Jolly Christmas Tree Update Postponed

Note: We don’t know what time it will hit.  That information hasn’t been released.  So we’re all in the same anxious boat here…so just be patient and as soon as we know we’ll let you know. 🙂 

Hey there Clamming Jolly Elves!

Just got verification from TinyCo (and it is also being released all over), that the next Tree Level will be delayed until at least tomorrow.

Merry Christmas Tree Area

So take your time getting in a few more tasks, collections, Yeti attacks, etc while we have an extra day before MORE hits our games. We have a lil more time before the Jolly Christmas Tree will be available.

No worries, we will be here when it does hit to bring you all the fun and inside details that we usually do.



147 responses to “Jolly Christmas Tree Update Postponed

  1. Ok I have a question I took all my roads down I just left one street will that work to put all the men I have to bomb with the funny light blue thing or am I doing something wrong I know I read where people had little streets for the bombing can be easy and u can get a whole bunch thanks hope to hear back


  2. Woo hoo! Finally the update arrived in my Quahog.


  3. Hey bunny! Are we talking “tomorrow” Saturday or was this posted yesterday so “tomorrow” is actually today?


  4. I’m fine with the delay,, one more doll and I can get Jasper (last gift left in the box is for him). Just keep attacking the Yeti and get those snowflakes.

    BTW I’m a pretty new player, only been playing for about 10 days now and I’m up to level 20. Will have Level 8 HC and have collected 20k Ginger Bread men (12k currently on hand). I’d have Jesus soon if I had understood how the Yeti worked in the first place. Got it now though and approaching 46 snowflakes.

    Anyways, I’ve played alot of Online games. and this one is rocking it.

    I’d rather them delay it and allow me to play it while they get it right instead of hastily rolling it out and then I (we) can play for a day.


  5. Not sure where to post this. My gift icon now has what seems to be a permanent exclamation point on it (the kind i only usually see when I can collect from Ollie). I just added Facebook to my game to do the gifts. Could this have something to do with the ! Not going away. None of my neighbors need collecting. Does it mean I have a gift waiting? has this happened to you or have you heard of it happening? Thanks for any help you can give. Best blog!


  6. So are they going to add time to the event since this is takeing 2 days later so far and God knows how many more days


  7. Shouldn’t have a game company updates ready for release before day zero? We just can hope there is something in return, last week the weather ok, but it’s ridiculous if there is nothing this time except of this dumb puppy picture excuse. Atleast they could give updates on the release status…
    Also I don’t remember the last events, do you think there is coming another mystery box?


    • Regardless how much prep work you do, you never know what will happen til it goes live and hits millions of devices. So, if they see an issue…I’d rather it get fixed then cause chaos and lock tons of players out of the game. They just need to take the timer back away. It was only added as people complained they wanted a countdown…it was easier without one.

      We have a Mystery Box in there. The Silver one. Just got to wait to see if more arrive.


      • Uh-huh.

        So, blame the players forgiving a timer, rather than the company which can’t stick to its own schedule.

        ‘Are you seriously suggesting they weren’t planning on re;easing these updates on a weekly schedule? What the hell does the timer have to do with anything?

        And doesn’t TinyCo have any autonomy in the matter? Nobody forced them to add a timer.


        • Lol. I am saying be careful what you ask for.

          I am saying the time itself…not the date. Just let it be as is and say Ends Tuesday or w/e. I think putting the exact minutes is causing more stress than necessary. My thoughts. I see them doing today pretty much the same thing they have done throughout the game.

          I see them doing something they do…try to make the players happy…but some ideas should NOT be added. Lol. 😉

          My thoughts


      • It’s pretty safe to say, after silver comes gold. “Silver and Gold. Silver and Gold” 😉


  8. Meeeeeh, I want the upgrade! It’s almost the end of Friday here. I don’t want to wake up tomorrow morning and get buried in all the new stuff, sniff.

    I really, really, really hope they get more skins or characters out that can battle the yeti because I have not been able to defeat the childish yeti once (did not get mclane), that is almost impossible. If no new characters can battle the yeti I will have to get John because I definitely want Jesus and I’m only 8/100. The cookies are okay though and I got all the prizes. I really want to know. So fingers crossed for release in the next half hour lol.


  9. When looking at past events, my bet is:
    Shoot snowballs at kids and gain event currency.



    • I’m guessing we’ll have to shoot snowballs at those twisted elves that have accidently/glitch showed up in some people’s games early.


  10. Am I the only one who sees the humor in this? I mean, the update for the procrastinators is late? I don’t think it’s glitch related, but instead a joke.

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