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Fancy Gift Box

Hey there Ho Ho Ho’s. Having fun yet? Liking all the falling snow? Going nuts trying to figure out what the frak is going on in the Miracle on Spooner Street Event? Well here I am hopping in to help out. Let’s pick up where we last left off of with the Gift Boxes in the Santa’s Village Workshop.

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Quahog Christmas Quick Walkthroughs: Phase 3 Side Quests, Babs, Jingle Joe, Charity Case & More!

Hello There Clammers!

Phase 3 of Christmas hit our Tiny Quahogs late last week & with it brought a whole new slew of tasks and questlines to keep our magic fingers busy!  We’ve already broken down the main Phase 3 questline, Profits vs. Prophets, and now it’s time to take a look at some of the side quests that popup during this third phase of Christmas.

In this post we’ll cover the questlines for Jingle Joe & Babs Pewterschmidt.  We’ll also over the questlines A Very Jewish Christmas, Charity Case It’s Better to Give (yes, I know technically this one popped up during phase 2…).  This will give you guys a good indication of who needs to do what to complete all the aspects of Phase 3.

Note: We won’t be covering Jesus and Puppy Brian in this post.  I will cover those guys each in their own separate post. And that info will be coming soon.

So now…let’s tackle those side quests

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