Android & Leaderboard UPDATE!!!


Hey there Tribblemakers!

BIG NEWS!!! Many locked out Android Users will now be able to get in their games again.

On top of that, starting today… Leaderboard Prizes will start to trickle in!


Don Corleone, Zoot Suit Stewie and Gold Griffin House Prize #1

Just landed, so will be back with more details in just a bit….


First things first… the ongoing issue with Android Devices that has plagued some of the Android Players since the Mobsters Event. This one was NOT fun. Not at all. TinyCo was not able to recreate this in house at all.

So what to do? Call on the Addicts of course!!! I reached out to many of our amazing Readers here to see if I could pull a few of you personally in to show the Android Lock Out issue in person. One of you really went all out.

JEERA “J” (as I don’t want to post their name unless they give approval)… THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Many of the Readers here and Players of Family Guy all over owe a HUGE debt of gratitude for you for taking the time out of your personal life to make a lil trip and help us all out. So from this Fluffy Bunny…. BIG HUGS AND APPRECIATION!!!! Your help was CRITICAL in finding what they needed and…well… as you can see… IT WORKED!!! 

UPDATE: By his permission, this is Jeera aka “J”. A really great guy and was a tremendous help! THANKS AGAIN JEERA!!

For those of you that have been locked out, try again now. This may not cover everyone 100%, but it should cover really close to the majority of you. (No worries those it doesn’t help, still will keep on it. Will have an alternate post coming tomorrow to renew the stats those still down after this patch.) In the meantime, write in again (yah… I know… again). Just want to make sure they catch those that it did NOT help.



Second up is the Leaderboard Prizes from the Event. They are starting to slowly trickle out to Players now. If YOU won one of the 10 Leaderboard Prizes, just keep an eye out on your game Today and the next few days.

When you go into your game, you will get a Pop Up about the Leaderboard Prize and all the details for it. Once you tap on “OK” that prize(s) will then be added to your Inventory. So if you got the top ones that include Don, Stewie, and the Griffin House Facade… make sure you look for all 3. (Stewie may hide out in Al’s too.)

UPDATE 7/16: If you are on 1.10 Version of the App it WILL show you what Prize(s) you won from the Leaderboard. Anyone NOT on 1.10 will only show a stock Leaderboard image. 

If you are getting MORE than one of a Prize, please report in to TinyCo from your game messaging to avoid issues. 



UPDATE: I have now Updated the Prize listings to reflect ALL the changes that TinyCo made to them. Pay attention to the new information as it may impact what YOU got. 

Let’s take a look again at the Leaderboard Prizes Rundown…

Don Corleone, Zoot Suit Stewie and Gold Griffin House Prize #1Rank 1-100: Don Corleone & Golden Griffin House & Zoot Suit Stewie & Corleone Mansion

Don Corleone, Zoot Suit Stewie and Silver Griffin House Prize #2Rank 101-1,000: Don Corleone & Silver Griffin House  & Zoot Suit Stewie & Corleone Mansion (NOTE: The “Qualified! Tag was just MY standing when the Leaderboards went live.)

Don Corleone, Zoot Suit Stewie, and Bronze Griffin House Prize #3Rank 1,001-5,000: Don Corleone & Bronze Griffin House  & Zoot Suit Stewie & Corleone Mansion

Don Corleone and Zoot Suit Stewie Prize #4Rank 5,001-10,000: Don Corleone & Zoot Suit Stewie & Corleone Mansion

Zoot Suit Stewie Prize #5Rank 10,001-50,000: Zoot Suit Stewie

Corleone Mansion Prize #6Rank 50,001-100,000: Corleone Mansion

Horse Head on Bed Prize #7Rank 100,001-250,000: Horse Head on Bed

Driveby Car Prize #8Rank 250,001-500,000: Driveby Car

Don Corleone's Cat Prize #9Rank 500,001-750,000: Don Corleone’s Cat

Godfather Toll Booth Prize #10Rank 750,001-1,000,000: Godfather Toll Booth



You Got Zoo Suit Stewie DaPimp

As only ONE of each of these was awarded to an Individual Player (depending where YOUR Rank was when the game ended), that means WE don’t have access to them all either so the details will be limited. But please… feel free to share YOUR screenshots and details of the items if you’d like in the Comments below. Or email them to us

Don Corleone (Character): Fully tasked

Gold Griffin House (Building Facade/Skin): Payout $10 & 5XP every 1hr

Silver Griffin House (Building Facade/Skin): Payout $10 & 5XP every 1hr

Bronze Griffin House (Building Facade/Skin): Payout $10 & 5XP every 1hr

Zoot Suit Stewie (Costume): Fully tasked, Questline Suited & Booted. (Thanks DaPimp for the details!)

Corleone Mansion (Building): Payout $30 & 20XP every 4hrs

Horse Head on Bed (Decoration)

Driveby Car (Decoration)

Don Corleone’s Cat (Decoration)

Godfather Toll Booth (Building): Payout $30 & 20XP every 4hrs



For those of you “Missing Don” or other items, try to force close and restart your device a few times. Also make sure your Family Guy Game is on 1.10 Version from your App Market. TinyCo is reporting back to me that those writing in DO have Don in there… possibly in a limbo to you… but he is there. Hiding out in the Players Inventory. So scroll REALLY slow and look carefully. Use the “ALL” tab if you have to.

For Zoot Suit Stewie, he will be in Al’s as he is a Costume and that is where Costumes appear. So run on over to Al’s to snag him.

Al Harrington

If you still have troubles and they do not show up in a day or two… in game message TinyCo. They have record of ALL the Prizes and who won what, so they will be able to verify you got all you were qualified to receive on final counts. But again, wait and try the steps above as the item may be there already.


There you have it. Some really cool stuff hitting the game all at once.

Did you restart your Android Device and get back in? Did you get your Leaderboard Prize yet? If so, which one? Let us know.


236 responses to “Android & Leaderboard UPDATE!!!

  1. I’m not missing an item… I *gained* an item! And not a leaderboard prize item. I looking in my inventory to make sure I didn’t miss anything, and lo, and behold… there’s a Consuela and her house in my inventory. That I didn’t buy. I never wanted to spend the clams on her so the borg consuela skin and the mobster consuela skin were kind of useless to me. Weird, but I’m not complaining!


  2. Um I still haven’t gotten the Don character yet…I got the suit for Stewie but no character and I hit contact and no response from them?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. At the time of this writing, I haven’t played the game for two weeks thus skipping the Magic Mike event, but when I heard that Tinyco has fixed the game I decided go back on yesterday, the game is stuck on the leaderboard (last time I checked I was in third place) and there’s an error message saying “No button setup with id leaderboardOpenButton” but the game still worked but all of my characters are working on their tasks from the event. I’ve updated the game before the fix so is there a way to get around this situation?


    • Try some Basics. Make sure you are on 1.10 Version of the App in the App Market. Try force closing and restarting device. If game is saved to email or Facebook, you can even try an uninstall/reinstall


      • No good, still stuck with that error message. My game is saved to my Google+ and it’s a Level 60 save, so is it related to that?


        • Where it is saved shouldn’t matter, but with your Characters stuck on task and still on the Event… there may be a bad file. That is why I suggest uninstall the app and remove the details from your device. Then restart. Then reinstall… tap through beginning until the menu pops up… then log in to your saved game… and LOAD the file that is your game on Level 60.

          Outside of that, reach out to TinyCo is the next step.


  4. As at time of writing, I haven’t yet received my leaderboard prizes. I remember I was about ~6000 in the ranking. Should I start worrying now or are they still rolling out the prizes?


    • Wait til Saturday


      • Bunny, I’ve been trying to get in contact with tinyco this past week via in-game messaging, pm’s and emails but they never contacted me back. My problem is regards the 4th Challenge of the mobster event (the fountain of wealth) did not trigger for me.

        On Thursday 9 June, with only 50 minutes remaining until the mobster event ended for good, a representative from TinyCo replied to me telling me that the 4th challenge will only trigger by completing the Become The Best pt. 5 side-quest.

        Since in the 4th challenge you had to defeat the don 3 times, it was useless even trying to spend clams at this point with only 50 minutes left to speed up goons to attack the don due to a total of 8hrs waiting time to be able to attack the don 3 times.

        Therefore, due to all this, I did NOT win the final grand mansion prize as I couldn’t complete the 4th challenge in time.

        As you have close contact with the folks at tinyco, could you do me favor and ask them for me yourself – can they reward players like myself with the mobster’s final grand mansion prize & 4th challenge prize by placing them themselves in my town or directly in my inventory because I had successfully completed all 3 previous challenges but I was told too late how to actually trigger the 4th challenge to complete it in time?

        I’d appreciate it a look if you could forward it to them. I can even send you over my 32-character player id via email if the need arises.



        • Unfortunately when it comes to “giving out free items” to an Individual Player whether from issues to just a request… we do not get involved. That is not something we feel we should be put in the middle of. Wouldn’t be fair to us. It is at TinyCo’s discretion, as it is their game, to fulfill those requests. It is Player by Player basis. So only something to be kept between Player and TinyCo. Hope that makes sense.

          Outside of that, with the Android issues EVERYONE had delayed responses due to mass emails flooding their systems. So wait and see if they still get back to you on it. Wait 5 days to see if they respond. If no response, message from in game only…. after 5 days. 🙂


          • Yes I do understand your point. Just that it is not fair for a premium player like myself who has dedicated spending time and actual real money on clams in successfully completing the first 3 challenges, and now, due to being informed too late on how to get it triggered, I wasn’t able to win the grand mansion prize!

            Oh well… I guess I’ve now tried all my cards on the table to get in contact with them :S Thanks anyway.


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