End of Miracle on Spooner Street

Don’t PANIC over the Christmas Cookies. I will post more info on how that all will translate after I talk with them some more. ๐Ÿ˜‰ย 

Just to give you all the nice warm fuzzies and to CALM YOUR HORSES!!! Lol. Giggity. I just confirmed…for the… I dunno how many times now… with my dear patient friend that tolerates me over at TinyCo (you know I adore yah guys)… COOKIES WILL BE BACK!!! AGAIN…COOKIES WILL BE BACK??!! COOKIES WILL BE BACK FOR NEW YEAR!!! ๐Ÿ˜›ย 

There…everyone happy now??!! Torches and Pitchforks down???!! K… now you all go play nice while I disappear into the dark of the night. SEE YA NEXT YEAR!!!ย 

Hey there Clammers!

So, 3pm PST and Miracle on Spooner Street has come to a close. What now? Well, there a few things that WILL continue, the rest is now in the Christmas Past. Lol

Rabid Reindeer

Here is a breakdown of what YOU might expect to see in your game…

First you will get that usual Pop Up… “Event Ended…restart device…”End of Miracle on Spooner Street

Once you go through the process, you will come back to a no more snow fallinย Quahog (though still some on the ground) and an empty Event Area.

End of Miracle on Spooner Street 2

Miracle on Spooner Street Event Area

Due to the Event Area is now empty, if anyone was battling the Yeti… they will be out wandering around as he is gone.

If you were working on Babs or Jasper at the Train Station, since that is gone too… you will no longer see either one or be able to get either Character. They are gone with the Event if not completely unlocked and in your game as playable Characters.

Christmas CookiesHoliday Christmas Cookies. These will hang around town in preparation for use on the next Event. (Nothing on that for now. We will post when it arrives. Most likely at least a day away…you know…the New Year.)

Christmas Quahog MallBuildings/ Vehicles that dropped Event items will no longer drop them anymore. This includes the facades or “skins” on the Houses and Buildings for Christmas Decorations.

Christmas Shoppers 2 Christmas Shoppers 1Characters will no longer drop any Event items or Materials. Also the Reindeer, Shoppers, and Snowman will be all gone. (I am gonna miss them. Wish I could have kept one of each. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ย )ย Anyone going after Snowmen or Reindeer… will end up just wandering around.

Reindeer Games Part 4

Now for what MANY of you were wondering on the Character Tasks…what stays and what goes?

If all went as planned…these ones SHOULD go on. Keep in mind though…SEVERAL you needed to have PASSED a specific questline point/part in order for it to go on. If you did not, it will go away and won’t continue. Again, some may still not pull through after the event, but this is what we hope stuck around as planned. Lol. Let us know what you see.

JasperJasper: Jasper Visits Part 4-6

John McClaneJohn McClane: Happy Trails Part 3-8

JesusJesus: Save the Date Part 1-5

Jingle Joe 1Jingle Joe: Hustle and Bustle Part 1-5

Babs PewterschmidtBarbara (Babs): Five Golden Rings Part 3-5

Hanukkah MortHanukkah Mort: A Very Jewish Christmas Part 1-3

Puppy Brian StandingPuppy Brian: Young Dog, Old Tricks Part 2-5

SantaSanta: Bag of Tricks Part 1-4

Elf PeterElf Peter: Elf Too Fat for a Shelf Part 1


That about does it. So sit back, relax, take a little break for the night. Have fun. Be safe….and…WE WILL SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!! ๐Ÿ˜›


253 responses to “End of Miracle on Spooner Street

  1. I’ve finally hit a frustrating point w tinyco. My game crashed on dec 22nd. As soon as it happened, I emailed tinyco with all of the details I had. They responded once and asked for more details through specific questions which I had already answered, but still, I replied immediately. Since then – radio silence. I sent at least 5 or 6 additional emails over the course of the week and a couple of messages through the game once the problem fixed itself on NYE – AFTER the event ended. I couldn’t get anyyyyy of the characters or skins that came after the 22nd, which sucks. I was well on track. Now I have just under 10k cookies which I can’t even use. I hate that I wasn’t able to get any of the characters. But really, I’m disappointed at their inability to respond to any of my communications.


    • Hang in there. We have said this a lot round the site on multiple posts. It was a LONG holiday in the U.S. Most companies are out til Monday. TinyCo included. There still is staff there, just VERY limited. Monday morning everyone should be back to work and starting to play catch up. I know it is frustrating when you just want to play, but wait for them to return and actually see your latest messages, then they should get back to you. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. i have waited patiently for the “your device isn’t compatible with this version” bug to be fixed…. Have been without family guy for more than 1 week…. And now the Christmas event has ended… So no chance to get the additional characters, skins etc,… So aside of missing the final week of the game… To add insult to injury, I don’t have enough cookies for the new year gifts… Too frustrating for words….


  3. Hmm strange I never got anything required to unlock barb yet she was just there when I started up my game after the event ended I actually thought everyone must have just been given her


  4. Hmmm I didn’t get anything needed to unlock barb but I have her strange I actually thought she must have been given to everyone till I read some post


  5. Is there a way to get Jesus or puppy Brian anymore?


  6. New Years Event started not sure how long ago. Cookies are back and can be used in sets of 10,000 to buy gift boxes containing many gifts. There are many items to buy so not a good time to be broke.


  7. zombiepanda2007

    How would TinyCo know how many cookies we each had? I had a little over 100,000 and now they’re all gone! When will the event start?


  8. So when is this “New Years” event being rolled out? Initial impression was NYE since the pop up mentioned “dropping the ball” with Brian and Jillian. New Year’s Day is almost over and still nothing. Beginning to wonder if Tinyco really meant that there was another event coming in the new year in general, and thus not tied to NYE. For all we know the next event is around valentines day… Like a “romance” event for Brian and Jillian.


  9. Babs is bugged on part 2 of the Five golden rings quest… Game says reward has nothing in it… Very frustrating… Game doesn’t even load anymore…


  10. My Christmas cookies are completey gone :/ idk if it’s supposed to be this way and then they show back up? Idk but I had over 100,000 from Santa and that could help me with the New Years event. Also there is no sign of that event except for the clam sales.


  11. Hey I have something weird that happened to me. I got jasper without doing all the tasks to unlock him. I only did one task. So I unlocked jasper without doing anything.
    Please reply and tell me if this happens to you


  12. What about all the stockings ๐Ÿ˜ฆ i had over 200 of the snowflake stockings and nothing to use them on. A bit annoyed they’ve all gone to waste


  13. Happy New Year to all the clammers!

    Anyone know when the New Years quest line is going to start? I only saw the pop up announcing it one time yesterday, and haven’t seen it since. Kind of surprised as I though it would have started by now, especially since the Christmas even ended right on time.


  14. I was able to keep Babs after the Christmas event finished, even though I didn’t have any of the items I needed to unlock her. I think it may be because I still had time to unlock her once the event finished. Unfortunately now, I can’t complete her task for Five Gold Rings part 2, as when I tap on her to end the task, a message comes up saying the reward no longer exists, and the game reloads to how it was before I tapped on her. Any ideas on how to resolve this?


  15. I just wanted to point out, if you were working on Barbara (not sure about jasper) she got automatically added to my town not sure if a bug or not


  16. I never unlocked jasper, but now he is in my game as an unlocked character. How is this possible?


  17. Stan-Loves-Roger

    my only gripe, and it seems like a lot of people had the same issue, was i got not one, nada, nil, zero, zilch, clams from Jesus, no matter how many times i tried……

    I cant wait to find out what they have planned for my 96,000 cookies i had left, i did sock up on chritmas trees, street lamps, candle stick holders, snowmen and door frame thingies, ready for next year.

    AS an asside, i have alread bought my first Christmas present for this coming Crimbo…. Is that a record… LOL… (bought it Boxing Day)


  18. Happy New Year and all the best to everyone ๐Ÿ˜Š

    You mention the cookies staying for the next event but mine have disappeared from the top next to coins. Do you know if I’ll be able to get them back or not?



  19. Happy New Year, thanks for all the help in 2014. Here’s to Bunny, Alissa and everyone have a wonderfil 2015! ๐Ÿ™‚


  20. people are saying all over their facebook page that the New Year Event WILL start on Jan. 2nd ? idk where they even read that at.


    • TinyCo let some info out that it may be hitting on the 2nd..and another site decided to release that info (which in fact was wrong because it hit today). The downside to that in my mind…so now TinyCo may stop releasing info to us early…if other sites can’t contain the info.


  21. Happy new year to you both…

    I enjoyed the Christmas event very much, but I’m not happy how it ended. I was only 30 snowflake stockings away from Jesus, and 3pm came and went and that was it. Nothing happened at midnight for new years eve, and if they had kept Christmas going until midnight, I would have had Jesus by 10pm.


  22. Happy new year.


  23. Hey, where did the cookies go? Just kidding, I read the post. I really just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work you do for both of these crazy games. Happy New Year to you and all the best in 2015.


  24. Everyone complaining about losing their cookies reminded me of a Sesame Street clip I saw: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=b_ubVVnWglk . That way you guys can learn about delayed gratification from Loki.


  25. Happy New Year!! Thanks for all you do for us!! Hope you enjoy all those cookies ๐Ÿ™‚


  26. I figured out a good way to keep track of your NPC characters (elf and reindeer), so you’ll never lose them. What you have to do is confine them to a street that doesn’t connect to the rest of your Quahog.

    During the Christmas event I removed all roads except for a 4×4 block hallow square with a maze of fence surrounding it, which is always there to centralize spawning NPCs during events. Anyways after the event I restored all the roads in Quahog and so far the NPCs haven’t left that section. This could also work for vehicles, but I don’t have any that move to confirm.


  27. Just want to pop in and say thank you gals for all your hard work and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


  28. Hey so i was just seeing my characters up for their nightly tasks and FREDDY KRUEGER caught my attention. I’ve been having him make shish kabobs fir the entire Christmas event because it paid cookies & ornaments. Well NOW it shows that he gives XP & what looked like a pile of green bundled cash instead of coins for that task. 999 to be exact. Not sure what it is but hoping it had something to do with the New Year event… i wish i had taken a screen shot. We’ll see soon enough i suppose.


  29. So the cookies i had they will be back? I had about 112,000 cookies but since i restart the game all the cookies are gone.


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