Addicts Questions: Miracle on Spooner Street Final Phase

Hey there Clammers.

LOTS of constant questions on the site that keep repeating, so tucking them all here. So if you want to know the basics (more details coming) here yah go.

King Yeti

King Yeti DecorationIS KING YETI TIMED?
YES! There is confusion as two things are going on in the game. There is the standard Yeti you have to battle within 24hrs that now has a King hat. That has NOT changed. He still has to be defeated in 24hrs.

King Yeti Battle 35 HP

King Yeti ChallengeThere is a DECORATION of King Yeti that you can win. To do so…you have to go past Part 3/4 of Reindeer games and have room in your task menu for it to trigger the side Challenge to get the King Yeti Decoration. The Decoration ONLY is not timed. You STILL have to defeat the actual Yeti in the time is states above it all the way up to the one with the King Hat.

Reindeer Games Part 4

The King Yeti Decoration has to be pulled out of Inventory once won and placed into your town. It is small like slightly larger than the size of a Character.King Yeti Decoration Inventory

Santa in a Gold BoxWHERE IS SANTA?
If you completed gathering ALL the items off of Santa’s List (they all were in Present Boxes you wrap in Santa’s Village), you get Santa. Once he is won you MUST go to your Inventory to place him. He comes with an additional decoration of a Gold Box in a wagon. Place it and out he will arrive fully tasked.Santa in Inventory

If you want to get the Rabid Reindeer and the Bonus Snowmobile decorations, you MUST trigger this weeks WEEKLY CHALLENGE. This will NOT happen until you unlock Angel Bruce. Once he is unlocked and you make room for tasks, you will see Peter trigger the Weekly Challenge task. It is simple, get Santa in 4 days. So if you have Santa already…it will go fast. If not, the event is ending in about 4 days anyway…so…get him before then.

Christmas Snowmobile Rabid Reindeer

The Reindeer won for Santa out of the wrapped Gift Box is an NPC (Non Playable Character/Creature). This means it acts like a normal character and wanders the street, but does not have any tasks to make it playable. So…if you tapped on it to “place” it. Check your roads. Just like the Demented Mental Elf, they roam the streets.

The Rabid Reindeer from the Weekly Challenge is just a decoration. You have to pull it and the snowmobile out of Inventory and place them in your town. Both are animated, but only decorations.

All I can say is we warned you. Something ALWAYS comes towards the end to help get stuff and every time people panic in the beginning there is NO WAY…then complain in the end…TOO MUCH!! Lol. Well… yah know. 😉

No idea at this point if any last minute thing will arrive. If not, grab some of those limited time decorations and buildings in case you want them later. If not, be HAPPY you have too much instead of not enough. I would much prefer TOO much than a repeat of Kingdom Event. Just sayin.

Profits vs Prophets Part 10WHAT ABOUT THE QUESTLINES?
Still not word if anything will continue, so just focus on what ones you want to if you are done with all the main stuff. For everyone else, focus on the Main questline to unlock all the challenges and items.

Yes to all. All are fully tasked. Puppy, Peter, and Bruce are skins. The other two their own person. ONLY Jesus helps with the Yeti.

Yes, both are. However if you are experiencing the sound glitch still going on, you may not hear them right now along with other Characters. You are welcome to contact them on this one. Both are fully tasked. The other two are ONLY in the KISS Stage. There is a task to have them all perform and get 25 Clams from it if you get them all.

KISS Stage

There is a task for Dead Format Records for Gene Simmons of KISS “Win Life an Business”, but to do it you would have had to purchase this building during either Comic Con Event or American Dad Event for 100 Clams. There is currently no other way to get the building as of writing this post.


Hopefully this will help to cover most of the details until the further posts hit the site before the event ends.

Did this answer YOUR questions? Have any others you have LOOKED and can’t find answer to? Let us know. 😉


183 responses to “Addicts Questions: Miracle on Spooner Street Final Phase

  1. I have done everything with this event except defeat the yeti and also getting Jesus. After getting Santa and the 100k cookies I was using them to get polka dot boxes, and the chance at the stockings needed for Jesus, but since I got Elf Peter I can’t access those boxes. I need about 25 blue stockings to get Jesus but don’t have time to beat the yeti. I am a free player.
    Anyway to still buy those boxes that I’m missing? I have 80kcookies left


  2. One of the quests I finished gave me 100k cookies (I think it was getting Santa, but i’m not sure actually). I can’t find much to spend it all on, after buying all the cookie-based items I could find. Any suggestions?


  3. I spent all my time and lots of clams and defeated king yeti but did not get him in my storage. What do I do now?


  4. Bummer. For all the time, effort and clams I spent winning the King Yeti, I was kinda disappointed that he was just a decoration and not some awesome dude who would walk around my town. That was sort of what I assumed they meant when they said he was ours to keep if we defeated him; that he would be animated exactly the same as he was in the battles but now just roaming the town like a big, white Snow Boss. Oh well. :-/
    Anyway, Happy New Year to all. Good luck to everyone getting any last-minute event items you are hoping to earn! 🙂


    • He WILL be animated. They are working on that part.


      • So once you win the King Yeti decoration, you’re all set, right? No more fighting yeti is necessary, even though the option to continue fighting him is still there? The future animated yeti will be the one you’ve already won that is currently just a decoration?? That would be AWESOME. Thanks for letting me know that!! Wohhoooo!!


    • I agree completely. Very disappointed by the king yeti deco. I felt the same way about Klaus.


  5. Is King Yeti a worthwhile quest? Time is looming and I still can get him but his timer ran out. Now I have to decide in less than 4 hours if paying 230 clams is worth the effort or should I save up to get Cleveland (which I haven’t gotten yet.)

    Please let me know. Thanks.


  6. Hi, I managed to defeat King Yeti last night YAY me! And managed to get some well deserved sleep.
    Today on waking and visiting my town, I had the yeti decoration in my inventory, but the King Yeti is back for more at full hp??
    Do you have to keep battling him? I need Lois free as I am still short on dolls to get puppy Brian and do have Jess. Any tips on the yeti situation?


  7. I really want to get Jesus. Have enough cookies but need snowflakes. I only have Lois joe and mort. Is it impossible to defeat king yeti with just these 3? There’s not enough time to start over to get enough snowflakes now.


  8. Finally, today I got all free stuff in the event. It was challenging without spending clams. The yeti is the worst thing ever, for players without time it’s unbeatable without any premium characters; for me it was waiting, don’t get upgrades and snowflake gifts. don’t upgrade the tree as long I had the chance to beat the yeti at that highest level with the characters I got and avoid the 28h reset time. Unfortunately you really needed luck and I spend a few clams to get the last HP of the yeti.
    After I got Jesus (2 days ago) it’s fairly easy, but too easy with other premium characters? I guess many premium players were bored very soon in the first week.

    I really hope the next boss will be beaten by collected stuff again. It’s not that time consuming and the time gap to premium players is not getting that big.

    I enjoyed all the free clams in this event, on the view back I could have afford me McClane probably 2 or 3 times. But first where would be the challenge and second I was lucky and could afford spend much time in the game. I really doubt that casual players had any chance to get that much free clams to buy McClane and therefore get Jesus.

    On the other hand TinyCos intention is clear, who can’t spend the time has to spend money. I guess Jesus and his 24h task would have payed off soon.


  9. I’ve purchased Gene, Paul and the Kiss stage and have completed all their associated quest lines, but the benefit concert task hasn’t been triggered. Both Gene and Paul have the benefit concert tasks unlocked, but I don’t remember them being required to complete any quest lines! I currently have no outstanding quest lines at all! When should the benefit concert task have triggered?


  10. A few tips to defeat the King Yeti:

    As most of you must have noticed by now, 24 hours aren’t enough. Before he wakes up from hibernation, make sure you already have as many characters as possible throwing snow balls at the sleeping yeti (leave them there from the previous fight).

    As soon as King Yeti wakes up, end the characters’ tasks, one by one.
    For those who only have Mort, Joe and Lois, this should take out at least three life bars from the start.

    Have some clams ready. Collect some through the quests. You need them.

    Fight him a full day, every four hours, at night too. Since it is impossible to actually fight him exactly 6 times, you need to end the last four hour round about 15 mins before: 1 clam per character for 15 mins.

    You should have around 8 life bars left at that point. It is then up to you to either buy the extra time and keep fighting him (about 90 clams) OR get rid of him in those last 15 mins.

    4 hours = 16 clams per character.

    For me it was actually cheaper to finish the yeti straight away then to buy extra time (and losing sleep)! So you need to do the math!

    Once you beat King Yeti and get Jesus you will win some clams, so you won’t have lost that many.

    Good luck Clamers!

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  11. It’s nice to have too much… I thought they might let us exchange our stuff like in Halloween when you could use your stuff to make more of the Halloween currency…. I would love to see more decos for sale but it is what it is so I am gonna spend all my cookies well before it’s over since on Halloween I got locked out early I learned my lesson off I go to buy a ton of decos!


  12. Thank you!!! I agree better to have too much of the stuff then not enough!!!!! Especially for the ones who were a bit behind trying to unlock stuff!!!! Now I’m all caught up and focused on try I ng to finish the qwest line before the event ends!!!! I’m sad to see Christmas go but excited to see what comes next!!!


  13. Good morning!

    I need some help! Im having a few issues currently. The first is, my last challenge on the Christmas special is to get Santa in 4 days. I already have Santa (by completing the wish list) and when I click go it doesnt do anything. Secondly, I defeated the king yeti and I don’t believe it responded because he reset and the challenge is still there. Lastly, the game has been freezing more frequently lately, is that something on my end or yours?

    I hope we can resolve these as quick as possible.

    Thank you for your time and I hope you have a great day.


  14. Is it possible to not get the KISS concert triggered? I bought both Gene and Paul but I don’t seem to have had the quest line.


  15. Anyone else find it misleading that they show clams as possible prizes in the polka dot gift box, but if you win all the other prizes before hitting one of the clam prizes the box disappears? It seems like you should be able to win each prize shown at least once…


  16. Discord the dragon

    It’s kinda anoying that there is always one group who complains that they have too much, when some are in a situation where there is no longer any way they’ll even get close. There are different players out there. Some purchase premium stuff and play constantly and get everything way too early, others don’t have much time to play but compensate their losses by buying premium stuff. But then there are also free players, who are often put in a though spot. Of course if you have played since the beggining and play constantly these events are chalanging , but fun. But we have to understand that there are people who came in late or don’t have much time to play the game, they deserve awards for their input aswell. Personally I’m the type who constantly checks into the game and have literaly played since the day one, but yet to this day made a single purchase (I’d actually love to support the game and snatch up all of those awesome premium charagters, but I’m still a student and I also have so many other interests that require money aswell, so I really don’t have the money to purchase clams). but thanks to the generous awesome company that is tinyco I have managed to get the clams to make a few premium purchases (smith’s house, consuela and john mcclane). I understand that this event has been easier to me than to some others thanks to the fact that I purchased John and with 2 days left in the event I’m still 3 snowflakes away from Jesus. I understand that I am already guaranteed to get him, but there are a lot of people out there who aren’t even close.
    Well I’ve been ranting for awfully long now, so I’m going to wrap it up.
    All I’m trying to say is that whenever you have too much of something at the event, apreciate it. There is no rule that you have to spend it all. And think of all the players who desperatly needed these and got the stuff they wanted thanks to this fun bonus. I mean you don’t complain in real life, when somebody gives you way more money, than you can spend. I personally find this bonus a greatly thoughtthrough thing. You’ve spent the entire event trying to get as many christmas cookies as you can to collect all the items needed to unlock the charagter you want and now that you’ve done it and completed the main part of the event, you get enough christmas cookies to purchase all those decorations you couldn’t during the event and decorate your town. I think it’s very nice gift from tinyco once again and I hope you’ll all apreciate it aswell.


  17. I have 107 000 cookies
    313 green socks
    30 red socks
    44 blue socks
    45 of the red and green socks
    24 of the last red socks
    20 furball

    and I cannot get Jesus !
    What to do with all that


  18. I am unable to make any more gift boxes but still don’t have the yule log….how else can I get it?


    • Contact TinyCo through your game menu, help, contact …and let them know.


      • Not sure if my previous reply posted. Just wanted to let you know that I contacted TinyCo about this, as I am having the same thing. Yule Log, last one needed, all the boxes from Santa’s Workshop filled, etc. though, I DO remember getting the Yule Log out of the very first gift box available. BUT at that time, it was for Freddy. Looks like during an update, the character on the list for the Log changed to Seamus. So, yeah.


      • I have sent them 2 messages with no response…and still no yule log


    • Hello! Got a message back from Tiny Co about this! Check your inventory for the Yule Log. Place, and it will fulfill the wish list! After that, a message will pop up about having Santa in your inventory. He is in the characters section, in your inventory. Bunny, I don’t know if you want to post this in an update, or not!


  19. That bloody kingdom event. I’ll never get King butt, the only character I’m missing 😦


  20. On the FAQ, it says “If you do not defeat him within the 24-hour timer, the Yeti will escape and go back into hibernation! At this point, you can pay clams to continue defeating the Yeti at its current hat level.” If I do pay clams, how much more time do I get to defeat the yeti at that level? Any other quirks with that option that if should be aware of? Thanks!


  21. Is there going to be a second xmas mystery box before the event ends because in previous event there was always more than one mystery box and having over 100k cookies to spend on nothing is stupid?


  22. I’m going to apologize in advance if this posts more than once…i can’t tell if my previous post went up…
    I am having trouble getting the yeti deco.
    I am pretty sure I’ve completed the related quest and if not I know i have open quest space. Anyone else hang an issue? If not I’ll assume it’s me.


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