Where The Hell…? Manger/ Nativity Scene

In this lil game of ours, it is easy to get lost and so focused into collecting items or unlocking characters that we tend to forget the lil things that make the game what it is. Like Where the HELL did these items come from and why are they in our games?

Well I am here to do just that for you. Let’s take a look at the Family Guy Series and find out just Where The HELL Did That Come From?


In this post, I will be covering the Origin of the Manger/ Nativity Scene. Is Lois really the Virgin Mary? Just how “wise” is Quagmire? Who gave Bruce his wings? Let’s take a look at the TV Episodes to find out just where.

Season 11, Episode 9: Jesus Mary and Joseph
As the Griffin’s are gathered round the tree hanging ornaments, Meg reflects on the one she is hanging up with the Nativity Scene on it. This of course launches Peter into a tale of a story that goes back hundreds of years. YAH!! STAR WARS!!! No??! D’OH!!

So he begins the story that caused millions and millions of deaths. Joseph (Peter) was hanging with his friend Robbie when noticed Mary (Lois) getting water out of the well. They eventually plan on going on a date.

After several dates Joseph starts to get annoyed and complains to Mary that they need to do something. It has been a long time, but she stays strong and says she feels there is a reason she has to wait. Good thing she has Consuela as a coach teaching her to say, “Noooo nooooo nooooooooo”.

Mary later comes by Joseph’s work place and asks him to come by so she can tell him something important. They agree to meet at that time of the day the sun goes away and everyone panics it will never return. Joseph arrives and they discuss going to see Cher play in Bethlehem. Mary announces that she is pregnant by God. Not Kevin God from South Nazareth. She tells him how she was visited by and Angel (Bruce) and was told that God has chosen her to have his baby.

Later we see Joseph and a very pregnant Mary being carried by Donkey Meg on their way to Bethlehem. Meanwhile three Wise Men (Cleveland, Quagmire, and Joe) receive a dove message that the King of Kings will be born in Bethlehem and they should go pay tribute. They decide to make the journey. Somewhere along the way they run out of water, so they make a stop at King Herod’s Palace (Carter). They explain to him they are going to see the King of Kings. King Herod does not seem very happy, so he decides he should kill the baby…so Jodie Foster will love him.

Back in Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph try to find a place to stay. The Innkeeper (Mort) tells them there is just no rooms. Cher is in town so everything is booked. Joseph and Mary beg him. He tells them both to leave or he will call IXII. In the midst of it all, Mary’s water breaks. She begs him again that there has to be somewhere they can go. He points out there is a Manger out back they can stay in. So they take it. (While in the background Cher opens her concert with “Believe”.)

Mary is excited she is finally going to have the baby. All those years of fighting off her Father’s advances are finally going to pay off. Joseph and her start to discuss names they can call him. Like Barney or Tristan. Just then Angel Bruce shows up telling them thems names is no good. They should give him a list and he will see what God thinks.

Back up in Heaven, God hates every last name. He is annoyed at them all. Angel Bruce tells him to relax, he will go get him some “Wine & Cheezus”. (And that, according to what Peter tells the family, is why you can eat as much Mozzarella in church as you want.)Angel Bruce and God

Cut back to the 3 Wise Men traveling through the desert. They are arguing that Wise Men Joe is not sure where they are going. He points out he is following a star, that Cleveland points out has blinking lights…just like a plane. They’ve been following a plane. They do eventually make it there in time and offer their gifts of Frankincense, Muir, and ….a breast pump….guy. Nativity Scene

Baby Jesus (Stewie) is born. The Drummer Boy (Chris) shows up with no gift. Joseph tells him to hand over his drum. Which Joseph starts to play while Doc lays the baby in his little straw Manger (just like the one Jesus comes with in our game). While Baby Jesus is explaining how he plans on getting fit over the next few years, King Herod and his men charge the scene. Baby Jesus turns his bed into a Flying Manger, complete with lazer guns to attack King Herod and his men. “Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew”. Stewie Jesus in Manger

And that is the story of Jesus…as told by Peter Griffin. Lol.


There you have it. A silly episode that brought a few items into our silly lil game too. What do you think of the Nativity Scene? Have you noticed all the different Characters inside? Want Angel Bruce? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Til Next Time


48 responses to “Where The Hell…? Manger/ Nativity Scene

  1. Nevermind I found it. For some reason I got the gift but it went to inventory instead of letting me place it. Thanks for your help, enjoy your holiday!


  2. i got Santa but I dont have him, so my 4 days to unlock is still active too.


  3. I also got everything from the gold gift box and Santa wasn’t in there like it said where our characters are for “FaceSpace”


  4. If you can i would greatly appreciate it..my loading screen for the past 3-4 days have said “config empty for id peters xmastank” PLEASE HELP ME I BEEN GOIN CRAZY READING ABOUT GENE SIMMONS AND SANTA!! I would love you guys forever! Lol..


    • We are sending all reports of issues to TinyCo. They JUST got back from the Holidays this morning, so there will be a back log. Just message them from your game, or wait til they respond if you have already.


  5. I really dont wana miss out on phase 4 ive got the last 3 phases done 100% and now of course i cant play


  6. Dude guys please help me can Bunny or Alissa please get ahold of tinyco for me? Ive tried multiple times through other peoples games through email..ive did the troubleshooting process and i still cant play do you girls know if theyre not working cause of holidays?


    • TinyCo was closed yesterday. They’re back up today..but they do have a backlog. So just be patient. I know it sucks but right now that’s the option option…


      • Orite guys thanks i was just asking you guys because i cant get to my menu on my game..but i have emailed help@tinyco.com but ok thank you for etting me know they took the holidays off that makes me feel better lol i thought they just wasnt doing it.


  7. I opened all the gifts in Santa work shop and didn’t get sheamus’ s gift. Is there a glitch?


  8. Just got every item for santa, got all dem christmas cookies but… Where is santa??? Btw got elf petef my first try at the box


  9. I finished the Wish List quest and got Santa, but I didn’t get the Rabid Reindeer nor the snowmobile. I looked all over my town and in my inventory lots of times, and those items were not there. Is this a glitch or do I need to do another task? I haven’t got Angel Bruce yet. Is that the cause as to why I didn’t get my items, even though I finished the “wish list” and got Santa? Please help!


  10. Hi Bunny and Alissa,
    Thanks for maintaining this site and helping us with this game. I got the impression you were good people from how you: answer our comments, post walk-throughs, give us information about the show (I have never watched an episode, but I love this game) and don’t ask for compensation. However, the fact that you 1) wished us a Merry Christmas (the real name/reason for Dec. 25th and not just the generic Happy Holidays) and 2) took time off from your daily grind to reflect (in whatever way you chose) on the meaning of Christmas really won my respect. Both of you are truely wonderful people, and I now know that what you do for us (and probably your real world friends) is truely from the heart. Please don’t change. Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year.


  11. I also got the massive cookie payout for getting all the items on the Santa list but I don’t have Santa as a character, is this correct? He is no where in my game, now I have finished the list.


  12. Yay I got Santa then he comes with 100,000 cookies now with 5 days remaining I’ve got to get 80 snowflakes with all characters attack the yeti even the new one Gene Simmons from kiss


  13. Once you unlock Santa you need to go into your Box so you can put his “giant present” item down to make him appear in your town and start his questline. I was a bit confused since that part wasn’t clear.


  14. Yup! just like Peter said. so it must be true. i see it in my game. it even glows!! btw, Kudos to the hard-working coders at tiny co for finally making cars (and Tanks!) that run on the roads. Another Christmas miracle! I spent some gift money on clams that turned into Kiss and a pink car and a green tank, and somehow won 50 clams on top of that!
    Happy New Year to Bunny, Alissa, and all at Tiny co, and thanks for making this timesuck sooo much fun.
    cheers 🍻


  15. Rogue That You Made Me

    I can’t find the phase 4 walkthru


  16. Question: How do i get it? :O

    BTW Happy KISSmas everyone 🙂


  17. Somehow I got 100,000 CHRISTMAS cookies. I’m not sure how, I opened a present but I’m not sure it’s a prize. Help I want to make sure I didn’t spend any real money!


  18. I can’t log in to my game, Uninstalled, reinstall it, clear cache, still no luck


  19. Lol im watching that episode right now. I opened “Fmily Guy Christmas Ho Ho Holy Crap” dvd this morning and its got this episode, “Thanksgiving” and American Dad episode “Seasons Beatings”.


  20. the new update has hit – so many new items – not sure what to do. I did get all of the items in the polka dot box and started to build the two decorations that only cost cookies and helped to drop stuff for bruce and the new box. What to do about KISS???? I have plenty of people battling the yeti – so I think i might just get Paul on his bike to help beat those rowdy reindeer (I have to believe the last challenge will be about clearing so many reindeer in so many days. I have 306 clams (all saved up) – so i am thinking Paul is best bet (plus I already have Jesus) – but as always I cannot wait for your next update. have a nice weekend


  21. I clicked on Steiwies little helper in my inventory and he disappeared. Can’t find him in my town


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