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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Glitchmas

Hey there Clammers. Having fun yet? Snow is falling. Melting Snowmen. Weird objects reappearing? WAIT A MINUTE.Connection Lost Continue reading

Christmas is Here!!!

Hello There Clammers!

The Christmas update is NOT, I repeat NOT live in our games…yet. Right not they are doing some testing on it to make sure the 1.5 version is going OK. So a small amount of you will see the update hit your app markets.

Splash Screen Christmas Quahog 2014

Again, this is JUST prep work/testing. So those that get it will ONLY see the icon, Splash Screen, and snow in town. NO tasks, NO items, NO event. We will post more when it goes live.

Well…that is unless we fall asleep waiting for it to hit. It HAS been a very long day for both of us. Lol

So hang in there. We’ll get the info out when we can.

Of course the net goes down and up as we posted this. The Update IS here. We are working on stats now. Will update soon. MORE INFO COMING!!

Kindle…sorry…you know the drill 😦

Bunny & Alissa

Some more details below the fold…

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