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End of Miracle on Spooner Street

Don’t PANIC over the Christmas Cookies. I will post more info on how that all will translate after I talk with them some more. 😉 

Just to give you all the nice warm fuzzies and to CALM YOUR HORSES!!! Lol. Giggity. I just confirmed…for the… I dunno how many times now… with my dear patient friend that tolerates me over at TinyCo (you know I adore yah guys)… COOKIES WILL BE BACK!!! AGAIN…COOKIES WILL BE BACK??!! COOKIES WILL BE BACK FOR NEW YEAR!!! 😛 

There…everyone happy now??!! Torches and Pitchforks down???!! K… now you all go play nice while I disappear into the dark of the night. SEE YA NEXT YEAR!!! 

Hey there Clammers!

So, 3pm PST and Miracle on Spooner Street has come to a close. What now? Well, there a few things that WILL continue, the rest is now in the Christmas Past. Lol

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Event Ending Preparations

Hey there Naughty and Nice lil Shoppers!

Are we there yet? Well….almost. As the Miracle on Spooner Street Event is coming to an end today at around 3PM PST, there are a few things you may want to focus on to “wrap things up” so to speak. Lol.

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Addicts Questions: Miracle on Spooner Street Final Phase

Hey there Clammers.

LOTS of constant questions on the site that keep repeating, so tucking them all here. So if you want to know the basics (more details coming) here yah go.

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