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Quahog Mob Walkthroughs: Scrotes McGoats

Hello There Hoppereenos!

Quahog has gone gangster and brought us an offer we can’t refuse!  As Don Corleone has decided to setup shop for his counterfeit cookie operation right in Quahog…and he’s enlisted Peter’s help!

As you progress along in the Event, you will be able to earn additional Character Costumes and unlock their Questlines. Like Detective Scrotes.

Detective Scrotes Take a Coffee Break

So let’s take a closer look at his Questline and all that you’ll encounter….

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Mobster Character Profile: Mob Wife Bonnie

Hey there Mafioso!

With Men in Zoot Suits running round the game, Goons shooting up Cookie Trucks, and Offers you just can’t refuse… the Mobsters Event is live in our silly lil games.

With the Mobsters Event going now in full swing it’s time to take a look at the characters/costumes you could unlock ….

Mob Wife Bonnie

Mob Wife Bonnie was added as a Costume to the Mobsters Event in Week 5. Let’s take a closer look…

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