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End of Miracle on Spooner Street

Don’t PANIC over the Christmas Cookies. I will post more info on how that all will translate after I talk with them some more. 😉 

Just to give you all the nice warm fuzzies and to CALM YOUR HORSES!!! Lol. Giggity. I just confirmed…for the… I dunno how many times now… with my dear patient friend that tolerates me over at TinyCo (you know I adore yah guys)… COOKIES WILL BE BACK!!! AGAIN…COOKIES WILL BE BACK??!! COOKIES WILL BE BACK FOR NEW YEAR!!! 😛 

There…everyone happy now??!! Torches and Pitchforks down???!! K… now you all go play nice while I disappear into the dark of the night. SEE YA NEXT YEAR!!! 

Hey there Clammers!

So, 3pm PST and Miracle on Spooner Street has come to a close. What now? Well, there a few things that WILL continue, the rest is now in the Christmas Past. Lol

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