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Android Crash Alert!!

UPDATE 7/15: Try your games again!!! 


UPDATE 7/12: I need some help from readers in the Sacramento, California area. If you are in this area and wouldn’t mind, please email me ASAP. familyguyaddicts@gmail.com. THANKS!!

UPDATE 7/11: Morning all… so the “issue” last night was new and isolated quick. Not the same as the other two they’re still trying to track that hit around Mobsters. So most should be right back in.

For everyone else still locked out, please keep posting the answers here if you have not already. To me, the core cause seems possibly related to Android Updates (like within Lollipop and the actual 5.2 update). Will keep working with TinyCo and our readers here to track it til we find the trigger. Thanks so much for your help and answers. I really appreciate it. 🙂


Hey there Tribblemakers!!!

All hands on deck trying to get this Android Crash Issues narrowed and need your help!! I need LOTS of info as fast as possible. Post all your answers here.

First up… If you live in the San Francisco Bay area, have the issue, can take a lil trip  (Uber n snacks covered), and want to help PERSONALLY fix the issue… I need you to email me ASAP. AGAIN THIS EMAIL IS ONLY PLAYERS IN SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA. YOU’VE GOT TO BE WITHIN TINYCO’S RANGE. 🙂


Everyone else comment answers to the post below.

This is from TinyCo…

Also, some questions we are asking affected users:
  1. When did this begin?
    1. I know some have answered many times, but we see players reporting it right after Mobsters ended, along with some who have been locked out for longer. We are trying to see if this is two different issues.
  2. What region do they live in?
    1. State of the US, country if outside the US.
    2. We find that sometimes, rarely, this is related to a specific carrier or region.
  3. What carrier do they use?
    1. ATT, Verizon, just wifi, etc
  4. Can they log on using their account on a DIFFERENT android device?
    1. We know logging on iOS fixes it. Does another Android device?


So let’s work together to find out just WHY this is impacting individual Android Users and get it taken care of so we can all get back to having fun!!