the middle of a quest with Roger and quagmire doing the activities and when the event ended my quest went away. So I may have missed something (a prize) . But I still enjoyed it and I’m liking Christmas so far.


  11. I sent Tiny co a few messages regarding the Klaus channllenge i glad they came to their senses


  12. I updated and all seems ok Except all my friends/neighbors are gone..and I lose connection for no reason frequently but consuela brings it back on 2nd try. I messaged tiny Co about friends just wonder if anyone else had this happen or what may have happened TY..


  13. Thanks TinyCo for giving me Klaus even though I did not complete getting Roger until after the timer expired.


  14. My timer for Klaus ran out as well, and then like a day later I got another few days to get him!


  15. Ugh! Looks like I’ll lose 8 hrs on the quest, I can’t get the update to download and it’s about time for me to go to work. I keep getting a message that I can’t download it, no reason why. I have sufficient memory available, I messaged Tiny Co, but we know that may take forever


  16. Did Bunny catch a fish!? Cause I just got Klaus too after I missed out on him before. *gives Bunny a Bushel of Carrots*


  17. No snow or anything but at the very bottom of my screen is district 10 and it’s pawtucket brewery


  18. I just got Klaus eben though the timer for him run out 2 days ago!!! Stan had that exclamation mark and when I tapped on it I got Klaus! Of course I had all of the Smiths, but I got Roger and Francine (thanks to one missing muffin and one missing wine case, which I almost spend clams on) way after the timer for Klaus run out. I guess it’s a little pre-christmas gift from tinyco?


  19. Something strange happend to me a few hours ago, I had Roger doing some task getting examined and suddenly I earned Klaus!
    The timer ended several days ago and I missed by two pieces and American Dad left along with watching videos for clams, but suddenly, Poof,..there was Klaus! Right after Roger finished a task that had nothing to do with fish.

    Somehow I got him and olaced him, and yes he talks,

    Any idea how this happend?
    Has it happened to anyone else?

    Liked by 1 person

  20. They didn’t do a very good job with the snow placement. Like on houses and all the places items. TSTO is lightyears ahead in graphics and gameplay. Family Guy though trumps The Simpsons


  21. Well, just got the iOS update but as with the people who got the Play Store update, it is just snow at this point 😢


  22. Hey girls the snow hit IOS just now juust wanted to make that aware


  23. Just now got the update on my iPhone


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