Re-Release Items Leaving TODAY!!


Hey there Tribblemakers!

Due to YOUR requests and responses, TinyCo dropped some really cool Character Costumes back into our games. As they are going to be leaving soon, just wanted to remind you that have been holding off to get what you want before they go.


Fat Lois 4 Forklift Peter Raise the Roof

With the items going today, make sure you collect those final few items as well as decide if it is worth it to you to spend a few of your Precious Clams to pick up what is left.


Fat Lois 6Fat Lois (Character Costume):


Ham Hock30 Ham Hock (Always): Peter Cook Disgusting Vegetables OR Quagmire Let The Gerbil Loose OR Founding Fathers

Corn Dog6 Corn Dog (Uncommon): Jerome Be a Superior Athlete OR Mort Scrounge For Coins

Piece of Cake8 Piece of Cake (Uncommon): Chris Enjoy Private Time OR Herbert’s House

Twinkies4 Twinkie (Rare): Bonnie Abuse Jacuzzi Jets OR Quahog Bank


Forklift PeterForklift Peter (Character Costume): 125 Clams (purchase in Al’s)

Forklift Peter Al's


Fat Jogger FemaleFemale Overweight Jogger (Walking Decoration): 75 Clams, will roam your Quahog Streets with the rest of your Characters

Fat JoggerMale Overweight Jogger (Walking Decoration): 75 Clams, will roam your Quahog Streets with the rest of your Characters


The Long Comic Con Pop Up

Still waiting for confirmation from TinyCo on when the Comic Con Rupert Mystery Boxes will leave our games. They are grouped within the same FAQ as the Fat Lois and Forklift Peter, however there is no end date listed for them. Just Fat Lois and Forklift Peter. As soon as we hear something back from TinyCo confirming the end date for them too, we will update this post.

UPDATE: TinyCo confirmed these WILL be leaving today too with Fat Lois & Forklift Peter. You can catch the complete run down on what came inside each of the Three Comic Con Rupert Mystery Boxes below.

There you have it. A Blast from the Past. Did you pick up either Costume? If so, what do you think of their tasks? Did you get any of the Joggers? Let us know.


36 responses to “Re-Release Items Leaving TODAY!!

  1. FYI getting a Consuela “Configuration empty for id NerdRupertMysteryBox in MysteryBox” error when trying to load. Reported to TinyCo but wondering if anyone else is seeing it.

    Force stop, clear cache, clear data, uninstalling, reboot and 10 variations of that haven’t fixed it so far.


  2. Melancholy1980

    I unlocked Fat Lois this morning and sent her on her first quest. When the event ended I lost both Fat Lois and the quest line. I messaged Tiny Co and am waiting for a reply. Anyone else have this issue?


  3. While the mini fat event is over, I still have the quest that is telling me to create Forklift Peter. I did not buy him this time around. Should I report this to TinyCo so they can remove the quest or do you think it will go away before or at the start of the next mini / big event?


    • It will most likely pull itself out. Sometimes the removal of the more “involved” items take a bit longer for the game to sync up and go… like Tasks in the Task Menu. Outside of that… some stick around as they are part of the main questline for the Character itself. You can always message them and ask them to remove it if it doesn’t go away within a few days. 😉


  4. Was blindsided by the event end, and my last 2 hamhocks were ready right at 5c/3p. Don’t they usually announce in game that these things are ending? Had I known I would have spent the 1 clam each to get them a half hour early.


  5. I loaded my game just before the even is scheduled to end, so I could create Fat Lois, I was waiting on 2 more items and if I didn’t earn them I was gonna buy them, but Fat Lois out fit isn’t available at Al’s anymore but it is still in my shopping cart. Please help!!


  6. frustrated!!!

    My fat weekend event ended early at 5:52 pm eastern and I was only 2 hams away from getting Fat Lois which I planned on using my clams to get. How can I get Tinyco to respond to my messages? They seem to never respond to me.


    • Give them time to get back to you. They have THOUSANDS of messages daily to go through and it is all handled in house. I did let them know, so if you messaged them already… all you can do is wait for a reply.


      • Do they ever actually reply? They have never responded yet to any of my inquiries I’v sent them.


        • It depends on the issue. If it is wide spread, they most likely just push the patch and announce it on their facebook and we pass it on here as those issues impact thousands and it is easier to send one post out for thousands then answer thousands of emails individually. If you don’t hear back in 5 days, send another message. Make sure you send them from your game and respond to ANYTHING you get back. Even automated messages until the issue is resolved.


          • They did get back to me today, and said they will pass the issue on to the team, of the costumes and task drops leaving earlier(at least 15 minutes) than the events end!
            Also for my inconvenience she said she was adding 100 clams to my account. I can’t find them, so I messaged back in a thank you “is there anything on my part I need to do to get the 100 bonus clams? Or will they just eventually appear into my account?” And when she messaged back she said ” unfortunately there is no bonus clams.”?¿¡! :$. 😧
            Do you know how? Or do they just appear eventually?


  7. ****. I timed it out to get the last 2 hams I needed for Fat Lois to collect at 2:50 pm. PST. I logged in to collect and they already took it down. 10 minutes early cost me the work I’ve put into this for the last week.


  8. I still had 10 minutes left till 3 o’clock Pacific standard time and I only had a few hams to get the fat lowers it was only a few clams and when I went to buy it but about 10 minutes left she was gone Ispent all my time earning those items and doing tasks! All my time, items & tasks gone too, and I feel ripped off!


    • Not the post or place for such comment. Come on. You know this by now.

      Outside of that, they are watching for messages… so if you have not seen a response send them a new one from in your game.


  9. Tiny co should release tbe people from mobster . I bet ev1 would be excited .
    I know i would be and lots of my friends are hoping tbey bring back the mobster ppl . We purchase them in a heart beat ,


  10. Speaking of the Rupert Boxes… I was looking through the possible prizes for the Rupert box that costs 75 clams, my finger slipped, and I accidentally bought it 😦 I know y’all have some pull with TinyCo, so do you think it’d be possible to get them to create an “Are you sure you want to purchase this?” pop up for purchases involving clams? I’m really bummed. :/


    • My best suggestion on that is to report it to them and make the request at the same time too. Then they can see what Players are experiencing first hand when it happens. The more request… the more likely it may get added. 😉


  11. theguynamedsam

    I think the Comic-Con are leaving at tge same time because I got notifications that said ‘Comic-Con Mystery Boxes! This weekend only!’ or something like that.


  12. That means they should be dropping new boxes with George Takai and the other characters missing form my game – I hope.


  13. The last item in my nerd mystery box is the clamterprize. But I already have it in my inventory. Does any one know why?


    • It depends on when you got it. There is a Clamterprise Building and a Clamterprise Decoration. One from Comic Con was a Decoration. One released during Best of 2014 was a Building.


  14. GaRY Williams

    how can we get the costumes when the awarding icons from the missions don’t show up? Smh 5 times I’ve asked for help with no response


    • Again… you are not asking US for help at all. I am not sure where you are posting, but it is most definitely not OUR Addicts site. Had you came here and asked us, I would have been able to assist you better. (This is ONLY the 2nd comment I have seen from you on our site. The first… saying exact same thing and still not responding back to my questions.)

      When you say no icons show up… I am assuming you mean that the Character tasks are not showing the Material drops for the Fat Lois Costume. If that is correct, my question would be to ask you … are YOU making a costume in Al Harrington’s Costume Shop? Did you tap on “Create” and one of those costumes is on a timer right now timing down until it is complete? If so, the items and Fat Lois Costume will return once you complete that costume.


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