The Final Phase of Christmas is Live!

UPDATE BUNNY: For those asking, if you have TOO many tasks open, no more will trigger…so clear out your task menu or you will miss out on essential tasks popping up. So if you do not see one, this could be why. 😉

Now that is out of the way, if you continue playing through the questline AND have Stewie’s hidden task after winning his gift, you will trigger “Dry as a Fruitcake”. Part 1 of this is to “Have Stewie Borrow Something Sharp”. You will first off need to have Stewie unlocked in your game (District 8), and he will perform the task at the Griffin’s House. On top of all this…you ALSO need to have the latest version of the game. So, if you are NOT on 1.5.5, you will most likely NOT see this task until you update. 

Hello There Clammers!

So the final phase of Christmas hit our games yesterday…and with Bunny and I taking the day to spend with our families we’re a little behind & left you all hanging a little bit.  Sorry about that…but we (and our families) appreciated the time together.  🙂

So now…let’s get into all the new details of the final phase of Miracle on Spooner street…

Miracle on Spooner Street

So because this is the last week of Christmas in Quahog (ends 12/31)…you can upgrade the tree twice this go round!  As long as you’re at Cheer Level 8 you can fully upgrade your tree!

New stuff…

New Buildings:

Sugar LickSugar Lick- 500 Cookies.  4hr Build.  Earns 8 Cookies/1HC/ 4hrs.  Chance for the halo (for Angel Bruce) to drop.

Jim Caplan's Christmas TreesJim Kaplan’s Christmas Trees- 1,000 Cookies.  4hr Build.  Earns 12 cookies, 2HC/ 8hrs.  ALWAYS drops Sleigh Bells stockings.

Christmas Founding FatherChristmas Founding Father- 50 Clams.  Earns 10 cookies, 2 HC/ 6hrs.  Always drops an item needed for Angel Bruce.

New Decorations:

Christmas Choo ChooChristmas Choo Choo- 100 Cookies.

Candy Cane PolesCandy Cane Poles- 50 Cookies.

KISS StageKISS Stage- 500 Cookies

New Characters:

Angel BruceAngel Bruce- (skin for Bruce).  Collect STUFF to earn this skin.  Here’s what you’ll need:

Christmas Cookies1500 Cookies

Halo10 Halos (uncommon)- Earned By: Make Bonnie Twerk it OR Make Francis Play Angel Harp OR Make Connie Bask in Popularity OR Get From Christmas Founding Father OR Get from Sugar Lick

Feathers5 Feathers (rare)- Earned By: Make Bruce Fret About Something OR Make Seamus Visit Siblings OR Make Jesus Play Dodgeball OR Get from Christmas Founding Father

Angelic Vest5 Angelic Vests (rare)- Earned By: Make Puppy Brian Become a Young Reader OR Make Herbert Read to Children OR Make Chris Eat a Large Ham OR Get from Christmas Quagmire’s House OR Get from Christmas Founding Father

For those curious…the instant build rate is about 200 Clams.  Depending on how many Cookies you have.  

Premium Characters

KISS Characters…

KISS Gene SimmonsKISS CopterGene in KISSCopter- 200 Clams.  He’ll attack the Yeti. (Voiced)

KISS Paul Stanley 2KISS HogPaul in KISS hog- 100 Clams.  He’ll attack Reindeer. (Voiced)

Note: If you purchase BOTH KISS Characters and the Stage (Remember the stage costs Cookies)..a task will trigger to have them put on a concert.  If you do this you’ll earn 25 Clams.


New Yeti

King YetiKing Yeti has arrived!  He’ll reward 1,000 Cookies and 50 Snowflake Stockings. 35 HP to Defeat him.

Peter will trigger the  Death Fit for A King quest to popup. If you defeat the King Yeti (no timer..just until the end of the event)…you’ll get to keep him as a decoration for you Quahog!


New Gift Box

Sleigh Bells Gift BoxSleigh Bells Gift Box- To build you’ll need:

Christmas Cookies1,000 Cookies

Candy Cane Stocking20 Candy Cane Stockings

Sleigh Bell Stocking3 Sleigh Bells Stockings (which you get from clearing Reindeer or from Jim Kaplan’s Christmas Trees)

Takes 1hr to “wrap”….

Here’s a quick look at what’s inside:

Big Ol' Birthday CakeBig Ol’ Birthday Cake- Jesus’ Wishlist Item

Santa's ReinderReindeer- Santa’s Wishlist Item

Christmas Quahog Town HallSnowy Town Hall

Quagmire's Bondage RackQuagmire’s Bondage Rack- Quagmire’s Wishlist Item

Completing Santa’s Wishlist

Once you have all the items needed for Santa’s Wishlist you will be rewarded with…Santa!  But not only that…you’ll also be rewarded with 100,000 Cookies!!!Christmas CookiesChristmas CookiesChristmas CookiesChristmas Cookies

So if you’ve been struggling to earn cookies for Jesus, Puppy Brian or anything else…here’s where you can get everything you’ll need!  Just complete the Wishlist and you’ll be set!

Santa in a Gold BoxNote: Santa will be in your inventory with what looks like the Gold Gift Box.  You will have to go in to get him in order for him to be active in your town.  At that point, and only at that point, will him and his sleigh disappear from the Christmas District.

New “Thing” to Defeat:

Reindeer on StrikeThis week you’ll have to Cheer Up Reindeer….it takes 2 hrs, earns 10 Cookies and 2 HC.  It will also earn you a Sleigh Bells Stocking.  In similar fashion to clearing Mall Santas you will need characters to do this.  Here’s who can help:

Babs Pewterschmidt 

Angel Bruce

Paul from KISS

New Challenge (Final Challenge):

This week’s Challenge will not start until after you get Angel Bruce.  And it’s a fairly easy Challenge.

You’ll need to get Santa within 4 days of triggering the Challenge (Peter starts it…AFTER you get Angel Bruce).  Remember…if you’ve gotten the other 3 prizes up to this point…this week’s prize will trigger the Grand Prize.

Rabid ReindeerThis week’s prize is…Rudolph the Rabid Reindeer

Christmas SnowmobileAnd the Grand Prize is….a Christmas Snowmobile!


New FREEMIUM Mystery Box:

Polka Dot Christmas Cookie Mystery BoxFor 1,000 Cookies you have a shot at the Polka Dot Mystery Box (Remember you’ll earn 100,000 Cookies for clearing the Wish List).  Here’s what’s inside the Polka Dot Box:

This WILL go away once you have won all the “items” (Buildings and Decorations) in the box. Same as everyone before. It will not stay for just Materials.

Wrap-It-Up Gift Box FactoryWrap-it-up Gift Box Factory- A replica of the Workshop in the Christmas District

Jubilant Christmas TreeJubilant Christmas Tree- A Replica of the Final Christmas Tree

Present ExpressPresent Express- A Replica of the Train Station in the Christmas District (yes, it is small)

Santa's SleighSanta’s Sleigh- A Replica of the Sleigh in the Christmas District

Elf PeterElf Peter-  Yes..the one from the main game icon that you’ve all been asking for..

Snowflake Stocking5 Snowflake Stockings

Wrapping Paper Stocking5 Wrapping Paper Stockings

Sleigh Bell Stocking5 Sleigh Bell Stockings

Clams10 Clams

Clams50 Clams

And that my friends is the rundown for the final phase of Christmas!

What do YOU think of Christmas Part 4?  Thoughts on KISS joining the game?  Thoughts about the final gift boxes?  How about 100,000 cookies for clearing the wishlist?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!


486 responses to “The Final Phase of Christmas is Live!

  1. Will the concert action stay open after Christmas ends? I just got Simmons and he’s battling king Yeti, which will be close because before i got the quest to get the king i let the Yeti reset because i didn’t need the rewards.


  2. Who should I talk to to report a possible glitch. I’ve been trying for the past few days to get the green stockings, but I went through four cycles of snowmen before I even got one.i really want to get wants, and I only need to get one more present unwrapped, but it will never happen with the rate it seems to give me.


  3. I am about to get all 100 blue stockings, I only have 115,??? Cookies. Are we going to be able to trade any other stockings for cookies?? I just don’t understand, if all gift boxes are locked then why do we keep getting stockings!?!? I really need to get Jesus!! THANK YOU MY ADDICT FRIENDS😎


  4. Is there a clam prize when you finally get angel Bruce?


  5. I lost the polka dot present cause i got all the decorations 😦 I was using it to get like stockings and clams. Is there a way around this to get it back? can I sell the decorations and that will bring back the polka dot present? I have soooo many cookies now.


  6. bugger I got all the decorations and now the polka dot present is gone… i was using that to get clams and stockings to get puppy brian and jesus 😦 any way around this? can i just put the decorations into inventory or try and sell them or something to get the polka dot pressie back?

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  7. Wondering if this happened to anyone. I went to move the pile of snowballs that we were gifted and it completely disappeared. I reported it to Tiny Co. It happened on my iPhone 6 + which I have been having trouble playing on.


  8. I’m sure everyone is sick of hearing and talking about the Yeti/Jesus thing but I just want to ask one more time for clarification – is there no way, now they we’re SOL in a sense for realizing that after battling all the way to top hat Yeti that we’re not going to get Jesus bc of the lack of blue stockings – no way at all to get more? Once you battle the Yeti and defeat KING Yeti- that’s it – end of story? You can’t keep battling him to get more blue stockings? OK that’s it – all done with my question(s) lol.


    • You keep going and going n going on the top tier. Defeating him as many more times as you can before time runs out. Outside of that, all I can say is report what your game play was like to TinyCo. Give them some feedback on things like this. Right from your game menu.


    • I battled the Yeti half way then I let it reset to the beginning, and now I’m about to defeat King Yeti which will then give me enough snow flake stockings. Plus you get an extra 5 by buying the Polka Dot Mystery Box.


  9. I NEED JESUS!!!! 😎😇 I WANT JESUS!!!!

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  10. I completed Santa’s wishlist and got the cookies but I can’t find Santa in my inventory. The wishlist task disappeared but the challenge one to get Santa is still there. Is there somewhere else I should look for him?


  11. I agree with others who have said we need a way to get more blue stockings. I have only 50. I cant see a strategy at this point where I can possibly get Jesus. I have played from the beginning. And I play often to admit. Yes, it can be called an addiction at this point. I do not have John or Gene, and I have Mort, Joe and Lois constantly battling the Yeti. With just these characters, I cant see a way to get Jesus, and I have tried. Not only did I get a late start beating the Yeti with Mort because nothing was dropping for him, but, I slept through the night (imagine that) and missed a shot at yeti and had to start over. Also, I didn’t get Joe till much much later, again due to drops, so each time I defeated cowboy yeti I had to wait 28 hours till it reset to the first yeti, until I finally had three yeti-fighters. There are those players out there that use game cheats, I have never done that. And if you dont want to link through Facebook, you are definitely get shafted. Crashing, well, thats yet another topic and probably pays into the frustration the least.
    This has become less of a game of skill than a game of chance. You are not just playing through a quest line, completing a task, beating a timer, etc, but the randomness of drops or how many yeti points you get for defeating the yeti screws up everything. I know several people who moved onto new games, because of the frustration. It just becomes less fun. A game of strategy is one thing, a game of chance is another. It becomes gambling. I would enjoy the game to be like the show where I can keep playing just to see what happens next in the plot and task line. I would rather the game be a soap opera than a game of chance.

    And yes, I have tried communicating in-game with TinyCo, but they must be swamped and just are not answering. I have an issue with disappearing clams going on for weeks, and they just are not responding to my contacts about that. I cant risk changing my in game topic that they are currently working on (the missing clams) because it may get buried. Unfortunately, they have only one thread in their in-game email – meaning everything is in one long continuous back and forth email. As such, things can get lost. Their suggestion system should not be linked to their problem email system, because problems can just get buried.


    • I I agree totally I have three people battling he yeti and haven’t even Ben able to beat te childish yeti. Getting Jesus is IMPOSSIBLE UNLESS YOU BUY $100’s worth of clams or cheat (i don’t even know how to do that)
      It’s getting pretty ridiculous at this point!!!


      • Let them know. Send them your feedback from your experiences please. 🙂


      • I can’t help but be a bit offended by that thought, Kat. I bought $20 of clams during Christmas and I sure as heck didn’t cheat, and I’ve managed to defeat the yeti and get Jesus. It did require me setting an alarm every 4 hours, which was annoying, yeah, but I did it. I bought John and the Kiss guys, and not only did I get some clams from the Kiss quest, you get some clams (50 I think?) for completing “Front Men” (Kiss guys, Santa, John) so I still actually have almost 200 clams left… It was a tough event, and I’d rather not do it again, but please stop assuming that in order to win it you have to spend $100 or cheat. It’s not true.


      • Im a freemium player and Ive had Jesus for almost two weeks.


      • I started playing this game on Dec 6 and didnt unlock the second district to open the christmas event until the 9th and purchased a $4.99 pack of clams and a 19.99 pack of clams. With that and all the clams earned during the event I purchased John(200), Gene(200) and Paul(100) and Hanukkah Mort’s Pharmacy skin(100) for a total of 600 clams. Unlocked Jesus within an hour of unlocking Jingle Joe. And have 211 leftover snowflake stockings, and thats after only bothering to kill king yeti one time. Not to mention I still have 556 clams after accidentally speeding a task for around 55 clams.


      • So, I didn’t cheat, but I did buy a few clams. Not because I wanted to win or fulfill goal of defeating the yeti, but because I wanted John McClane and TinyCo offered a deal. I think it was $5, could have been $10 (at the most). I was able to defeat the King Yeti TWICE! I set a timer to remind myself to check the game.


  12. I don’t know what to do with all those cookies. I have like 80k left. Ugh!

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  13. my Polka Dot Box has disappeared and i didnt get every item on it, what tha hell?? help please


  14. I may have missed this… But what do you get for the “dry as a fruitcake” quest? I don’t have Stewie yet (curse you plutonium) and I’ve been considering spending the clams to get him (buy the ingredients). I hate missing out on quests. But I want to know… If the prize is just money or cookies is not worth it


  15. I didn’t realize you got so many cookies for finishing Santa’s Wish List. I spent my last 15,000 on Jesus and now I have none, so I’m struggling to get the last needed items on Santa’s Wish List.

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  16. Sooo I’m all out of missions, any word??


  17. Also it would be nice if we can give our friends some stuff to hel with their missions. Like stockings or cookies and etc


  18. I defeated king yeti and the ” death … ” quest didn’t start. King yeti just went to sleep and woke back up 4 hrs later.


  19. Not sure what happened, but I cannot find the polkadot box anywhere? I’ve never opened one so it couldn’t have disappeared (right?) can someone help me pleaser


  20. I have over 100k cookies and have used some to buy available decorations (5-20 of each). When I try to buy stuff with cookies now, the item appears in town, but my cookie count doesn’t change. When I try to place the item in inventory, it disappears but the item total in inventory does not change. Is there a limit on the amount of items you can buy or have in inventory? Is this a known glitch?


    • There should not be a limit. I know in the past the counts seemed off. If you want to buy something, here is the catch…ALL of them have to be out in town. It is a fail safe built in to prevent you from spending money/clams on items you already own. So keep ALL the same item in town and just buy the amount you want…then store them.


  21. I bought plenty of extra stuff with the cookies so I can sell them back later. Wonder how much i’ll get but I know it’s better then wasting them.


  22. Ok already spent 130 clams on beating King Yeti, now I have 98 blue socks. So no jesus for me unless I sink even more money in this money pit. And that for a game that is barely playable. It takes me AT LEAST 3 crashes a time to collect everything, start all tasks and visit my neighbours. The latter usually takes 2 crashes.

    No joke. I guestimate when it will crash ( almost a sure bet on visiting neighbours and bombing shoppers. ) because a crash means I have to redo everything I already did. Serieus memory issues.

    And zero response to my support tickets.


    I’m maxed out anyway.


    • Not sure why you are yelling at us. We are the Addicts…we can’t do anything. If you wanna vent, feel free to use the What The Hell posts to do so.

      As for contact…its the holiday weekend. Businesses worldwide are short staffed while everyone takes the time off with family. Next week should be interesting.


    • So you only need 2 socks, which you will get from beating Viking Yeti. No problem. Just let his timer run out and he starts at the lowest level. You should have 2 days left so no sweat!

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  23. Good morning little Clamers!

    I just a couple of questions, and I would be so grateful for your help 🙂 :

    I got the Sweetheart’s Gazebo from the Sleigh Bells Gift Box… Was that supposed to happen? Is it a glitch?

    I am still trying to unlock the last prize from it (in my case, the reindeer), but the Sweetheart’s Gazebo doesn’t seem to be in the list above…

    Also, I still haven’t quite unlocked Angel Bruce… 😦
    Please, is “cheering up Reindeer” the timed quest to unlock Santa? Or do we need to collect other things?

    Thank you thank you! There is little time left and your help will be greatly appreciated!


  24. I thought there was no time limit for king yeti and that we would have until the end of the event? Mine has a timer on it.

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  25. i have everything exp kizz never really cared for them. i have elf peter but not his quest line how do i unlock it plz help


    • Just keep playing and clearing the other questlines out to make room for new ones.


      • I still don’t have the elf peter quest line either and have approx 10 less active quests than when I got elf peter. There has to be some other prerequisite or it is bugged.


        • The questlines will trigger as new spots open, if there is no room they essentially “stand in line” and wait their turn. So if you have 15 active tasks and 15 in wait…and Elf Peter hit in #16 spot, you have to clear the ones there already to make room…then at LEAST 15 more to get to the 16th one. Peter’s Elf questline is REALLY short. 2 parts only. I saw no other triggers for it outside of getting him and clearing out room in my games. I had like 20 waiting total.


          • I’ve defiantly had new quest lines that triggered after elf peter start. And have finished quest lines without another starting when it was done since getting the skin


  26. I have Santa, and he’s doing his first task, it says I won the rabid reindeer and sleigh but I can’t find them in my inventory or walking around – What am I missing?


  27. Yeti Tip: If your characters are battling the yeti and you are about to defeat a level. Click one character at a time and have them immediately attack the yeti again. If you defeat the yeti but still have characters finished attacking do not click the check marks until the yeti is alive again. By doing this you will get a head start in defeating the next level yeti when it rises.


  28. Do you know if there will be some sort of a “conversion” like there was at the end of the Halloween event if you have a lot of one material and want to convert it over to another? I don’t need any wrapping paper or sleigh bell stocking but I desperately need snowflake ones. A way to convert all the useless materials at this point to things you need would be AWESOME.


  29. Has the polka dot giftbox just disappeared? I never even bought an item with the cookies from it and now it isn’t popping up anymore. I’ve gone through every tab in the event info screen thingamajig and I don’t see it anywhere.


  30. Not to mention that you need the three characters to fight the yeti non stop and they make day long quest lines for these characters?!!!!?


  31. I wish you could buy blue stockings… I need 20 more for Jesus and no shot in hell mathematically in getting it. I have set timers to heat this stupid yeti for days waking up to start quest fight then back to sleep. This was serious not fair to players


    • You must not have played much I got Jesus you have to have everyone that can battle yeti fighting him quick hand if you clear one of them and it defeats the Yeti leave the other guys there until he reappears then when the second he prepares them other guys will automatically take life from him and you can start over you must defeat the it all the way through through king Yetithat will leave you with 92 of the snowflakeswhen you defeat the first two yetis one more time in your have enough


  32. Give us something to spend this rediculous amount of cookies on. I’m thinking 100k for the wishlist was a bit excessive


  33. I bought the two KISS characters, but I don’t see the stage. Where can I find it?


  34. Hmmm…

    120,000 cookies and 1,000+ stockings of various types.

    Nothing to use them on.

    WHY(?) am I still trying to defeat the yeti?


  35. I have all the prizes and characters including the premium ones plus all the skins and I still have 206,869 cookies left to spend. Are they going to bring anything else out that these can be used on? I have loads of duplicate Xmas decorations in my inventory and don’t need anymore of the same. It just seems like such a waste.


  36. How much HP does the top hat yeti have


  37. You wrote eat King yeti without time limit but mine is timed. ???


  38. Hi-5 Your Uncle!

    John McClain & Kiss suck as premium characters. Not making Jesus attainable without using clams to buy characters that suck = even worse. Having 100,000 cookies for getting Santa is WORTHLESS if there’s nothing to spend it on!!! Polka dot box disappeared and Elf Peter does nothing…I expected that eventually he would be the last free character to fight the yeti…so this whole time Jesus was unobtainable without buying crappy premium characters…do you know how much sleep I wasted trying to stay up or set alarms to fight the in the middle of the night for nothing? I HATE this event now that I see that Jesus (reason for the season, remember?) can’t be had without buying useless crap (the premiums) which is what Christmas in reality is kinda like, isn’t it? I’m so disappointed in this event and Tinyco for making it this way. >:-P

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sounds like something for the What The Hell post. Not a post full of information we provided to help players. 😉


    • Totally agree. I think it sucks they set it up to where you have to buy a premium character that you may not want in order to get enough stockings for Jesus. I don’t trust Tiny Co. to set up ANYTHING right after all my experience playing this game since day 1. Why don’t Elf Peter and Angel Bruce attack the Yeti? Doesn’t make any sense.

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    • You know you could have taken the CRAPLOAD of free clams awarded during this event, bought John, and got Jesus a week and a half ago.

      Liked by 2 people

      • I didn’t get a “CRAPLOAD” of free clams this game. Probably 100 or so, not enough for any of the premium characters. I did not get any of the bonus stuff from the polka dot box, it gave me all the decorations then disappeared.


      • I certainly didn’t have enough clams to buy John a week and a half ago. I would have been able to get John for free on the 25th if I included the clams I had before the event started, I paid money and got him on the 24th. By my count I’ve had 190 clams this event, about 50 of them since xmas day, it’s great you got a lot more but not everybody did.


        • That 190 includes the bunch I had already, so the event total is probably somewhere between 100-150. I’m not complaining, free clams are great but it’s far away from 200 in the first couple of weeks.


    • Or you could do what I’m doing, just rush the tasks to defeat the Yeti with just Lois, Mort, and Joe. Yes, it uses clams, but a whole lot less than buying another character. I wait until mostly done and rush for 2 or 3 clams each. It shaves off just enough time. I may have to spend a bit more to defeat King Yeti, but it is still cheaper than buying a premium character and will probably cost me less than all the free clams I have gotten in this event alone. I’m a freemium player too.


  39. Is there any way to beat king yeti with the 3 regular characters or is it just too much health?


  40. Bunny thank you for posting my earlier comment and thank you for those who wrote in regards to it.
    I did get bothered by that joke/line in the game. I know the format of the show and yes there has been lots of issues (that can be offesive to some people) joked about. I just wanted to vent it cause well its a game and I can see after reading the comments and talking with friends that perhaps we should be able to laugh at ourseleves. This Santa allows us that after all we are in Quahog. Overall this game has been great fun and the show too! Thank you Bunny and to all thank you.


    • You are most welcome. As I say…things touch everyone lives a lil differently. It is up to us around them to be decent and human and accept there is a difference in others and that is what makes them awesome. To not nit pick it. You don’t like something, that is fine. In the end though…laughter is the best medicine. Helps to make our live better when we are feeling down in the dumps. Come round here for a laugh anytime. 🙂


  41. This might be a dumb question but where is the polka-dot gift box? When it first got introduced it came up and I bought one but I can’t find it now to tap it.


  42. Could you guys make a post on defeating the yeti the fastest and easiest way. Childish yeti and up because Viking and cowboy isnt a big problem. I want to get Jesus and I just haven’t been able to defeat childish yeti so i don’t think I’ll get him :/ please post it quickly I would appreciate it a lot.


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