Android Crashing: TAKE TWO!!

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Hey there Tribblemakers!

We are still hard at work trying to get ALL Android Players back into the game. Thanks to one of our Amazing readers here, many were able to get back in. YOUR help and input really does go a long way in this game.

Unfortunately, some of you are still down. We do not want to stop the process until we can get you in too, so I am again on the lookout again for help from YOU on this issue. If you fit the requirements listed after the break and would like to help, message us ASAP.

Consuela Technical Support Bunny Glitch

This worked out so great the first time. Thanks again Jeera! We want to try this again. TinyCo is great in really wanting to get us Addicts involved first hand to get this resolved quickly as possible for those still remaining unable to play. It is why I love this Community of Players!

Check out the details below.


Here are the specific requirements we are looking for…

  1. Android Crashing on load 100% and unable to get into the game.
  2. HTC Device having the issue (as it seems this is the main one still down).
  3. In the Bay Area, California
  4. Willing to take your Device directly to TinyCo Headquarters so they can see the issue live and gain the CRITICAL details they need to help resolve the issue.

If you meet these requirements transportation will be covered to get you there. You will also walk away with some pretty cool stuff from TinyCo as a show of appreciation. So if you are willing… message me ASAP.

This will help get this issue tracked down and resolved so much quicker. So please help out if you can.


For anyone else… please feel free to place your details in the comment below of the crashing. I know you may have already on the other post, but I want to now isolate and narrow down WHO is left.

  1. When did this begin?
    1. I know some have answered many times, but we see players reporting it right after Mobsters ended, along with some who have been locked out for longer. We are trying to see if this is two different issues.
  2. What region do they live in?
    1. State of the US, country if outside the US.
    2. We find that sometimes, rarely, this is related to a specific carrier or region.
  3. What carrier do they use?
    1. ATT, Verizon, just wifi, etc
  4. Can they log on using their account on a DIFFERENT android device?
    1. We know logging on iOS fixes it. Does another Android device?
  5. What device are you still having the issue on? (Make, Model, Version, etc)


Also feel free to send the details to TinyCo’s email if you are so inclined.

Again, thanks so much in advance. Working together as Players we can help out one another to make the gaming experience better for all.


45 responses to “Android Crashing: TAKE TWO!!

  1. I got a new phone yesterday, the LG G3 using Android. At home I use Wifi. The Family Guy app crashes a lot in the game. Each time I played it did, losing the most recent progress (last appointed task), so I have to start up again and repeat the last task. I live in the Netherlands, Europe.


  2. 2nd day of no play here in the uk for me. I wer experiencing many in game crashes previous to the full meltdown so I had a sorta feeling it was inevitable.


  3. I have an update on this. HTC pushed out an update of some kind yesterday and I am able to log into my game again!


  4. My issue began after the latest update (07/23). I live in Austria and I never had this issue before. I can neither log on through WIFI nor through my mobile internet provider.
    I have an iPad (only WIFI) and I am able to play the game on it, however it doesn’t help me getting into my game on my Android (Samsung Note 2) 😦


  5. I think they have punted on this one. The last communication I had with them was on July 21 which said they were close to a fix. I think if you want to play you will have to switch phones.


  6. I see it has been a couple days and as I still can’t get into the game I guess I will ask. Any update on when it might be fixed. Also I send a crash report about once a week from the loading screen just so they know I can’t get in, should I continue doing this?


    • Right now… honestly… the BIGGEST help would be someone with an HTC that is still down to go to their offices. Been trying to find someone local, but no luck so far.


  7. Any update on this?


    • Other than “working on it” … nope… that is what they will still keep doing until they can find the issue still causing the prevention of game access.


  8. Running thru bluestacks player and android tablet. Couldnt get in following end of mobsters. Accessed again a few days ago when Tinyco sorted prob but then yesterday on load screen I get “there was a problem loading game. Please try again.”
    Happens on both bluestacks and tablet.
    Have had this in the past which was corrected by deleting and reinstalling game. Doesn’t seem to work this time around.
    Based in New Zealand


  9. Texas. I was finally able to get in by deleting Family Guy game ap on Facebook. I lost all my friends, but after a few days, l added the facebook ap back. I logged in on my Samsung Android to the family guy game and reconnected my friends. l hope this helps some. l hatu that I missed all the progress on getting so Close to a few more meets characters and all but a few hours of Magic Mike.


  10. Hi I guess this is just me. I can finally load the game but upon load I get a message with Consuela saying

    Error No button setup with ID leaderboard OpenButton. I’m so frustrated and sad. I can’t get tinycos attention regarding this issue and I can’t find anything on this error. Can anyone figure this out?


    • All you can do is report it to them via email. As you can see… they are still working on those locked out as well as other technical issues. Reply back will take time.


  11. When I play the family guy game it crashes every time. It will load up and play for a few minutes and then crashes. My husband plays to and his dose the same thing on his phone.
    Also to answer your questions.
    We live in Indianapolis IN
    We have att
    And we both have Samsung galaxy s5


  12. Neil Stothard

    Got an email from tinyco yesterday 16th July re my game crash fix pushed through an it has solved my loading issues, now back playing, missed the last week of mobsters event and all of magic mike but at least I’m back in the game☺


  13. Hi…I wasn’t quite sure whether this belonged here or not. I was suffering from the Android crash, but just got back in. I was wondering if you’ve had any reports of the game using enormous amounts of data once fixed? Each time I played used to use perhaps 0.1-0.2% of my 3GB monthly allowance; since the crash it’s been 3-4%. I won’t be able to play if that continues!


    • That is typical in high activity games like this one. It is why we encourage WiFi.


      • Is there any reason it would suddenly have changed so much though? I’ve been playing for more than a year like this with no problems until now. Unfortunately WiFi isn’t an option for me unless I’m using someone else’s.


        • I have seen it spike all throughout the life of the game. I have been playing since BETA and have watched it grow and spike. As more is added and more involved in an active Event… the files will increase. You can always make sure your game is saved and try an uninstall/reinstall to see if that helps remove any unneeded data. But again… Data needed to do all that or WiFi. Find a local spot with Free WiFi if you can.


  14. 1. Last week of mobster event
    2. Texas
    3. T-Mobile network no WiFi
    4. Not able to access on apple device
    5. Note 3
    Error message Trying to use empty EventLevelSet while we have EventLevelProgress


  15. I’m back in as of yesterday, but it does still crash, in-game, out of the blue, and freeze, from time to time. Lets say thirty minutes of in-game play has included five crashes and two freezes. Better than it was, but there’s room for improvement.


    • What device?

      A friend playing on a Galaxy S5 with Lollipop has this same problem. It crashes every few minutes, just closes out with no errors. I had him reinstall the game (again) last night & it still does it. It starts back up & loads the game fine, but lots of random crashes. This was also happening during the last part of the mobster event before the lock out. I’ll try to get some more info to add to the thread, but I know he’s on Sprint LTE. I don’t know the exact version of Lollipop but he did say he hasn’t had any system updates recently. He said the crashing started right after a game update, but I don’t know which one.


  16. I am able to finally get past the load screen tonight. I was locked out since launch of week 5. But now I keep getting the error message “no button setup with id LeaderboardOpenButton”. I hit ok and it restarts the game, reloads and same error screen again repeat in infinite loop.

    On HTC one M8

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  17. I was locked out at the loading screen up until about 3 days ago. Using a Nexus 4 and stock Android. Fixed by signing in on an apple device and playing for a bit. Then worked on Android again. It was a suggestion from tinyco support


    • From me. I sent them the suggestion after it fixed mine and passed it on here to our Readers in multiple posts and they in turn passed it on to their Players. Gotta love team effort. Sadly these users still left out that didn’t quite work for.


  18. Ambient Monkey

    Salutations Addicts,
    I’m still suffering from the crash on load issue. 😭
    If there aren’t many local volunteers and TinyCo are willing to cover the transport costs from the UK, I’d gladly offer to take my phone to their offices. After all, who would turn down an all expenses paid trip to California? No? Oh well, worth a try. ☺☺☺
    Anyhoo, back to the problem at hand…

    My device is a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, (model no. SM-N9005), running Android v4.4.2. It is not rooted or modified in any way.
    1. 10th July @ 11 am BST, when I logged in after the Mobster event had finished. I got an in-game message to reload in order to continue playing. I clicked the OK button and the game started to reload, but crashed at about 98% load complete. I then checked the Google Play Store and installed v1.10, which made no difference.
    I’m not sure if this is really relevant, but not long after upgrading to the level 5 mansion in the final week, my game became very unstable, crashing almost constantly as I moved around my town, clearing and assigning tasks and collecting building rewards.
    2. I’m in the UK.
    3. My carrier is Three and I also use WiFi. I have tried several different WiFi only connections as well just the 3G/4G mobile network – same result every time.
    4. I currently don’t have access to any another Android or iOS devices to try. Facebook didn’t work either.

    Hope this helps.


  19. 1.last day of mob event
    2 Alabama
    3 att
    4 don’t have access to ios
    5 S5

    I did the uninstall / reinstall on game ,now it will only give me a game from lvl 1.
    When I try to log in using my I.D. and password it tells me cannot connect to server retry…when I push the retry button it starts back on the lvl 1 game. I’ve played the lvl one game some…any quest I have set before I log in has to be restarted…so that’s how I know the game is still crashing.


  20. I have an iPhone 5. I’ve been locked out for about 2 weeks. It says it’s some sort of id error. I’ve deleted and reinstalled multiple times. And nothing. What do I do????


  21. Also, I don’t live in California, but I’m willing to do something remotely if that would help! 🙂


  22. When did this begin?
    July 2

    What region do they live in?

    What carrier do they use?
    Verizon plus Xfinity WiFi

    Can they log on using their account on a DIFFERENT android device?
    no, I tried but loading my save immediately brings the crash with it.

    We know logging on iOS fixes it. Does another Android device?

    What device are you still having the issue on? (Make, Model, Version, etc)
    HTC One M8

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  23. Still locked out!

    First locked out on the July 2 update.
    Have tried in Georgia and Minnesota.
    Verizon network and WiFi.
    Have successfully played on Facebook but it didn’t help mobile. No iOS device to try.
    Htc One M8 version 5.0.1.


  24. 1) started around July 2 or 3
    2) Illinois
    3) Verizon
    4) I can log in on an nvidia android tablet
    5) HTC one m8, android 5.0.1


  25. Gary Williams

    What about this issue on the iPhone


  26. 1. Locked out since the mob event.
    2. I live in Georgia
    3. Verizon
    4. I can get on my nexus tablet
    5. Htc one m8

    I have reinstalled the game several times, its no longer connected to my account.


    • Finally able to get on from my phone… The long nightmare is over


    • I was finally able to get past the load screen just now. Gave me a grand prize, then prompted me to reload to end the mobster event. Reloaded and started collecting rent and such but it says I unlocked Diabeeto and shows the stuff I need to collect and then it crashes. So my game is still having problems. Info below. And thanks very much for your help.

      1. Had been unable to load since last day of mobster event.
      2. Colorado.
      3. Verizon.
      4. Have no other IOS or Android device to use, and I log in using Google, so the Facebook reinstall option isn’t available to me.
      5. HTC One M8.


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