Event Ending Preparations

Hey there Naughty and Nice lil Shoppers!

Are we there yet? Well….almost. As the Miracle on Spooner Street Event is coming to an end today at around 3PM PST, there are a few things you may want to focus on to “wrap things up” so to speak. Lol.

Elf Peter

So there have been a lot of really cool things going on during this Event and now it is coming to a close. Let’s take a look at some last minutes things to remember to complete before it does.

A lil FYI…might as well clear the Shoppers too, just in case a Free Clam pops out. 😉


Polka Dot Christmas Cookie Mystery Box Gold Clam Gift Box
Sleigh Bells Gift Box Fancy Gift Box Phase 3

Snowflake Gift Box Striped Gift Box

If you have any items left in Santa’s Workshop, make sure they are wrapped and opened so the items are all placed in your town. Check your Inventory for any ones you may have missed. (NOT the shopping cart menu)


2014-12-12 03.03.36

If there were Miracle on Spooner Street tasks the Characters in your Quahog were working on, make sure you complete them before they are pulled from the game with the Event. This includes any Challenges, sales, or extras that gave you bonuses.

Don’t forget the Clam sale TODAY!!


Pile of PresentsDickens LampMedium Christmas TreePoinesettias

There were many items offered during this Event for Cookies and Clams, so if you were waiting til last minute to get them…NOW is that last minute. Keep in mind to buy a LOT of one item…you have to have them ALL out of storage. The game has a “fail safe” built in so you don’t buy something you already own and is in storage. Place it ALL out, buy all you want, then store what you wish for later use.

Any leftover cookies you can wait and see what the Next event brings.


Secret Santa Gift Box

If you have Neighbor Gifts left laying around and are linked to Facebook, dump all you have left for a chance at Free Clams for doing so. If you do not, try to give that last one to Ollie. It may or may not give you some Free Clams.


King Yeti Decoration

If you are still pulling for those last few stockings, make sure you use up the last lil bit wisely. If you are cutting it close, you may have to ponder if it will be worth it to YOU to speed the tasks with Clams. Months from now, will you still be happy you did? Just think before spending those precious Clams. Remember, the King Yeti Prize is just a decoration not an actual Character.


Brian Stewie Santa

The Event is winding down, just about there, so if you have completed it…sit back and relax. Enjoy a little quiet until the New Year.

There you go. A bit of things to consider as the Event and 2014 comes to a close. What do YOU think the New Year will bring? Anything you are excited for? Any items you are stocking up on for later decoration? Let us know.



96 responses to “Event Ending Preparations

  1. i tried to get the clam deal where you got the 4000 cookies for buying a package. i also got a white screen that just said clam shack. I also tried to purchase the KISS stage that was on one of the quests (it was 500 cookies, which i had) i clicked on go from the quest to purchase it and it was gone. this was 1 hr BEFORE the event ended. never saw it in the market either. how and where do i report that?


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