Fancy Gift Box

Hey there Ho Ho Ho’s. Having fun yet? Liking all the falling snow? Going nuts trying to figure out what the frak is going on in the Miracle on Spooner Street Event? Well here I am hopping in to help out. Let’s pick up where we last left off of with the Gift Boxes in the Santa’s Village Workshop.

Santa's Village Gift Factory

In order to get additional “Gifts” in our game, you will need to go to Santa’s Village to make toys. You don’t know just what exactly those crazy demented elves are going to make, but this should help you at least have an idea of what you will see in the newest offered Fancy Gift Box.

First off, how to get to this point. You first have to have reached Holiday Cheer Level 4 and Upgraded your Tree to the Third Tree Level, the Jolly Christmas Tree. This Gift Box requires you to have at least 750 Christmas Cookies, 2 Doll Stockings, and 3 Wrapping Paper Stockings to start wrapping gifts. 

Now as you continue to collect Christmas Cookies and Stockings you can go back to Santa’s Village to continue to make and get more gifts.

There are two ways of getting to Santa’s Village Workshop, the first is the shortcut icon on the main game screen. Just look in the lower right hand corner for the Holiday Cheer Icon that tells you what Cheer Level you are on. Tap on it.

Christmas Event Icon Level Up

You will be taken to the Miracle On Spooner Street Holiday Event Area. Santa’s Workshop will be the 2nd icon down. The Gift Box.

Santa's Gift Boxes Icon

Another way is to just go over to the Event Area in your Quahog and tap on Santa’s Village. Screenshot_2014-12-05-01-59-42

It will take you immediately to the Gift Box Creating Area known as Santa’s Workshop.Fancy Gift Box Wrap

It depends on which ones you already completed wrapping. So far Holiday, Striped, Snowflake, and now Fancy. You may also see Jesus in there and the new Puppy Brian.

So what items are required for the Fancy Gift Box?

Fancy Gift Box Phase 3Fancy Gift Box

Christmas Cookies750 Holiday Cookies

Red Doll Stocking2 Doll Stockings

Wrapping Paper Stocking3 Gift Wrapping Stockings


Just go to Santa’s Workshop to see if you have enough of each item required to Create the Gift Box. Just tap on the one you want and it will tell you. “Not Enough” or “Wrap”.Santa's Workshop Not Enough

If it says “Wrap” and that is the one you want, then tap it to start the process. Fancy Gift Box Wrap

It will take 3hrs to “Wrap” a Fancy Gift Box. You can only make one at a time.Fancy Gift Box 3hrs

As soon as it is done, you will see a message in Santa’s Workshop to go open the finished gift.Completed Gift Box Message Santa's Workshop

As well as a Check Mark over Santa’s Village in the Event Area. Completed Wrapped Gift Box Santa's Village

Either way, once you tap on the check mark to complete the gift wrapping, the Gift Box will appear right next to your tree in the Event Area.Fancy Gift Box by Tree

Now it is just a matter of tapping on the completed Gift Box in the Holiday Wagon to Open it and see what is inside.

To get an idea of what is inside each Gift Box, I have broken them down.

Fancy Gift Box Phase 3

Fancy Gift Box Item Type Payout Additional
Royal Tea Set Decoration * Needed for Santa’s Wish List
Yule Log Decoration * Needed for Santa’s Wish List
Christmas Quahog Mall Building  Facade 8 Christmas Cookies & 1 Holiday Cheer Every 12hrs *
Les Bijoux (Carter’s) Building 8 Christmas Cookies & 1 Holiday Cheer Every 4hrs Needed to Unlock Barb Pewterschmidt
Hanakkah Bush Decoration * Needed to Unlock Barb Pewterschmidt

Again, only SOME of the items for Santa’s Wish List are in the Gift Boxes. No worries, it will run the entire event and more options to get MORE Gifts will come later. Just focus on the ones available now.

There is a little trick to see what YOU have left in the Gift Boxes. It is right around the time you complete the gift. Just go find the Wrapped Gift Box in the Holiday Wagon by your Tree in the Event Area and tap it. You will see the pop up for the Gift Box. Instead of Tapping on “Open Me”, tap on the Green “PRIZES” option instead.Fancy Gift Box Open Me

It will pull up all the gifts you have remaining in that Gift Box to Wrap and get for your town. Fancy Gift Box

This way you will know what items you have left in each one. Again, you can only see this AFTER you Wrap a Gift Box.

One of two things will happen. If you are down to just ONE Decoration/Building in the box, the Gift Box will disappear for wrapping as soon as the last item is won.

However, if you have two items left and one of those happens to be a Material like Christmas Cookies and you win the OTHER item…the Gift Box will still disappear. In other words, if all you have left is the Holiday Cookies the box considers itself complete of prizes and disappears. This is mainly due to it is a waste to spend items just to get them right back. Now if you have NOT completed the part of the questline task to unlock a Fancy Gift, you may see it pop back up until you do. 

There you have it. The Newest Gift Box currently available.

What do you think so far of the gifts? Have many Gift Boxes have you cleared? Like the items inside? How many Santa’s Lists items have you crossed off? Let us know below.


47 responses to “Fancy Gift Box

  1. A few minutes ago I got everything for the list to get Santa. I got the prize cookies and everything but when I checked my inventory there is no Santa =( any thoughts on how I can get him???


  2. I have stumbled across the glitch that Santa gave me 100K Xmas cookies for completeing his list but shortly after they took away the gift box from the purchase menu that you could buy with 1000 Xmas cookies. Can you only open a set amount each day? Or am I just stuck with all of these cookies that I can no longer spend?


  3. I had the hamster in the ball and it disappeared. Not in my inventory either. Was it a temporary prize?????


  4. If I click to get Jesus,Santa and one other one it says the gift box is already done. How can I get the wish list if I have every gift box done but still missing three wishlist check offs left? Hope to here from you soon would like to know before the event is over.


  5. I’m so excited! I have a little over 11,000 cookies and I have all of the snowflakes for Jesus.. I also have 32 wrapping paper, so I’ll be able to get Puppy Brian shortly after that.. defeating the yeti and giving gifts really helps boost up my cookie count so I have no worries about not getting Puppy Brian.. I also have John and Babs.. I can’t wait!


  6. I hope we’ll be able to trade in our stockings for cookies and in turn trade them in for a gift box like what happened in the Halloween event. I have over 300 Snowmen stockings and I’m sure that even if the upcoming gift box(es) need them, I’ll have a ton left over! I’m now just trying to get the Yeti so I’ll have enough stockings to make Jesus in about 10 hours now that I have Jingle Joe finally unlocked.


  7. Where do I get the rest of the gifts? I need the last few Christmas wish list gifts.


  8. Just a quick message to my gorgeous girlfriend Crystal Feathers love you baby 🙂 also wanna say we’ll do e for finely getting Jesus lol


  9. Hey, I’m having trouble collecting wrapping paper or anything to do with Santa’s workshop. I think I read someone else that had the some problem but I can’t find it now. Is there anything I can do to stop the game from closing every time i open Santa’s workshop or collect wrapping paper. I sent Tinyco an email yesterday, but no answer yet. Thanks. Merry Christmas.


  10. Got Jesus and Joe on Saturday now just got puppy Brian so pleased 🙂


  11. Still no response from tinyco on why the game is no longer compatible with my galaxy note II and im very bummed this is the only game I really play…..


  12. After reading people talking about an update where they can tap procrastinators a checked Google Play Store to discover my device isn’t compatible. WTH?

    My Android version isn’t that old being 4.0. Anybody know how to update Android?


  13. Why isn’t the furbal cannon working


  14. I have a problem, my android device wont update the game because now it isnt compatible anymore Oo what has changed that it doesnt work anymore? :O


  15. The Fancy Box will not clear itself if you have not completed the Profits vs. Prophets Pt. 4 quest. It will still be craftable, and will provide 1000 Holiday Cookies until that quest is complete.

    Learned that the hard way as I didn’t send Peter on his stuff stockings quest.


    • As it is noted in this post. 🙂


    • I have been getting 2000 cookies per box.
      I wonder if I need to keep collecting cookies or wait till the next upgrade. I’d rather collect wrapping paper since it’s so hard to get.
      Got Jesus, jingle joe, and puppy Brian all today, feels like I really accomplished something! With 5 characters fighting yeti now it goes pretty quick!
      Btw, just saw the episode of American dad last night with the golden turd. It was very strange cut away story and said to be continued but so far haven’t seen the rest of it since.


  16. Am I mistaken or did they change Quagmire’s gift (which isn’t available yet) from “a trunk full of Asians” to “Bondage rack”?


  17. Can’t get to my town, crashing whilst on the load screen. Happening on all my iOS devices. Uninstalled and reinstalled etc, but still nothing :(.


  18. Great post! My box stayed around even after I got everything until I had only 100gb left. Kinds sucks as I wasted 3 wrapping papers Thad could’ve gone to puppy Brian. Just a heads up so no more wasting 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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