Thanksgiving Results & A New Poll About American Dad

Hello There Clammers!

Last week we asked you guys for feedback on your take for the Thanksgiving 2014 mini event…and as usual you guys didn’t disappoint!  And your results are below the fold….

But before we get to those results we had another event hitting our devices over the last month…American Dad!  And we wanted to get your feedback and take on that event.  So now’s your chance to give your feedback on the event…

Now let’s get into the results of the Thanksgiving Poll…


Looks like overall you guys didn’t mind Thanksgiving, but it wasn’t your favorite event.  Here are the complete details….

Did You Unlock Fat Lois?
Yes 86%
No 10%
Yes, But I Used Clams 4%
Did You Use the Premium Mystery Box?
Yes 35%
Yes, But Only the Free Try 50%
No 15%
Did You Win Forklift Peter?
Yes 34%
No 66%
Of Those That ONLY Used The 1 Free Box
Got Forklift Peter (First Try) 15%
Got Something Else 85%
On a Scale of 1-5 Rate the Thanksgiving Event
1 (Hated It) 5%
2 15%
3 43%
4 29%
5 (Loved It) 8%

And those are your results from Thanksgiving 2014!

Fat Lois and Peter

What do YOU think of the results?  Are your answers in line with the majority?  Or do you fall somewhere else?  Thoughts on American Dad?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!


29 responses to “Thanksgiving Results & A New Poll About American Dad

  1. I’ve always purchased premium content and am typically pleased with it. However, I do think TC really gets lazy when it comes to animating items/adding sound clips from the series. I mean, in regards to this event, I bought the Insane Hot Tub for 50 clams and I really think it would have been amazing if it were created more like the formula they used for Klaus. A couple bubbles and lights along with a couple C-Lo lines would have been great. But this has been true with every event: Diabeto, Headless Horseman (which was a “Rare” prize, even), the Turkey, etc.

    Still love the game, of course. Just really wish they’d go the extra mile on some of these kinds of decos.


  2. The premium items I bought were those required to unlock a task. In most case they dropped items but I bought them after I unlocked the characters. Did you guys do a post about which items unlocked tasks? I didn’t see one. If I knew earlier I would have bought the moon bounce while unlocking Steve.


  3. Why do you make these polls? They must have a database where they store all this and it takes <2 minutes to get the results, especially what you bought. I agree that doesn't include the "but I do didn't want to" part.


    • Ouch. First of all…we’re NOT TinyCo. Second, readers of THIS site like to know what other players did and how many did so. THAT is why we do the polls.

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      • I like the polls!


      • Sorry, that wasn’t meant to be offensive, I just thought you had a good enough relationship with them to ask for this stuff.
        On a second thought this may be sensitive business data for them.
        (Also notice the use of “you” and “they” in the prev post.)


        • The readers of this site want to know what the other readers of this site did. So if I got that date from TinyCo…it wouldn’t show them what the players of this site did. It’s an interactive aspect of this site that readers like and enjoying.

          And I noticed…you still said the polls were pointless & I just explained to you why they weren’t. My indication of we’re not TinyCo is that we don’t have access to those results…because we’re not TinyCo.


  4. One comment that I’d add to my American Dad poll would be that I was disappointed that The Alien Inside Me questline disappeared before anyone could reasonably complete it (unless you used clams). Why write content that only a few people get to? Started questlines should stick around for awhile after the event in my opinion, especially ones like this where you could still earn the character after the event completed.

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  5. HisNameisJames(quagmire's cat)

    Nope. Still hasn’t worked for me =(


  6. Bring back AD.
    I missed my chances



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  8. I loved this event! American Dad is awesome. Somehow, I was able to get the whole Smith family without spending a clam. I really thought Roger’s boas were going to prevent me from getting Klaus on time, but I was able to do so before the extension. If Tiny Co ever decided to make a full blown American Dad game, I would totally play it as much as Quest.


  9. HisNameisJames(quagmire's cat)

    The poll won’t show that I submitted my vote. I answered every question but when I click submit it just highlights every box in red.


  10. Is Sexy Stewie ever coming back? If so will it cost clams?


  11. I ended up winning I think about 30 free clams for my free mystery box try. What did everyone else get?


  12. You should do a poll and players feedback on Klaus. Along with the fact that getting him was a close call for many. Also how even though you may have unlocked him & how it felt like a consolation prize. I unlocked him legitimately, but i feel bad for people that spent clams to get him. (And he only says two lines?) Weak. So much potential and how it felt phoned in.


  13. Thank god for the extension on that funny fish! Roger and Francine were a pain in the tookus!

    And so wish they had offered some of the “premium” items for lotsa lotsa coins as well…


  14. The event was ok, only interested in fat lois but I wasn’t gonna break my head trying to get her. I did get her but took my time.


  15. Had anyone else seen stan smiths new locked task it says you need nakatomi plaza. Does this mean john mcclane is coming???


  16. I love these polls!!! Thanks you guys =D keep em coming!


  17. option 23 looks mysteriously ominous.


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