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Magic Mike Premium Walkthrough: Magic Mike

Hello There Tribblemakers!

Magic Mike invaded Quahog along with some Male Strippers and Feisty Cougars. So what all was involved with this crazy invasion? Well there are some Premium Characters/Costumes that were optional in the game and came with their own Questlines, Magic Mike being one of them.

Magic Mike

Let’s take a closer look at Magic Mike’s Questline and all that you’ll encounter….

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Consuela’s Vacuum??

Hey there Tribblemakers!

So while I was at the Airport in layover/flight cancellation hell (not gonna make it home tonight), it looks like TinyCo decided to add something a lil different to the game. Something MANY of you have requested…

A way to collect from a LOT of Buildings at once… in a way. Introducing Consuela’s Vacuum! WOOHOO!!

Consuela's Vacuum Dialog

Peter will start of the dialog between him and Consuela for “Suck It Up” to teach you about the Vacuum.

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Magic Mike Premium Character Profile: Magic Mike

Hey there Tribblemakers!

With scantily clad Guys and Gals now running around our silly lil Quahog, the Magic Mike Event is in full swing. Giggity.

With all going on, there are some new Characters/Costumes that I am sure you want to know a lil more about.

Magic Mike

Magic Mike is an optional Premium Character  you can purchase during the Mini Magic Mike Event, so let’s take a look at what Channing Tatum…. errrr… I mean Magic Mike can do in our silly lil games.

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