New Years is Live in Quahog!

UPDATE BUNNY: There is not a set time just yet. Most of the place is still light this week. Will be back to full capacity next week. Will have a more solid date then. We got at LEAST a week on the event.


Hello There Clammers!

The New Year’s Event is now live in our Tiny Quahogs!  Lots of new goodies (and a character) to purchase with in game cash…AND your cookies have now safely returned!

2015-01-02 02.20.32

More details are on the way…as soon as I find Bunny! 😉

Well…I still can’t find Bunny…BUT more details are below the fold…

Let’s start off with the new stuff…

More images will be coming soon..

New Items that Generate Income:

Little Puff O StuffLittle Puff o’Stuff- $1,000.  4hr Build.  Earns $30, 20xp/4hrs.  Chance for Champagne Glasses.

Quahog Clock TowerQuahog Clock Tower- $5,000.  6hr Build.  Earns $40, 25xp/6hrs

Party TentParty Tent- $7,500.  4hr Build.  Earns $140, 90xp/16hrs

Average Puff O StuffAverage Puff o’Stuff- 75 Clams.  Earns $30, 20xp/4hrs.  Always drops Champagne Glasses.

Big Puff O StuffBig Puff o’ Stuff- 100 Clams. Earns $30, 20xp/4hrs.  Always drops Bunny Ears.


New Decorations (Don’t Generate Income:

Rite of Passage TowerRite of Passage Tower- $7,500

FunTime ArchesFunTime Arches- $2,500

Gentle Reminder SIgnGentle Reminder Sign- $10,000

Balloon ClustersBalloon Clusters- $1,000

Twinkling FireworksTwinkling Fireworks- $750

Brilliant FireworksBrilliant Fireworks- $1,500

Blazing FireworksBlazing Fireworks- $2,500

Big Bang FireworksBig Bang Fireworks- $5,000

Da Boom ConsoleDa Boom Console- 100 Clams

New Character

JillianJillian has arrived in Quahog!

Easter Egg BoothShe comes with the Easter Egg Booth.  The Easter Egg Booth costs $1,000.  It’s a 10hr Build Time and earns $180, 120xp/24hrs.

Of course to unlock Jillian you’ll have to collect lots of stuff!   Here’s what you’ll need:

Kitten3 Kitten Pickin’- Have Bruce go Kitten Pickin’ 3 Times

Egg Cartons White Eggs15 White Eggs (Uncommon)- Get From: Make Peter Dance the Shipoopi OR Make Joe Visit the Gun Range OR Get From James Woods High OR Get from Anal Point OR Make Jake Tucker Be Normal

Champagne Glasses Icon20 Champagne Glasses (Rare)- Get From: Make Bruce be a Good Listener OR Get from the Founding Father OR Get From Quahog Mini-Mart OR Get from Used Clothing Store OR Get from Little Puff o’ Stuff OR Get from Average Puff o’ Stuff (always drops)

Bunny Ears3 Bunny Ears (Extra Rare)– Get From: Make Jerome Host Happy Hour OR Get from Goldman’s Pharmacy OR Get from Big Puff o’Stuff (always drops)

Jillian's Apartment BuildingJillian’s Apartment- Get Jillian’s Apartment from Rite of Passage Tower

New Year’s Mystery Box

Finally something to do with all those cookies!  For 10,000 Cookies a shot you’ll have a shot to win some cool New Year’s themed prizes.

2015-01-02 02.37.41

Here’s what you can win:

Party Hat1 Party Hat

2015 Glasses1 2015 Glasses

Chapagne Glasses1 Champagne Glasses

Party Favor1 Noise Maker

Snowman SquatterSnowman

Mall SantaMall Santa

Reindeer on StrikeDeer Thug

5000 Coins5,000 Coins

Clams5 Clams

Clams10 Clams

Clams25 Clams

Clams50 Clams

Rite of Passage Tower

Rite of Passage Tower

After you’ve placed the Rite of Passage Tower ($1,000) you’ll see a popup appear to unlock Jillian’s Apartment (which you’ll need to fully unlock Jillian).

2015-01-02 02.42.25

In order to get the Apartment you’ll (shockingly) have to collect STUFF.  Here’s what you’ll need:

Party Hat Icon10 Party Hats (Common)- Get From: Make Chris Get Easily Smitten with Girls OR Make Quagmire Watch NetChix OR Make Herbert Watch Little League Marathon

2015 Glasses Icon10 2014 Glasses (Common)- Get From: Make Bonnie Go to Ladies Night OR Get from Herbert’s House

Champagne Glasses Icon10 Champagne Glasses (Rare) Yes in addition to the ones you have to get to unlock Jillian.   Get From: Make Bruce be a Good Listener OR Get from the Founding Father OR Get From Quahog Mini-Mart OR Get from Used Clothing Store OR Get from Little Puff o’ Stuff OR Get from Average Puff o’ Stuff (always drops)

Party Favor Icon10 Noise Makers (Rare)– Get From: Make Lois Do the Laundry OR Make Mort Jetpack to Safety OR Get from Quahog National Bank

Once you’ve collected everything you can make the ball drop…

2015-01-02 03.01.09

and you’ll earn Jillian’s Apartment AND 10 Clams!

2015-01-02 03.01.25

And that my friends are all the details on the New Year’s Event!

What do YOU think of the event?  Thoughts on Jillian?  How about the decorations?  How was your New Year’s Eve?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!



270 responses to “New Years is Live in Quahog!

  1. My New Years event isn’t having problems, but for over a month I have had Connie ready to unlock and she just keeps crashing my game every time I try to unlock her! I can’t move to the next district and it’s driving me crazy. I have had her ready since early December. Tiny co support isn’t even getting back to me and I message them daily!!!! I Literally got every Christmas character during the event and spent too much money justifying it as a Christmas gift to myself. Now I just feel cheated. I don’t want to start over. I don’t want to lose all the special event characters that I’ve accumlated over months!

    Are other people’s games crashing on basic characters like mine or just event characters?


    • This is a known issue we have reported on here. Hang in there. Help is coming soon in a patch. Look for 1.6 Version to help with characters stuck and not able to be unlocked.


  2. I never got the option to start the 2015 quest line, but I built the thing to get Jillian already. Now the rite of passage tower just has a lock over it, which would render me unable to get her apartment. What can I do to fix this?


  3. Does anybody know when district 11 (pawtucket brewery) will be coming? And also what the deal with the blimp is?


  4. Party hats are not dropping… I have 4 hats in 19 attempts.. Drop rates must be terrible…


  5. More expansions would be awesome and a collect all would really be awesome


  6. I have Jillian unlocked with the gold unlocked lock. But every time I click on it to open her up and unlock her my game crashes. Tried on both my android galaxy s4 and my Ipad mini. Both are doing same thing. Any ideas? Don’t want to loose her before event is over.


  7. I did everything that was asked for New Years. The tower only gave me 10 clams but no apartment. What do i do?!


    • Double check your inventory to make sure it’s not there. Check your whole inventory as items tend to be in odd places. If you still don’t see it contact TinyCo and let them know what’s going on.


  8. I think I found a glitch as well for the “Party Hats” in the Rite of Passage Tower quest line. The “Make Quagmire Watch NetChix” doesn’t seem to offer the Party Hat option on my iPhone. I see the small icon for Chris, but not on Quagmire and when I had him watch for 20 hours, I didn’t see the option and it didn’t provide the hat.

    Also on Chris, I think I ran him through the 20 hr process 3 times and only received one hat so at this rate it could kill my whole questline if I don’t get the rest in time since I only have Chris giving me the option right now.


  9. Need noise makers? Build more banks!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Does anyone know when the district 10 brewery is being unlocked for play?


  11. Correction. I have to collect 10 glasses AGAIN for the Tower, not 20.


  12. I collected all my champagne glasses for the Right of Passage Tower. Then I collected all my champagne glasses for Jillian. I saw that Barb was still able to get glasses, so I looked and it has me starting over with collecting glasses for the tower, but it is 20 glasses this time. Did this happen to anyone else?


    • It’s a glitch going around. We’re suggesting contacting TinyCo on it…we’ve already alerted them to it. The more people that report it the quicker they will respond.


  13. Anyone bought “da boom” for 100 clams ? Does it “do” anything ? Any cool animations ? Hoping for a giant mushroom cloud on click lol !


  14. Once you drop the balls and get Jillian’s apartment is the Rite Of Passage Tower supposed to be animated to where you tap on it will drop the balls again? Mine won’t and I have been to some other towns and theirs do drop as many times as you tap on it.


  15. I think this glitch was already talked about before, but I couldn’t find anything about a solution. The glitch is that I have everything to unlock Brian, but every time I try to press his golden unlock sign, the game freezes and then crashes. It didn’t come until the end of the Christmas event luckily so I was able to unlock Jasper, Babs, and also Dr.Hartman, but now I can’t unlock Brian. Hopefully, this doesn’t affect Jillian but it probably will. It’s been going on for a few days now and I’ve tried hard closing and turning off my phone and such. Nothing worked. Do you think uninstalling and re-installing might help?


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