Christmas Land!

Hello There Clammers!

Christmas has arrived in Quahog!  Snow is covering the ground and falling from the sky!  Santa is in town…and gifts are coming out of the workshop at a steady pace!  Can it get any better?

Well…TinyCo has another gift in store!  This gift is in the form of LAND!!!

Yes, for the Christmas Event TinyCo as released another strip of land AND there’s the promise of more land in the District 10 area!

Curious about these new patches of snowy Quahog?  Let’s break down the details..


The new land sits on the far left of your screen….

2014-12-05 13.39.59


6 new squares of land are available…each one costing a bit more than the last, but hey it’s more land for all that STUFF!

Here’s the pricing/time breakdowns:

starting from the top (furthest from the water)

$50,000- 24hrs to Clear

$60,000- 24hrs to Clear

$75,000- 24hrs to Clear

$90,000- 24hrs to Clear

$105,000- 24hrs to Clear

$120,000- 24hrs to Clear’ll need Workers free to clear land.  It’s 1 worker per patch of land.  Also remember you’ll need Workers to build items for Christmas as well.  So budget your time wisely…

Overall 6 strips of land, total cost $500,000.  Each patch takes 24hrs…

Now for a tease of things to come…

District 10 is viable in Quahog…although not yet unlocked

2014-12-05 08.36.39

With District 10 we should be getting several new patches of land…once it opens.  As all that gray smokey area is land just waiting to open up!

2014-12-06 04.06.33

So there you have it my friends…a breakdown of the new land available with Christmas & a preview of things to come!

What do YOU think of the new land?  Were you happy to have it or are you still doing ok with what land you have?  Thoughts on District 10?  What characters do you think will arrive with it?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

30 responses to “Christmas Land!

  1. I only just unlocked Stewie yesterday (been playing since about a week before the ComicCon event). I’m happy with the extra space. I haven’t quite used up all the land I already have yet, but I can see where some people who collect everything might have had an issue. I had fun filling up a lot of my town with Halloween decorations, and as soon as I get all the gift boxes I need, I’ll be after the Christmas decorations, too. It’s good to have that extra space for new buildings and such now. Count me in as a happy camper with the latest update.


  2. I love the snow animation. It looks like the snow is blowing around erratically from the right but instead they (the programmers) used snow falling at a couple of constant speeds and only 2 or three different slopes to get the effect.



  3. I run out of land quickly but I think that’s my own fault of putting too many roads in and trying to compulsively get every non-premium building possible from every event (I save my clams mostly for characters :D). I welcome the new land and am excited about the brewery too!


  4. Margaret C. Williams

    My goodness you give players what they want and they is still no satisfying them!!! I was thinking this was more an adult game but sometimes its like grade school with all the whining! Can’t people just be happy with what they get and have more patience for when TinyCo gets things worked out?
    My little rant for today.
    Thank you for having the patience to work through ALL the complaints!!!
    Have a Blessed Sunday, and a Wonderful Week..


  5. Unsatisfactory


    • Really?!? TinyCo gives us pretty much exactly what their players ask for and your only input to the subject is “unsatisfactory”??? Be a little grateful! I mean this is a CHRISTMAS event after all. How about instead you THANK TinyCo for listening to their customers and for running a well working, exciting, content packed game instead of just complaining for more more more? Sorry if this response isn’t what you were looking for but I just felt as though something needed to be said on such a rude and insensitive remark to TinyCo and all the hard work they’ve done to give us all that they have given us.


  6. I’d like to see them simply expand the viewing range in the top left of the game area. If you drop a tall building at the top left corner of the game, the coin icon and/or top of the building (depending on the building) will get cut off. I’m no programmer, but I’m guessing this wouldn’t be hard to do and it would help out my OCD when it comes to stuff like that. We’ll take the land though! It’s plenty for me. I still don’t have it all unlocked. I’ve mostly expanded to the top of the game.


  7. When are they going to release more land on top of this? It’s a petty thing but having land to put stuff you purchase shouldn’t really be an issue. This new land from the Xmas event is filling with a few roads and stuff from this event. I’ve got enough stuff in storage to fill 5 times this. Really ruins the game for me because I only play to build the town to suit me


    • They JUST released more land. Seriously??? How much is enough? I know it’s a lot of stuff, but it seems no matter what they give everyone wants more. At a certain point the game is just not going to be playable because not everything can load. They have to release land at a slow rate to ensure the game loads on ALL devices.

      More land will come with D10, and future districts. Beyond that be happy for anything else you get.


      • TSTO has a much larger game world, and it performs a lot better than TQFS. ****


      • Tiny Co should have anticipated this and should maybe do a little better planning with each event. I mean no disrespect to anyone and come here very much respecting the work you two put into this blog. To me it just screams money grab for them. They release these buildings and set peices at warp speed but keep the land to a minimum. If it glitches then so be it. It’s part of the process that I assume they have systems set up to handle that. If it works for TSTO then Tiny Co could learn a thing or two before happily taking everyones money


        • I refer to my link in my previous statement. TinyCo is SEEING what TSTO is going through. It is not all smooth sailing. Not at all. Also TSTO has 2 years MORE on the game then TinyCo and THOUSANDS of other games to pad their pockets and invest in games. THIS is TinyCo’s pocket. THIS game. I know it is hard to swallow the cost, but you really got to do a fair comparison when doing so. TSTO was ONLY on iOS when launched. Was so bad in first year it had to shut the game down for months. Still no Android til 6 months later and when that launched…Android shut down for 3 months. As far as land. It was a YEAR before TSTO added more finally…most was added in its second year.

          So…I actually appreciate the slower pace to TinyCo release in that they are trying to do it right the first time round. I know it comes to MORE of just stuff. THAT is where I feel the focus is needed. STUFF, not land. The STUFF they put out is as much if not more than TSTO put out in the 2+ years they have been out. But then again, it is the Quest for Stuff. LOL. It is a no win situation.


          • I see your point but I guess we can agree to disagree on the subject. I guess as one person I can become a freemium player and keep putting everything in storage and assume they were able to make that big enough. All in all I enjoy your blog and come here almost daily hoping to learn something before I jump into each new event. Happy Holidays to you both


            • I see it many ways. Both sides. Lol. I just know my end is more from personal experience and what I have run into from both games. It is great to have multiple points of views on something regardless. Open communication is why we put this site up. We love it. 😉 . Allows everyone to get a glimpse of things from another persons perspective


  8. If we already bought the land in district 10 before it became district 10, will we have to buy it again?


    • From what I remember you never could buy it. It was just open, but you couldn’t place anything. There was never an option to buy it.


      • I did buy it. I bought all the land. Except the new spaces that just became available.


        • It was never available for purchase. They removed the patch of trees temporarily and then placed them back. You might have the areas mixed up. You’re more than welcome to contact TinyCo and tell them what you’re telling me..but they’ve confirmed multiple times to us that there was no way for anyone to actually purchase that area of land for District 10. There was never a buy option on it.

          Check out that post above. You’ll see the area that was District 10..and how it was open but not available to purchase.


  9. I’m one of the few people from the sound of it lately, who is doing okay on land. But I say this as someone who is still unlocking Stewie and only started playing a few weeks before comic-con. I also have never bought clams so Im sure people who do would rack up much more stuff!! I love keeping my town organized and nice to look at, so I understand why people who were running out of room were frustrated. I’m glad it’s there for when I need it someday.


  10. It’s getting really expensive 😦


    • Well, there is hardly anything else to spend coins on anymore if you’ve been playing for a while so I wouldn’t worry about using up a bunch of it. I didn’t think I’d ever get very much when I started. As it turns out, even if I clear all of this new land right away I’ll still be well over 1 mil and I’ve never bought or done anything other than play to gain it.


  11. It looks like I’m going to have to set my 100 building office farm back up. I figured I’d free up the land, as I’m sitting on 1.7 million coins now, but a half mill plus district 10 coming! Gotta stay ahead of the curve. 🙂


  12. I think the characters are Barbra pewterschidmt, the character in the district 10 locked pop up and maybe Peters boss, Angela or Opie


  13. I’m glad district 10 will open in 26 days give or take. I’m a day 1 freemium player with 98% of all buildings, decos, etc placed on the map and have never had an issue with land. I also have a 50 office farm. But I don’t use roads (except the character patch) so that is a huge space saver. The real reason I think they released land and district 10 is so that everyone can drop off some of the excess millions of coins they have stores up. Lol.


  14. So I wasn’t sure where to put this so I just chose the most recent post. But has anyone noticed how some characters have new “profile pictures” that are still shaded out. So I think that means we will be getting new skins for them right? Stewie, Mort, Brian, and Bruce are the characters I noticed with the new hidden outfits.


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