Christmas Cookies Surplus!!!

Hey there yah bunch of Holiday crazies & weirdos!!! (Yah, me included 😛 )

So I was able to speak with TinyCo personally on this and get a confirmation. Something IS coming for you to use all those extra cookies on.

Christmas CookieBE WARNED THOUGH!!! This will NOT be a 1:1 conversion, so don’t go in expecting it to be…because it will NOT. 

What I CAN tell you is there will be something, maybe a mystery box type ??, that will allow you to use up some of those surplus Christmas Cookies you got. It will give you a boost to the New Year’s lil Event. It will NOT however complete it for you. In other words, don’t go in thinking a Million Cookies will complete it all in one shot for you. Because it won’t. You will still have to participate and play the game for New Year’s items.

That is the ONLY details being provided at this time. Anything more, you will have to wait until the lil New Year’s Fun drops to find out. We will post all the details then. 🙂

So make sure you pick up the extra items you want from the event like the Poinsettias’s, Snow Globes, Trains, etc as they will go with the event.



160 responses to “Christmas Cookies Surplus!!!

  1. Did i miss the chance to cash in my cookies? When I opened the game it said the Christmas event has ended and to reload the game. I have reloaded the game and my cookies count box is gone.


  2. The event just ended for me and I don’t have my cookies. When does the new event start? How do the cookies get transferred?


  3. Just got the pop up in game about the event being over. I reloaded as it said to so and my cookies seem to have disappeared. The counter saying how many I had is gone – I even checked my complete inventory just to see if they were in there somehow. Hopefully just a glitch that’ll be resolved before the New Years event starts.


  4. Xmas gone, along with TONS of cookies… Hope they weren’t just whispering sweet nuthin’s to you, Bunny!


  5. Not any different than when we converted spray for harpoons? It was a 4 to one conversion, I think. But even a 10:1 conversion would suit me. As long as the cookies don’t go stale 😉


  6. Was just reading past comments and someone asked if the cookies were staying and you said correct. But the game just asked me to reload and my cookies are gone. Did I miss it?


  7. i updated my game after the end of the event after the game tells me to update but now i cant find my cookies. i thought we needed them for the next event


  8. My game updated an the event area and cookies vanished. I did not see anything to buy for new year.

    Did I miss something?!!


  9. I’m missing tons of decos I purchased. As I repurchase them cookies are gone but the items dont appear in my inventory after I store them. I’ve also noticed that I don’t always get a christmas ball after placing some items so maybe that has something to do with it?


    • Make sure every item is out of storage…if you do not…it goes to the fail safe. It won’t let you buy anything you already own in inventory, to prevent clam and money loss. So put it ALL out (same item) buy what you want, then inventory it all. Post in this will be up soon.


  10. What are the odds of them giving the event an extensions..?


  11. After seeing how close people are and probably will end up missing premium characters like Jesus.
    I have a suggestion, would it be possible for TinyCo to set up a gift a friend system, where if I have extra, stockings, snow flakes or whatever the required currency of the event is that I could visit my friends and gift it to them.
    I know the odds of this happening are very low, but still worth the try.

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    • I wish. I think with the issue of “hackers”… they kind of already ruined that concept. I know with the OTHER game we write on, it is the main reason you can’t “gift” to another. Just took one guy to ruin for everyone else.

      Maybe with the way TinyCo works and thinks…something like this CAN be put to a good use without worrying about “hackers”


      • Good point, is too bad when people take the “easy” way to complete the game, I think the only character I’m missing is bitch steweie.
        But back to the topic, I know there is no unhackeable system out there, but I’m sure they can work on a way that you could earn more than a few coins and an occasional clam when visiting friends.
        For now I’ll just keep on doing short tasks and collecting as many cookies as I can before the end of the event.


  12. I’m pretty excited that they are giving us the option to use up all those cookies – I really wish they’d do what they did after the Halloween event and let us use or transfer the other stockings etc. but I’ll take what I can get! Going to finish 3 stocking shy of Jesus. Wahhh.. 😦

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  13. So the event ends today but the cookies stay for the new year’s event ?


  14. First off all, Happy New Year :-). Just a quick question. I’ve unlocked everyone for the Christmas Event including Premium Characters, but my Facespace is showing 39/40 unlocked. I saw a pop up about Jillian and the New Years Event, is this who the missing one is? Just wondered. Guess we’ll find out soon enough


  15. I’m so glad I held onto my cookies as I have 246,236 saved up to spend, I had a feeling it was best to wait and was gonna wait till the last few hours then spend them on lots of decorations if nothing new came along. As I have a stupid amount I don’t mind it not being a 1:1 conversion as at least they’ll get put to a good use, great move Tiny Co! And not sure if it’s been mentioned, but there’s currently a sale on clams, 20% off most packages! and a new quest triggered to buy any clam package to get a Festive Firetruck, so bought some clams, hopefully they will come in use in the New Years event.


  16. What happen to Bruce Willis? I’m trying to get King Yeti and now I won’t because he disappeared. That sucks


  17. Nicole Thornhill

    Any idea approximately how many cookies we should keep? Just a rough estimate, if possible? I’ve been buying up decor to use them up but still have about 86,000. Was going to buy more, just because, but now wondering how many I should keep for afterward.


  18. Argh I need 5 snowflakes for Jesus! Still setting alarms on my phone telling me when to go into the game! No chance of defeating king yeti though but never mind!Good news about the cookies, thought it was a bit strange that they would give us 100k in cookies but then have the highest priced decoration be 500 cookies?

    I’m on maternity leave so not minding the mass influx in events lol missed out on Halloween though due to little ones arrival but as I’m not a fan of it I don’t mind!


  19. Stan-Loves-Roger

    WOW, thank you so much, you always seem to have the answers to my questions at just the right time, (I suspect you have a camera and microphone in my house), I have just shy of 100,000 cookies to use up, and nothing left to buy….

    One quick question Will we be able to use up all the stockings for anything ? i dont have many, about 200 of various colours etc but i would like to be able to use them all up at some point.

    I have had a better time completing Family Guy than TSTO, which in Phase 2 is nigh on impossible……

    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL – Have a great safe time wherever you are in the world, and remember, no matter where you are, Family Guy will be playing somewhere in the world, and will be for many years to come…..


  20. Sorry if this is elsewhere but after I unlocked Santa and sent him on tasks he is unvoiced, is this a glitch or real, thank you


  21. how many cookies would you recommend rolling over? i have 105k but started sending people on $$ tasks again, should I switch back to cookie earning tasks? I’d like the biggest boost into the next event as I can get 🙂


  22. Lot of people commenting they have not got Jesus I noticed if you clear a yeti stage and still have characters battling the yeti you can leave them there until he’s back 4 hours later and get an advantage straight off. Don’t know if I’ve explained this well but hope it will help some people out x


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