Christmas Character Disclaimer…

Hello There Clammers!

Just a friendly little character disclaimer in the game right now…

The ONLY Characters/Skins available in the game right now (at this very moment, phase 1) are:

Sexy Santa Lois and Jasper

Sexy Santa Lois 1

YES…there are characters/skins teased in FaceSpace for the event but they’re not yet available to get in the game.  So focus on Sexy Santa Lois and Jasper and don’t worry about what’s not yet in the game 🙂

So what are these characters teased in FaceSpace?  Details below the fold…

WARNING…mild spoilers below.  

Again, remember these are characters/skins TEASED as coming into the game.  They’re not yet active in the game as of phase 1..

So if you go into FaceSpace you’ll see two groups…

Christmas Guests

Santa’s Helpers

Christmas Guests are characters you’ll win/unlock as the game progresses.

Santa’s Helpers are skins for characters you already have, that you’ll have to win/unlock as the game progresses.

Here’s what the options are:

2014-12-06 15.35.42


Under Christmas Guests the first character is Jasper (already in the game) and the other two are shadowed out.  They are:

Barbara Pewterschmidt and Jesus.

Based on the order they’re listed my thought process is Barbara will be the next character and Jesus will be the last one.  (my guess is Jesus will come Christmas week)

Next options are the skins..

2014-12-06 15.35.34


First up is is Sexy Santa Lois…currently in the game.  That’s followed by 4 characters that are shadowed out.  They are:

Hanukkah Mort, Jingle Joe, Puppy Brian & Angel Bruce.

Based on that order my guess is we’ll see them in the game in that order.  Probably a combination of 2 at once point & my guess is Angel Bruce during Christmas week.

Again as far as WHEN they’ll be released..those are just my guesses.  BUT they ARE coming for Christmas & will show up at some point during the event.  However, they are currently NOT in the game, so don’t focus on them.  Spend your focus on unlocking Sexy Santa Lois & Jasper…since they’re currently in the game.

What do YOU think of the characters to come?  Thoughts on Sexy Santa Lois & Jasper?  Any costumes you wished were coming?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

115 responses to “Christmas Character Disclaimer…

  1. Does this mean there won’t be an Elf Peter? Or Ebenezer Chicken? ='( I’m hoping they’ll bring those in somehow since they are on the loading screen pic…


  2. So perhaps some insightful info to think on.
    What if……
    Now bear with me here.
    What if Stewies new costume isn’t an elf at all, but a very close relative to the oompa loompas found in the Pawtucket brewery?
    Think on that one


  3. I don’t see how to get jasper, he’s not in the characters and isn’t in my town to be unlocked… do I have to do anything special


  4. When I visit Ollieland and tap on the light pole at the end of the train station it says Luxury Limousine, I guess this is what we will have to repair next to get Barbara Pewterschmidt.
    Also, the animation on my Lucky’s Orphanage is glitching, the lights and smoke is rotated 90 degrees from there location on the building.


  5. I just sent TinyCo a req to,add at least one more character to help out with the doll stocking. I mean I don’t mind spending clams on the premium characters I want, but I don’t like spending them on the characters I can get for free. Only way to get Jasper is to get doll stockings and unless you spend 200 clams on the orphanage, Lois is the only way to get them. I don’t mind the rare/epic rating, but geez, just a little bit more help would be nice.


  6. A brain damaged reindeer outfit would be a great surprise like Consuela’s during haloween. He is probably the most useless character there is (more than Tricia!) and this would be a great way to have him used! Also hope Jerome, Seamus and Herbert get outfits next event. They are the last of the original characters…and I guess Tricia for Chinese new year??

    Liked by 1 person

    • I LOVE the idea of a reindeer outfit! Brain Damaged Horse is one of my favorites because of that derpy way he runs around when “galloping majestically,” and this would be a nice way to include him in the latest shenanigans.

      While I’m enjoying the event thus far, it would be nice if they found a way to include some of the other characters who don’t get a lot of playtime outside of their initial quests (Consuela, Tricia, Dr. Hartman, Carter, etc.) at some point. I appreciate that they found a way to include Seamus in the Christmas tasks so far. I just hope they don’t forget all the other characters and give them things to do in the upcoming phases, too.


  7. Hey ladies! Enjoying the Holidays? Well I seem to have a question.
    Yes it is about Jasper
    NO I don’t want to know how to get him, as you have explained that many times over, I would like to know if his clam cost is reduced per building acquired. I have 2 and want to know if he’ll be cheaper than the 300 clam original rush rate

    Liked by 1 person

  8. hi! sorry to ask but, when and how did u get jaspers? i never noticed when he was released, so im a little lost on that 1.


  9. My gift send icon doesn’t show up on friends neighborhood 😦 I’is this a known issue??


  10. Ok, so who is this (second from the right):

    Sure doesn’t look like Babs. Looks like Mort’s wife.


    • It’s a shadow. Maybe Peter Pan’s? He seems to lose it a lot. Could belong to Slender Man. Maybe the Doctor. But then again this all could just be a dream and we’ll wake up and be living in South Park. 😛


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