Christmas is Here!!!

Hello There Clammers!

The Christmas update is NOT, I repeat NOT live in our games…yet. Right not they are doing some testing on it to make sure the 1.5 version is going OK. So a small amount of you will see the update hit your app markets.

Splash Screen Christmas Quahog 2014

Again, this is JUST prep work/testing. So those that get it will ONLY see the icon, Splash Screen, and snow in town. NO tasks, NO items, NO event. We will post more when it goes live.

Well…that is unless we fall asleep waiting for it to hit. It HAS been a very long day for both of us. Lol

So hang in there. We’ll get the info out when we can.

Of course the net goes down and up as we posted this. The Update IS here. We are working on stats now. Will update soon. MORE INFO COMING!!

Kindle…sorry…you know the drill 😦

Bunny & Alissa

Some more details below the fold…

Ok guys this is just like Halloween…you have to earn Cookiees to buy stuff (like Spirit vials) AND you have Holiday Cheer (like Fright points).  You also have the ability to craft/create gifts at Santa’s Workshop (like the cauldron).  So you guys should know a lot of the drill by now…

This event is very Lois heavy in the beginning.  And a lot of short tasks that you should progress through quickly.  The stopping point will come when you craft your first gift, which will take an hr.  And then you’ll have another task to build the Quahog Mall, which will take 4hrs to build.  If you’re looking to rest tonight…that might be your best stopping point….

2014-12-05 07.05.08

New Buildings..

Quahog MallQuahog Mall- 50 Gingerbread.  4hr Build.  Chance to drop the Star needed for Sexy Santa Lois.  Also Earns 8 Gingerbread and 1 Holiday Cheer/4hrs.

Gingerbread ShackGingerbread Shack- 100 Clams.  Always drops 50 Gingerbread/4hrs.  Also drops 5 Holiday Cheer.

Gingerbread TrailerGingerbread Trailer- 250 Clams.  Always drops 250 Gingerbread/8hrs.  Also drops 60 Holiday Cheer

Gingerbread HouseGingerbread House- 600 Clams.  Always drops 1,000 Gingerbread/12hrs.  Also drops 200 Holiday Cheer.

Note: All 3 Gingerbreads have awesome animations!

Candy Gumdrop'sGoody Gumdrop’s- 200 Clams.  Always drops rare stockings/8hrs.  Also drops 12 Gingerbread and 2 Holiday Cheer/8hrs.

Christmas Griffin HouseChristmas Griffin House- 100 Clams.  Always drops 1 item needed for Sexy Santa Lois/ 6hrs.  Also drops 10 Gingerbread and 2 Holiday Cheer/6hrs.

Lucky's OrphanageLucky’s Orphanage- 200 Clams.  Always drops rare stocking with doll/8hrs.  Also earns 12 Gingerbread and 1 Holiday Cheer/8hrs.

New Decorations….

Candy Cane PostsCandy Cane Posts- 25 Gingerbread.

Dickens LampDickens’ Lamp- 50 Gingerbread.

Dickenstein's LampDickenstein’s Lamp- 50 Gingerbread

Smooching ArchwaySmooching Archway- 75 Gingerbread

Festive Arches in BlueFestive Arches in Blue- 75 Gingerbread

Medium Christmas TreeMedium Christmas Tree- 75 Gingerbread

Pile of PresentsPile of Presents- 25 Gingerbread

SnowmanSnowman- 25 Gingerbread

10 Secret Santa Gifts- 50 Clams.  10 Gifts to give to your neighbors!

Buildings to Repair…

Train Station- Requires 200 Gingerbread and 8hrs.  DO NOT DO THIS UNTIL YOU’RE READY….it triggers a timed event for a character!   See below..

Note: It looks like TinyCo has learned from Halloween…and you cannot repair the Train Station until the task triggers.  Progress through quiet a bit of the main questline and then the quest will trigger.  Be patient.. 🙂

New Character/Skin…

Sexy Santa Lois!

Sexy Santa Lois

Sexy Santa Lois starts once you’ve started the Naughty or Nice quest….(this happens around Part 6 or 7 of Miracle on Spooner Street) Here’s what you’ll need to unlock her:

Christmas Cookies500 Gingerbread Cookies (Game Currency…once you use them for her they will disappear)

Christmas Star15 Christmas Stars (Uncommon)- Earned by: Make Jerome Play Ball OR Make Chris Nose Goblins OR Make Cleveland Grab a Beer OR Get from Quahog Mall OR Get From Christmas Griffin House

Santa Dress7 Santa Dresses (Rare)- Earned By: Make Lois Freshen Up OR Make Bonnie Go to Ladies Night OR Get From Smith House OR Get From Christmas Griffin House

Mistletoe5 Mistletoe (Rare)- Earned by: Make Peter Put Up the Tree OR Make Quagmire Enjoy Carrots OR Get From Christmas Griffin House

For those curious…the rush rate is around 300 Clams (depending on how many Gingerbread you have)


Brian’s family is coming to Quahog!  And Jasper can be found at the Quahog Train Station….BUT be WARNED.  Once you repair the train station you only have 7 Days to Unlock him! So DO NOT repair the train station until you’re ready.  

Here’s what you’ll need to unlock Jasper:

The Happy GreekHappy Greek- Get the Happy Greek From a Holiday Gift Box

Johnny's Dance StudioDance Studio- Get the Dance Studio From a Striped Gift Box

The Dance StageCheer Stage- Get the Cheer Stage from a Striped Gift Box.

Or you can instantly unlock for 300 clams.


2014-12-05 07.04.57

There are two types of Squatters with the event…Snowmen and Mall Santa’s (and apparently CIA Agents, as they’re still roaming the streets of my Quahog!)

Snowman Squatter

Just tap them and they’ll go away.  Plus you’ll earn event currency!

Mall Santa’s
For these you will need Sexy Santa Lois and/or Jasper to clear.  Each Mall Santa takes 2hrs to clear and earns you 10 Gingerbread and 2 Holiday Cheer.  Plus the chance for a doll to drop!

Christmas Challenge:

Give Me A Sign…

Triggers by Peter AFTER you Craft Sexy Santa Lois.

Clear 10 Mall Santa’s in 4 Days and you’ll unlock the North Pole sign!

2014-12-05 07.52.04


North Pole

Collect ALL the weekly prizes for the Grand Prize (not announced yet)

2014-12-05 08.09.33

Santa’s Workshop…

2014-12-05 07.09.38

Craft presents using items you collect!  As of week 1 there are 2 present options…

Holiday Gift Box- Each one is 150 Gingerbread and 5 Candy Canes.

Striped Gift Box- Each one is 300 Gingerbread, 5 Candy Canes and 5 Dolls

2014-12-05 07.09.30

You won’t know what’s inside until you’ve crafted it!

Here’s how you earn..

Candy Cane StockingCandy Canes: Earned By: Clearing Snowmen OR Get from Goody Gumdrop’s

Doll- Earned By: Clearing Mall Santas OR Get from Lucky’s Orphanage

2014-12-05 07.05.30

The boxes do take time to craft.  The first one takes 1hr…

2014-12-05 07.09.53

And once it’s complete you’ll see this popup…

2014-12-05 07.09.46

Again you won’t know what’s inside until you open it.  So head over to the Tree and open up your new gift! 🙂

Holiday Cheer…

Holiday Cheer Ornament

Collect Holiday Cheer to upgrade your Christmas tree!  The bigger the tree/cheer the more Squatters will come to Quahog! (Mall Santa’s and Snowmen)

2014-12-05 07.06.19

And yes…as of right now there are Clam rewards when you reach a new Level.  Follow along with The Cheer Squad questline to earn clams for reaching cheer levels!

Secret Santa…

For the first time during a TQFS Event there’s a Social Element to it!  (Remember the only way to have friends in this game is via Facebook.  And if you’re looking for friends check out our Add Me Thread here.)

You can leave a Secret Santa Gift for a neighbor…and they’ll get rewards for it and you’ll get a chance for Clams! (and rewards too!)

Below is from the in game FAQs.  This will explain it better than I can at 3:30 am…2014-12-05 07.22.15

How does Social Gifting work?
Bonnie can create Secret Santa Gifts by performing the “Wrap a Gift” action. You’ll be able to see how many Secret Santa Gifts you have by viewing the counter on the Multiverse button.

When you visit an eligible friend’s Quahog, you’ll see a button on the top right corner of the screen with the number of Secret Santa Gifts you own. If you tap on it, you’ll leave your friend a box that they can open to receive wonderful prizes. You can gift each friend one gift box each day.

Whenever you give a friend a Secret Santa Gift, you’ll also receive Christmas Cookies and a chance for clams!

How do I open Secret Santa Gifts?
When you receive a Secret Santa Gift, you’ll see a message telling you to open the box by your Christmas tree. To open it, tap on the box!

You can open one Secret Santa Gift per day. If you receive more than one box per day, you’ll be able to open another after 24 hours have passed.

Santa’s Wish List…

Fulfill various wishes (usually via the Crafting part) to unlock Santa for your Quahog!

2014-12-05 07.12.47

How do I use the Christmas Wishlist?
Tap on Santa’s Sleigh to access the Christmas Wishlist. You can fulfill wishes by collecting the items that characters have asked for. Fulfilling a wish unlocks a new Christmas action for that character.

How do I get Santa?
If you complete every wish on the Christmas Wishlist, you’ll receive Santa!

District 10…

You’ll notice it’s there…but it’s locked!  The land is smokey and you can’t access it just yet.  It’s coming soon…so be patient and enjoy Christmas! 🙂

2014-12-05 08.36.39


And that’s it for Phase 1 of Christmas!

What do YOU think of Christmas so far?  Thoughts on the snow in Quahog?  What about the way the event is set up?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!


839 responses to “Christmas is Here!!!

  1. Why aren’t there gifts to purchase for gingerbread men like in all the other quests? I have over 100,000 and have purchased EVERYTHING possible.


  2. Fair enough! Thanks for letting us know! I should start looking on your home page for the latest news sorry. (Still haven’t quite figured out where everything is on this website yet)


  3. What a tease! I’ve been waiting all this time to update my tree and now the timers finally counted down it just says please check back later to upgrade your portal!! No fair 😦 I hope it’s not long!


  4. Miguel Gonzalez

    My question is where is santas sleigh so I can start doing the Christmas wish list. Also are the Christmas wishes not supposed to be popping up? I know I’ve done all that’s required by them but I haven’t gotten actually quests from the game. I just used an only forum to figure out what I was supposed to do.


  5. I have myself one of those question type things about “Santa’s Wish List”. I understand that I need to, “Get Brian an Inspiration Corner”, for example, in order to unlock a christmas action for his character. What I do not understand, however, is what type of Gift box does this have a chance of coming out of? When I click on the character, I think it takes me to the Gift Box that has the chance of dropping their item, but I’m not 100% sure and I don’t have the resources to be playing a guessing game here 😉 If someone could reassure me before I click, “Wrap”, that would be fantastic ^_^ Thank you very much!


  6. Shawn Warkentin

    I finished collecting all the cologne for mayor west and now the warehouse is just gone. Any ideas?


  7. Awesome? No. Very nice? Yes.

    This post has so much useful information that I keep referencing it. I bought the Gingerbread Shack thinking ‘awesome animation’ would be gingerbreadies poking their heads out of windows or running around the building. However, there are only blinking gumdrop lights. They are very nice.

    Do the trailer and house have anything more than very nice blinking gumdrop animation which would make them great? I doubt I would be awed unless they created persistent images of Mother Mary in my vision.


  8. Love the party spirit


  9. I unlocked sexy Santa Louis, but the “give me a sign” quest has not popped up. What else do I need to do in order to unlock that? Thank you for your help, this website is great!


  10. I don’t have many friend’s towns in the game as only a handful of my fb friends play it. Or can we add non fb players on android now?


  11. Do you have to have the Lois skin unlocked to start jaspers?


  12. I notice in-game info on the character Jesus. Any info on when he is available?


  13. Has anyone else crafted the boyfriend 300 from a striped box?


  14. The first gift box is no longer available for me to wrap, does this mean ive unlocked all the gifts that type of box has?


  15. So, even though there’s a big yellow chechmark on the holiday gift box, I should keep crafting them? It’s not the same gift each time?

    How do you know when to stop buying, say, the holiday gift box, for example?


  16. The festive blue arch is no longer available in my shop. I just got to where I had a few extra ginger bread men so I went to buy xmas decos to get my town pretty and it was gone.

    Liked by 1 person




      Lol. Hayley is still being collected by players. They need CIA to get her items. So they’ll stay a bit. 🙂


  18. The drop rate on dolls is horrible. And only 1 person to get them is ridiculous. Hope they fix that soon.


  19. I like it except that I don’t like that if you use 500 gingerbread for Lois you loose 500 gingerbread. Or you use 150 for wrapping presents and loose 150 gingerbread. Let the wrap presents you keep the amount. I have earned over almost 900 gingerbread and wrapped 3 gifts. I can’t unlock lois because i have to keep making gifts to get Santas wish list complete. If you wrap a gift keep the 150 but if you create lois its okay to remove the 500. Just keep that thought for next update please.


    • It’s just like buildings you earn $$ to buy them. No worries. It’s not meant for you to get it all in a few days. It’s a month long event. Enjoy it. You’ll get things just by playing and completing quests. 😉


  20. I just took a really interesting “Caption This” type photo of the game and thought you might want to post it, what’s the email address for that?


  21. Question. When crafting Christmas Lois, will all the gingerbread men disappear, or just the 500 needed for her? I have over 800, and I don’t want to lose them. Thanks.


  22. Does anyone know how many different prizes are in the stripped gift boxes?


  23. Just weighing in, here. I am chillin’ on my one weekend off this month (retail BITES this time of year) and getting as much accomplished as I can. Tinyco has always been kind to me. No matter the circumstances or situation. Whenever I have sent in a support issue, they deal with it quickly and efficiently. They also respond to general comments (GIGGITY-split LOL). That being said, even with the issues at the beginning (let’s face it; there always are) I am still meeting all requirements and tasks in a reasonable time frame. I started Jasper’s train station (because I was tempted to eat all the cookies) BUT there is ALWAYS a period of grace … You don’t have to hit the completion check mark as soon as it shows up, thereby buying you time to get those stripes gifts unwrapped. Ok … Nuff said … Keep Clam and Yule get thru this!


  24. I am social media phobic but I really want gifts! Ollie gave me one that appeared at the same time my first crafted one was ready (Was this a coincidence?). I opened one and the other disappeared. Will Ollie ever give me another one? I know he’s not real but I’ve still given him two presents! (The first time was a quest and then I thought maybe that’s what I had to do to make him give me one back?)


    • Maybe thay was a bad way to ask..
      What i meant was:
      1) Will Ollie give me more gifts and if yes, how often?
      2) Do I have to give Ollie gifts to get any myself?
      3) Why did the gift from Ollie disappear when I went to open the one I had crafted that was sitting next to it? (It may have been the crafted one that disappeared when I opened Ollies.. One of them did anyway).


    • Will ask 😉


  25. Ok, I have a question, to clear Mall Santas you need Sexy Santa Lois and Jasper. To get Jasper you need items from the striped box that require you to clear mall santas. How is this supposed to work?


    • No. You can clear mall Santa’s to get more. The thought is get mall, then her, then him. So one helps the next. So get her. Clear Santa’s. Get him. 😉


  26. I cant repair the train. I contacted toyco no response. What can i do?


  27. I just want to echo what others have said about the doll drop rate for clearing mall Santas. Even with spending money on the orphanage, it still seem like it will take forever to get the buildings for Jasper.

    Also wanted to again thank you for all the helpful information. It makes the game more fun for me.


  28. are the red dolls suppose to be dropping at a really rare rate? I’ve cleared 6 mall santas which effin takes 2 hrs each and only got one doll so far! wth!

    Liked by 1 person

  29. I’ve been looking through all the links, but I still have yet to find the answer to my question. I see that to unlock Jasper you need to build the train and once it’s done, you have 7 days to collect stuff to unlock him, but I can’t seem to find anywhere where it says what is needed to unlock him. Everybody says to wait until you’re ready to start him, but I don’t know if I’m ready unless I know what I need. Any help with the list of what is needed to unlock him?


  30. So far I’m enjoying the Xmas quests. I’m getting close to unlocking Lou’s and looking forward to Jasper. Fingers crossed I can unlock him in the time permitted. I love seeing the snow. Very nice change to the city that I see sooooo many times per day. My only complaint about any event is that I wish it involved more characters. I love Consuela, but she’s almost useless. I know more stuff will unlock and I look forward to using more characters, but to me I’d like to see more characters involved from the beginning. Thanks for the event end timer! And thanks for all the hard work! Thanks to Bunny and Alissa for holding our hands through this.


  31. What do you need for a jasper again?


  32. Okay, apologies if this is a dumb question. I tried it look for the answer but couldn’t find it. How do I get Jasper to appear at the train station? Have I just not progressed far enough in the quests? I don’t yet have Santa Lois unlocked.. is that part of it too? I have been trying to get those last couple freaking muffins and that has slowed me down with Lois and Bonnie!


  33. Can you only create so many of each gift box? My holiday gift box disappeared and now I can only do striped gift boxes. Just unlocked sexy Lois so I am trying to save up for the striped boxes to get at least one more of the Jasper items before I fix the train station.


  34. Hi there! I see people posting about the holiday gift box disappearing which happened to me as well. I came on here to check why and it looks like you are saying we got all the prizes so it disappeared. Do you have a post on what gift boxes give which prizes? I got Chris’s drawing table, Brian’s workspace and the Happy Greek. Is that all that was in there? I kinda freaked when It disappeared and I just wanted to confirm everything is good. Also, if/when the next one disappears, I wanted to know what’s inside beforehand. Thanks,for,all your hard work!!!


  35. When are they going to fix the map? I can barely see the snowmen walking around. Not fair. I think tiny Co needs to give out some free ones.


  36. I asked a question but it disappeared. On the Santa wish list where can I get those prizes from to give to my people? I read the entire dialogue but it doesn’t say


  37. While I know the prizes inside the gift boxes you create are completely random is there a list anywhere of what prices are available in each holiday box and is there also a list of what prices are actually available in the secret Santa boxes not that I’ve received any yet but it would be nice to know


  38. ğŸŽ„CHRISTMAS TREEğŸŽ„ I don’t know if anybody has asked this but how in the world do you decorate the Christmas tree in the village?? I updated my game on Dec 4th & I just now upgraded to level 2ğŸ˜ž & my tree is the same, no changes of any kind. THANK YOU!!! 😁


    • You don’t really. You upgrade..but you can’t upgrade officially until it lets you..which is what that counter in the Christmas tree is. Once that reaches 0 you can upgrade the tree and then move onto the next stage of Christmas.


  39. Well I guess you can get doubles of stuff.
    After clearing 20 Mall Santa’s to get enough for my first stripped present I was disappointed by receiving The Drunken Clam skin that I already had. Yay….
    Another day and a half to try again… 😦


  40. Good morning
    Just bought the orphanage cuz clearing mall Santas was giving me nada dolls. Anyhoo y’all stated that it drops stuff every 8 hrs but the timer on mine reads 6 hrs. Yay me


  41. The drop rate for dolls with the Lois clearing mall Santas seems awfully low I’m currently at 6/17. With her being busy with allot of other early tasks it’s frustrating.

    Liked by 1 person

  42. I really wanna get Jesus but I don’t see him in the character page, it says you need a building to unlock, but I don’t see it. Is it in the stripped box when u get the big o’l birthday cake?


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