Holiday & Striped Gift Boxes

UPDATE BUNNY: We are aware of many players stating an EARLY lock out of the Gift Boxes before prizes are completely won. We did report this to TinyCo and urge you to do so as well so they can see the games impacted by the glitch. We will update when we hear anything back on it. 

Hey there Ho Ho Ho’s. Having fun yet? Liking all the falling snow? Going nuts trying to figure out what the frak is going on in the Miracle on Spooner Street Event? Well here I am hopping in to help out. Let’s start out with the Gift Boxes in the Santa’s Village Workshop.

Santa's Village Gift Factory

In order to get additional “Gifts” in our game, you will need to go to Santa’s Village to make toys. You don’t know just what exactly those crazy demented elves are going to make, but this should help you at least have an idea of what you will see in each one of the current two Gift Boxes available.

First off, how to get to this point. You will need to get to Miracle On Spooner Street Part 4. You will be able to learn about, make, then open the Holiday Gift Box. 

Now as you continue to collect Christmas Cookies, Candy Cane Stockings, and Doll Stockings you can go back to Santa’s Village to continue to make and get more gifts.

There are two ways of getting to Santa’s Village Workshop, the first is the shortcut icon on the main game screen. Just look in the lower right hand corner for the Holiday Cheer Icon that tells you what Cheer Level you are on. Tap on it.

Christmas Event Icon Level Up

You will be taken to the Miracle On Spooner Street Holiday Event Area. Santa’s Workshop will be the 2nd icon down. The Gift Box.

Santa's Gift Boxes Icon

Another way is to just go over to the Event Area in your Quahog and tap on Santa’s Village. Screenshot_2014-12-05-01-59-42

It will take you immediately to the Gift Box Creating Area known as Santa’s Workshop.Santa's Workshop Not Enough


As you can see, there are two Gift Boxes inside currently available for purchase.

Holiday Gift BoxHoliday Gift Box: 150 Holiday Cookies & 5 Candy Cane Stockings Each

Striped Gift BoxStriped Gift Box: 300 Holiday Cookies, 5 Candy Cane Stockings, & 5 Doll Stockings Each

Just go to Santa’s Workshop to see if you have enough of each item required to Create either Gift Box. Just tap on the one you want and it will tell you. “Not Enough” or “Wrap”.Santa's Workshop Not Enough

If it says “Wrap” and that is the one you want, then tap it to start the process. Santa's Workshop Wrap

It will take 1hr to “Wrap” a Gift Box. You can only make one at a time.Wrapping Gift Box

As soon as it is done, you will see a message in Santa’s Workshop to go open the finished gift.Completed Gift Box Message Santa's Workshop

As well as a Check Mark over Santa’s Village in the Event Area. Completed Wrapped Gift Box Santa's Village

Either way, once you tap on the check mark to complete the gift wrapping, the Gift Box will appear right next to your tree in the Event Area.

Completed Holiday Gift Box

Completed Striped Gift Box

Now it is just a matter of tapping on the completed Gift Box in the Holiday Wagon to Open it and see what is inside.

To get an idea of what is inside each Gift Box, I have broken them down.

Holiday Gift Box

Holiday Gift Box Item Type Payout Additional
Chris Griffin’s Drafting Table Decoration * Needed for Santa’s Wish List
Brian’s Inspiration Corner Decoration * Needed for Santa’s Wish List
The Happy Greek Building 4hrs/ $30 & 20XP Needed to Unlock Jasper
Skate Pond Decoration * *
Christmas Drunken Clam Building Facade 12hrs/12 Holiday Cookies & 2 Holiday Cheer Mistletoe (Rare)
150 Christmas Cookies Material * *

Striped Gift Box

Striped Gift Box Items Type Payout Bonus
Dizzy Reindeer Decoration * *
Boyfriend 3000 Animated Decoration * Needed for Santa’s Wish list
Snowy McBurgertown Building Facade 8hrs/12 Holiday Cookies & 2 Holiday Cheer  *
Cheer Stage Decoration * Needed to Unlock Jasper
Johnny’s Dance Studio Building 4hrs/ $30 & 20XP Needed to Unlock Jasper
300 Christmas Cookies Material * *

As you can see, Jasper has items in BOTH Gift Boxes. So make sure you collect enough items to try for both before completing the build of the Train Station.

Also, only SOME of the items for Santa’s Wish List are in the first two Gift Boxes. No worries, it will run the entire event and more options to get MORE Gifts will come later. Just focus on the ones available now.

There is a little trick to see what YOU have left in the Gift Boxes. It is right around the time you complete the gift. Just go find the Wrapped Gift Box in the Holiday Wagon by your Tree in the Event Area and tap it. You will see the pop up for the Gift Box. Instead of Tapping on “Open Me”, tap on the Green “PRIZES” option instead.Holiday Gift Box Open Me

It will pull up all the gifts you have remaining in that Gift Box to Wrap and get for your town. Gift List Holiday Gift Box

This way you will know what items you have left in each one. Again, you can only see this AFTER you Wrap a Gift Box.

One of two things will happen. If you are down to just ONE Decoration/Building in the box, the Gift Box will disappear for wrapping as soon as the last item is won.

However, if you have two items left and one of those happens to be the Christmas Cookies (with the Stocking Icon) and you win the OTHER item…the Gift Box will still disappear. In other words, if all you have left is the Holiday Cookies the box considers itself complete of prizes and disappears. Final Two Gift Box Items



There you have it. The Two Gift Boxes currently available. No worries, more details still coming in separate posts for both Facebook Friend and Santa’s List. So stay tuned.

What do you think so far of the gifts? Have you cleared any Gift Boxes yet? Like the items inside? Got any of Jasper’s items yet? Let us know below.


199 responses to “Holiday & Striped Gift Boxes

  1. How do u unlock santas gift for the reindeer?


  2. Tiny co has not answered me at all. I have been locked out of the first gift box and I’m missing Chris’s drawing table. I downloaded the update and it did not fix it.


  3. Also, when does the Snowman Report quest finally come out? I already have the North Pole sign.


  4. OK, my strat for getting Jasper by focusing on Lois killing the Mall Santas worked. I got Jasper with almost 3 days to spare. Now I have Mort and Lois killing the Yeti, and Jasper is free to kill Santas. I’m on level 4 and now get blue “snowflake” stockings for getting rid of the Yeti. My question is, do you have the list of prizes in the snowflake gift box?


  5. I just read the list of items here in the Striped Box and I don’t remember even seeing a Dizy Reimdeer, I don’t remember getting it either and it’s not in my inventory or town, what does it look like so i can be sure.


  6. I’ve taken the strategy of going for Santas with Lois before going after the Abominable Snowman guy, in order to get the 10-Santa prize and moreover, to ensure that I complete Jasper in time by collecting Red stockings from the Santas, and in turn getting gifts. So far, this strategy is working; I have just 1 Santa left and just the Dance Studio. I figure I can get approximately 1.25 gift boxes per day this way, and I’ve got 4.5 days left, so I should get at least 5 more gifts, and I’ve already acquired 2; so that means only 5 are left, as long as they don’t give out doubles. I’m just suggesting this strat if anyone wants to be assured of getting Jasper in time.


  7. My striped box had been locked earlier from the error, but when I went on just now it’s actually disappeared completely from the gift tab now! 😦


  8. Please forgive me for asking but I can’t figure out what happens to the gift boxes I “give” that Bonnie makes. I see them next to the sleigh in “Other” Quahog (after I create them in the top right), and they appear with a box over them that looks like I should be able to tap it. But when I try, nothing happens. And then they’re simply gone after I leave and return back later. I don’t have any human friends playing, so I just have the simulated Quahog.


  9. Woohoo, I have the Happy Greek, but it’s gonna take at least 10 hours to get enough of the doll stockings to attempt the striped box to get the other two buildings for Jasper? UGH. I accidentally repaired the train station but haven’t tapped the check mark because I want those buildings BEFORE I finish the train station repairs. And right now Lois is fighting that stupid Yeti. There should be another character that can get rid of Mall Santas – like Bonnie! Anyhoo, I otherwise am enjoying it, but it’s a little frustrating 🙂


  10. How do we report problems to TinyCo?? My striped gift box locked up before I got my last two gifts. Thank you!!


  11. Question guys, I haven’t unluck Jasper yet. I been working in getting his stuff first I got everything except for the Johnnys dance studio. Now my stripped box appears lock. Idk why or what to do 😦


  12. After I get all the prizes in the first gift box, should I or shouldn’t I repair the train station? I got the Happy Greek, I’m not sure if I need to get the other two buildings required first. I don’t want to miss out on Jasper.. Thanx for all your efforts.


  13. My Christmas tree isn’t leveling up. And my holiday gift box isn’t working right. So I don’t know if everyone else is having the same issue or it’s the app.


  14. I have searched through the comments for this issue, but haven’t located it yet. So I’m just gonna ask.

    What did I win the Holiday Gift Box that says “Free Play?” I have no clue what I just won or how to use it. Thanks for any advice.


  15. I received a gift from a neighbor and it has “In-da-club Snow Fort” which earns 10 cookies, and 2 HC every 6 hours. Not sure which box i unwrapped to find it though.


  16. Whenever I go to see the list of the prizes still available for a gift box, all I see are blank windows with the title “PrizeNameLabel”.


  17. Hi Bunny, I think I’ve found that there really IS a glitch, one that a lot of people keep running into here. Like so many others here (including the person above), in Santa’s Workshop, I too only see the Striped Gift Box now – the Holiday Gift Box is locked (which makes sense, because I got all the stuff from that box). But, I get the message: “Requires Tree Level: Christmas Tree”. No gingerbread men counted, no red or green stockings counted. BUT, now that I have fixed the Train Station, if I go in through the “Back door” by clicking on Jasper, and his “requirements” pop up, like Dance Studio, if I THEN click on “GO” next to “Get the Dance Studio from a Striped Gift Box” (or the Cheer Stage, it doesn’t matter – I already have the Greek Restaurant), I get a whole DIFFERENT screen in the “Santa’s Workshop” menu. Now, I see the PROPER “This item Requires”, with gingerbread men, green stockings, and red stockings – with of course, “Not Enough” next to them. But this is the correct screen. FYI, I’m on level 2, 545/750, iPhone 4, if that helps. Please advise, many thanks. It would also be great to know if other people can use this “back door” as well.


  18. If you answered this in the post sorry but I didn’t see it: I won everything from the holiday gift box but the Christmas Drunken Clam then box locked up. Since it is a rare item is it only available till the other prizes are won or is this a glitch I should report? Thanks.


  19. Hi guys, am I the only one who got a demented elf in my first neighbor gift box?


  20. My Holiday Gift Box is locked but I haven’t gotten the Lucky Greek for Jasper yet. I contacted TinyCo but they haven’t responded. Am I just out of luck for getting the Holiday Greek now?


  21. Why did my holiday gift box lock out? It didn’t dissapear it just shows a lock icon over it so I can’t make any more of them.


  22. I have a problem. I started the game during this event so when I started the Christmas event I did not have Lois unlocked, so I just made boxes while I was waiting to unlock her. I now have unlocked her but I got all of the prizes so the box is now locked, but one of the Christmas quests requires me to make one. Any advice?


  23. hello again my favorite people 😊
    Ok I added my daughter as a friend & she sent me a gift but I have not received it. I checked out the trouble shooting page & I was wanting to know if I delete the game from my pad & add it back will it start my game back over at level 1?? Please say NO. Thank you!! Also I sent her a gift & she opened it & got the big ornaments but now they are gone. I checked her invetory & they are not there either. THANK YOU AGAIN😊


  24. I really wish that this game was more fair. Why should we have to pay at all? Loyal fans are playing and sharing the content of the game but if it continues to only charge clams for everything without the option to earn enough clams by playing then I won’t play or recommend it anymore. Why can’t we trade $1000 for 50 clams or something? Please update and fix this option and do it soon. Come the New Year and this offer is not available I’ll be gone.


    • You dont HAVE to pay. Many items are won just fine through regular play. The event is not even a week in. Why are you condemning it when it has just begun? Everything is NOT just for Clams.

      They will always have items for Clams for those that WANT to invest in the game. Keep in mind, SOMEONE has to help pay their bills, artists, designers, tech, copyright attorneys, promotions, etc. Without Clam players…the game you enjoy and want to enjoy without spending a cent would not exist.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Look at the holiday event items….every single holiday building is only available by Clams. Not 1 or 5… but hundred each. They need to update the game to make it fair. I guarantee they would keep more players and make more people enjoy playing if they offered more clams by exchanging it for coins.


        • I see a LOT in this very post you are commenting on that are NOT for Clams. There are extras to buy to help…yes. There always has been and always will be. That is standard for ANY app game I have come across. Premium players want content too.

          For just this event alone…just playing and leveling up…you can earn close to 70 clams. NOT counting the randoms. That is pretty generous. I have probably been able to earn close to 1000 Clams if not more since the game launched just by playing Free. I have TONS of buildings…all free. All for my Freemium game. Most won just by playing and not spending a single Clam. Most Clams were spent in the Freemium game on other Characters I wanted from Comic Con and Halloween. If you look at the ratio of what you can get for playing vs Clams…there are TONS for Free. Sorry you feel otherwise.


          • I’ve been playing since the last week or so of the Comic Con event. I play every day and I’m at level 40 something and I still only have 150 clams or so. I’ve not spent hardly any of my clams. I agree that some of the buildings, not just decos, should be offered for either less clams or an option to convert the special currency or coins for clams (doesn’t have to be one for one). I do appreciate that some buildings are gifted, however, I’d really like to get that 600 clams worth of building, as well as some of the characters. They are just too costly. I’ve tried to purchase some things, but had issues with the IAPs that TinyCo is just refusing to address. (You’d think they’d want to fix an issue that they would get money for!) So, no more of my money will be spent on this game, but I will still play for free and for fun.

            I also play Candy Crush and have cleared almost 1000 levels without spending any money. They will at least let me advance in the game. This game’s setup locks me out of every timeline I’m not able to finish specific tasks for in the time allotted. Frustrating.

            I completely understand the company needs IAPs to continue providing content and support for the game. I was a graphic artist and illustrator and I always got hit up for freebies. So, I know how much goes into the app. I just can’t pay now that I’m on a fixed income.

            Don’t stress though. You guys (moderators) are doing a very fine job. I’m glad you’re here to help.


  25. guys my holiday gift box is locked, and when i click on the info button it says that i need the christmas tree to unlock it. i had it before, i made several gifts (four actually), and i have no idea what happened. i have the christmas tree, and i am on cheer level 3, and there is one more day till i can unlock marry christmas tree so i really have no idea whats going on. i need the holiday gift box to earn happy greek, so i could unlock jasper, since i haven’t earned that gift yet…


    • Double check your inventory. The boxes lock up when you got all the gifts inside. (They disappear completely for other players as well when all items are won).


      • I went through all 106 items in my inventory (counted them😬) I have opened all gifts except for the 150 cookies & my gift box has a lock on it. Says I need a tree but I already have it. I’m working on cheer level 3-4. Would the cookies have been added automatically or would they have been in the invertory?? Thank you for all your hard work & putting up with me/us😊


  26. The holiday gift box had disappeared after I crafted all the gifts but it’s back now but neededs the tree to upgrade are there new gifts to craft?


  27. There first gift box isn’t available anymore! It has a lock on it (like the items you’d buy in the ghostbusters event) and under it says I require the tree. I’m almost level 3… I have everything except the clam and currency prizes.. Maybe I’m not allowed to get it anymore? If so why not remove it from the game altogether?! :/ also. There’s two typos that drive me crazy in the Christmas info centre. Lol


  28. I won a whole load of stockings from the striped gift box. 5 red ones and around 25 green ones. It’s happened twice now 😃


    • I had the same thing just now. Was convinced I would finally get Jasper since it was the last thing on the striped list to get, and I got that instead. Probably had 500 gingerbread in it as well. Definitely 5 red ones because I could immediately wrap another one and your guess of 25 green is probably right.


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