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Magic Mike Premium Walkthrough: Stripper Bonnie

Hello There Tribblemakers!

Magic Mike invaded Quahog along with some Male Strippers and Feisty Cougars. So what all was involved with this crazy invasion? Well there are some Premium Characters/Costumes that were optional in the game and came with their own Questlines, Stripper Bonnie being one of them.

Stripper Bonnie 1

Let’s take a closer look at Stripper Bonnie’s Questline and all that you’ll encounter….

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Android Crashing: TAKE TWO!!

REMEMBER: This is a helpful post focused on ONLY this issue. If you are seeking other information, please use our search tool. Thanks! Comments that do not apply to this issue will be edited or removed as we are using the stats to track a particular issue. 

Hey there Tribblemakers!

We are still hard at work trying to get ALL Android Players back into the game. Thanks to one of our Amazing readers here, many were able to get back in. YOUR help and input really does go a long way in this game.

Unfortunately, some of you are still down. We do not want to stop the process until we can get you in too, so I am again on the lookout again for help from YOU on this issue. If you fit the requirements listed after the break and would like to help, message us ASAP.

Consuela Technical Support Bunny Glitch

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Magic Mike Is Leaving The Building TODAY!!

Hey there Tribblemakers!

The Mini Magic Mike Event popped into our games last Thursday and is now coming to a close.


With some interesting New Buildings, Characters/Costumes, and Decorations… I just wanted to remind you of the items you will want to take a final peek at or pick up before they all go.

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Magic Mike Character Profile: Magic Peter

Hey there Tribblemakers!


With scantily clad Guys and Gals now running around our silly lil Quahog, the Magic Mike Event is in full swing. Giggity.

With all going on, there are some new Characters/Costumes that I am sure you want to know a lil more about.

Stripper Magic Peter

Magic Peter is one of the First Character Costumes during the Mini Magic Mike Event, so let’s take a look at what Magic Peter can do in our silly lil games.

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