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Re-Release Items Leaving TODAY!!


Hey there Tribblemakers!

Due to YOUR requests and responses, TinyCo dropped some really cool Character Costumes back into our games. As they are going to be leaving soon, just wanted to remind you that have been holding off to get what you want before they go.


Fat Lois 4 Forklift Peter Raise the Roof

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Re-Release Character Profiles: Fat Lois & Forklift Peter

Hey there Tribblemakers!

With all the many Player requests to “bring back” items from past Events, TinyCo decided to grace us with some returning Characters/Costumes from the past.

With the Re-Release of some items from Thanksgiving 2014, figured it was a good time to take a closer look… again… at these Characters Costumes.

Fat Lois 1Forklift Peter

Let’s take a look at what Fat Lois & Forklift Peter can do in our silly lil games.

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Second Chance Characters! Fat Lois & Forklift Peter!

Hey there Tribblemakers!

Many times Players make requests to TinyCo to return Characters/Costumes to our silly lil games so that you can get a 2nd Chance to put them in your game. Whether you just were not playing then, or the timing wasn’t right to make a purchase… some of those Characters have been returned into our silly lil games tonight.

Forklift Peter & Fat Lois

They will be here for ONE WEEK

UPDATE: Confirmed this will end Monday, July 20th @3PM PacificFat Lois and Peter

(Picture of my own creation. 😉 )

Side Notes:

Android Users still crashing please see HERE

iOS9 Users, hang in there. A patch to make the game compatible with the new Operating System from Apple is in the works.

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Thanksgiving Results & A New Poll About American Dad

Hello There Clammers!

Last week we asked you guys for feedback on your take for the Thanksgiving 2014 mini event…and as usual you guys didn’t disappoint!  And your results are below the fold….

But before we get to those results we had another event hitting our devices over the last month…American Dad!  And we wanted to get your feedback and take on that event.  So now’s your chance to give your feedback on the event…

Now let’s get into the results of the Thanksgiving Poll…


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Halloween Results & A New Poll About Thanksgiving

Hello There Clammers!

Not to long ago I asked for your feedback and thoughts on Halloween 2014…and as usual you guys didn’t disappoint!  And your results are below the fold….

But before we get to those results we had another holiday event hit our games…Thanksgiving!  So we wanted to get your feedback on Thanksgiving 2014 and what you thought of it….

Now let’s get into the results of the Halloween Poll…

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