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Jolly Christmas Tree Update Postponed

Note: We don’t know what time it will hit.  That information hasn’t been released.  So we’re all in the same anxious boat here…so just be patient and as soon as we know we’ll let you know. 🙂 

Hey there Clamming Jolly Elves!

Just got verification from TinyCo (and it is also being released all over), that the next Tree Level will be delayed until at least tomorrow.

Merry Christmas Tree Area

So take your time getting in a few more tasks, collections, Yeti attacks, etc while we have an extra day before MORE hits our games. We have a lil more time before the Jolly Christmas Tree will be available.

No worries, we will be here when it does hit to bring you all the fun and inside details that we usually do.



Holiday Event Area Miracle on Spooner Street


So you are tapping round looking at all the icons, tabs, pop ups, etc during this Holiday Miracle on Spooner Street Event…but some things just still do not make any sense to you. Well I am bouncing on in to help. Break down a few things you will see around your town.

Silver Clam Gift Box by Snowman

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