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Mobster Week 5 is Here…The FINAL Week!


Side Note: as this was a GAME WIDE Patch, some of the counts may be off due to they had to add it all across the board (and not one by one), for some of you… BONUS!… you may now have more than you did. For anyone else, please alert them ASAP if you now have less then you did when they disappeared. Tech is on alert to watch for those messages. 


UPDATE BUNNY 7/3 345PM EST: Patch is still in progress but hopefully out soon. Hang in there. Help IS coming for the missing Diabeto, Cleveland Jr, and Mr Washee Washee. No more need to message in as the patch is coming. 🙂

UPDATE BUNNY 1230AM EST: Per TinyCo, a patch is in the works on the missing Characters. Please let us know when you got them back after it hits. (Not sure on Patch time frame just yet, just that they are working on it.) They are hoping for tonight, so… looks like another late night here. Bit more to it then they wanted, looking more for tomorrow for the patch. They want to ensure it will correct the issue for all.  😉 

For those of you experiencing a Config Error… this is what info we see from TinyCo… 

Those Config validation errors have been on our radar for some time, and unfortunately have a couple of different causes. One cause we managed to discover was that certain internet providers (like Sprint and Vodafone) were blocking our connections due to the game being tagged as “mature content” or “malware.” Players can try turning off parental controls or other protection programs to see if that helps.


A Couple of IMPORTANT Notes:

You NEED to be on the 1.9.7 Upgrade for Week 5, so if you didn’t download it make sure you do.
-There are reports of crashing after updating.  If this happens to you, contact TinyCo. (they are aware, but more reports help)
-We are aware that many players are reporting Mr Washee Washee & Cleveland Jr are missing. We reported it from our side, please report it also from your game. Will update once we hear anything more on it No more need to write in, they’re working on it. 🙂
-If you’re having crashing issues when trying to upgrade the Mansion…contact TinyCo.

Hello There Clammers!

Well…the final week of the Mob Event is here, so hurry into your Tiny Quahogs and load it up! It’s time to upgrade the Fatfather’s Compound and see what’s in store for us this week…

2015-07-03 01.26.25

As always we’ll be back with more details as soon as we go through them…

For now know that you should have completed Law of the Land Pt. 9 in order to upgrade the Mansion (At least that’s how it should work, if you haven’t completed it and can still upgrade please let us know..)

You will need to go to your mansion and upgrade before you see anything else appear… Continue reading

1.9.7 App Market Updates Mobster Event

Hey there Mafioso!

Late last night, TinyCo released some updates to the game via the App Markets. Just wanted to bring them to your attention today to make sure you got them.

I would suggest you go to your App Market and ensure you have version 1.9.7 loaded into your game for tonight’s New Content Release.
1.9.7 Update

So what kind of changes are noticeable with the New Version? Let’s take a look…

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Mobster Premium Character Profile: Burn Out Brian

Hey there Mafioso!

With Men in Zoot Suits running round the game, Goons shooting up Cookie Trucks, and Offers you just can’t refuse… the Mobsters Event is live in our silly lil games.

With the Mobsters Event Week 4 now in full swing it’s time to take a look at the characters/costumes you could unlock ….

Burn Out Brian

Burn Out Brian was added as a Costume to the Mobsters Event. He will possibly take a bit more effort… well… Clams to get.

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