The Golden Truth: Walkthrough/Answers About Golden Suit Peter

Hello There Clammers!

So yesterday I posted a full walkthrough from the start of the game to unlocking the Shopping District, however a few readers pointed out that I skipped the part where you make Golden Suit Peter.  However, Golden Suit Peter is available on iOS only, and while I have and iPad I mainly play these games on my Android devices.  But since I knew Golden Suit Peter existed and on iOS only, last night I broke out the old iPad 1 (yes, iPad 1…sorry iOS lovers I seriously love my Samsung devices!) and started a 3rd Family Guy game.

So many of you have questions about this questline: What do you do? How do you unlock it? Can I move it to my Android? Can I switch back and forth? So I’ve discovered the answers to all of these, so let’s take a look at just how this iOS exclusive deal works…

Golden Suit Peter

We’ll get things started with the questline….

After I unlocked Bruce (part of the Clam Juice Questline), Peter popped up with a ! and some dialogue I hadn’t seen on my Android device, so I thought this must be the iOS exclusive content!

Fool’s Gold Pt. 1
Peter starts

Make Peter Stub His Knee- 2hrs, Earns $30, 30xp
Completed Task Earns $100, 65xp

Fool’s Gold Pt. 2
Peter starts

Place the Golden Pool– Costs $2,000
Completed Task Earns $200, 130xp

Fool’s Gold Pt. 3
Peter starts

Create Golden Suit PeterCollect stuff to unlock this costume
NOTE: This cannot be created until you enter the Shopping District (you need Al Harrington’s to create costumes)
Stuff required to unlock:
3 Sparkles– Earned by: Speedo Quagmire Do Special Dance OR Chris Fat Kid Hula Hoop OR Bruce Be a Good Listener 
3 Metal Detectors- Earned by: Make Mort Scrounge for Coins OR From Quahog Bank
3 Golden Pants- Earned by: Make Jerome Play Darts OR Make Peter Dance the Shipoopi
Golden Suit Peter Unlocked!
Completed Quest Earns $300, 195xp

Fool’s Gold Pt. 4
Peter starts

Have (Golden Suit) Peter Do the Robot– 12hrs, Earns $100, 65xp
Completed Task Earns $400, 260xp

Fool’s Gold Pt. 5
Peter starts

Have (Golden Suit) Peter Polish His Suit– 6hrs, Earns $65, 45xp
Completed Task Earns $500, 350xp 

And that completes the Fool’s Gold Questline!

Now onto YOUR questions:

Is this iOS (Apple Device) exclusive?
Yes, ONLY available on Apple devices.

I have Android and iOS can I still unlock it on the same account?
Yes.  You can switch between devices and unlock it on the iOS device (no matter what level you’re on) when you switch to it.

Do I need to play the whole quest on iOS or can I start it on iOS and finish on Android?
Yes and no.  You have to complete the whole quest on iOS.  The task will appear (if in process) on your Android task list BUT there’s no way to complete it.  The suit will not be there.

If I unlock it on iOS will it appear on my android device when I start playing there?
No.  The costume is in the files of the iOS device and when you switch to Android it just disappears from Peter’s list of costumes.  However, when you switch back to iOS it’s still there.

What happens if I’m in the middle of a Golden Suit Peter task and switch to my Android device?
Golden Suit Peter will finish his task but then the costume will disappear again.

Why is it only available on iOS?  Will it ever make it to Android?
Good questions & ones I don’t know the answer to, sorry guys!

My observations:
While doing this I did it two different ways.  I used the account I first created on my iPad and got the task to pop up, but then I wanted to see what would happen if I used it on my existing Android account.  One that I created on Android and got pretty far on.  So I switched over to that account on the iPad.  As soon as the game loaded the task option was there for Peter (he had that exclamation point).
So it’s good to know if you have both devices you can still unlock the costume, you just can’t carry it back over to Android.

Notes about playing on the iPad 1:
I was nervous the game wouldn’t work on my iPad because it’s so old.  However, it loaded right up and played flawlessly!  I think it’s because the initial game file is not that big.  I know when I play TSTO now on my iPad it just constantly crashes, but I have no issues on my Samsung Tab.
So, if you have an old iOS device and are worried the game won’t load on it…give it a shot (especially if you’re playing on Android)!  It might just work for you! 🙂

Well that’s it my friends!  The whole kit and caboodle on Golden Suit Peter!  What do YOU think of Golden Suit Peter?  Have you unlocked him yet?  Will you switch across platforms to unlock him?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

37 responses to “The Golden Truth: Walkthrough/Answers About Golden Suit Peter

  1. after i start the questline can i collect stuff for gold suit peter on android then just have to cplete on ios again?


  2. Jennifer skinner

    So I just posted like 45 minutes ago about the golden pool not being in my store anymore even though it was there till I started the quests for it. We’ll I just checked back in and noticed an exclamation over my decos and guess what I found lol it’s there now and it let me buy it. I’m on android so I hope this isn’t a glitch and it goes away after collecting everything for it.


  3. jennifer skinner

    OK so I’m sure this question is in the posts somewhere but its almost 2am here in shitsville and its way past my bedtime so its just too much to sift through at the moment but I am on android and the fools gold quest got all the way to placing the golden pool but when i looked for it it was gone I did read one post that said that but it was just there yesterday and has been since the beginning. So is tinyco just toying with my family guy emotions by pulling from android right when u start this quest or am i gonna be able to finish this sometime soon?I knew the suit was only for ios originaly but figured since there was now a random quest for it it was now available for android. What the crap!?


  4. I finished the quest and i can do the actions on my android device with the he golden suit. Not sure if glitch or an update let us use it on android


  5. I tried to use iOS Ipad one to get The Golden Peter and it said if I logged in with my current account it said that it would erase it and I would have to start my game over


  6. Also ich spielte es im beta Modus und hatte golden Peter auf Android und habe 3 goldpools geholt habe ihn immer noch 🙂


  7. For some reason I cannot place the golden pool. The quest is on there but when I try to place it nothing happens. It’s not on the market


  8. Need help getting peters gold costume


    • It’s only available on iOS, are you playing on iOS or on Android? If it’s on iOS just follow the steps in this post. If it’s on Android you won’t be able to unlock it.


  9. Thank you for posting, I was trying to figure out how in the frick to get Golden Suit Peter. Now I know: I need to get into my TARDIS and go back 5 years to get an Iphone.


  10. i dont get it. I have the golden suit, but now i cant select it from Harrington, and the mission keeps popping up and theres nothing i can do.

    im already on level 17!


  11. I have a Galaxy Tab 2. I was able to get the golden pool. Gold suit peter quests are there however when I clock on it says peter griffin must be a lvl 1. Wtf? He is a lvl 8. I understand iOS only. But how is it I got the pool but not gold suit peter?


    • Peter is exclusive to the iOS users only. Sorry. My suggestion is let TinyCo know you want him too. Use your Menu from your game. Go to Help & Support. Contact them. Maybe they will release it to Android users too.

      In the meantime, if you know someone with an iOS device, you can log into your game from it and still play that part of the quest. 😉


  12. Idk if it had something to do with the beta I had been playing until the release was issued but I have golden suit peter on my android game. He does quests and everything


    • It does have something to do with BETA. He made a short appearance on Android devices (since they’re the only ones that did BETA) but was pulled off (as far as earning him) towards the end. I think they were just testing how it worked on the servers and in game & once they were satisfied they pulled it back. But if you were lucky enough to get him on BETA you get to keep him in your game, just like you got to unlock buildings at much lower prices. A few perks of playing BETA 🙂


  13. Having many Android device’s cuz I prefer android over IOS. It kinda sux they ONLY put this golden peter costume/pool for IOS users. I feel thats unfair. Can you find out if they plan on making it available to android user’s?


  14. Sheesh, that’s kinda sucking all credibility out of this blog entry on TinyCo’s website:


  15. If you want more then one golden pool it will cost 100 clams


  16. This has to do with costumes. How do you make costumes for a character. Is there a button or does it come overtime?


    • You make costumes by opening district 3 and getting Al Harringtons. You have to get the items to get the costumes from various different tasks and buildings. Hope this answers your question 🙂


    • Various costumes unlock when characters are at different levels. (Currently only Peter, Chris, Quagmire, Lois & Joe have costumes) To create a costume you have to go to Al Harrington’s (will unlock with the shopping district). From Al’s you can see the various costumes you can create (if they’re unlocked) and how much stuff is required to make them. Once you’ve earned all of the stuff you can then create the costume. Various costumes take different times to create. Once created they’ll appear with the character when you tap on them for tasks, you swipe left or right to see the different costumes and tasks associated with them.
      More details are coming on the second walkthrough post (which should be up later tonight or tomorrow) and there will also be more details on the character posts that will be up soon as well 🙂


  17. Yay!! The only iOS device I have is an iPod touch. I transfered my game over but I still need the rare jewels to unlock Bruce. I will probably invest in an iPad mini soon, so if the game grows to large I won’t have any crashing issues. Thanks Alissa!!


    • You’re very welcome! Those jewels…blah!
      Psst Go with a Samsung Tablet instead. Bunny, Wookiee & I all use them for TSTO (and Bunny and I use it for FG too) in addition to our phones & never have issues. That and it’s a heck of a lot cheaper and you can add an SD card to it to expand the storage. And no Samsung isn’t paying me for this comment! 😉


      • Lol!! I have a Samsung galaxy tab2 & I do love it. I have an SD card for it, but my TSTO has been lagging lately so I’ve been playing it on my Droid Mini. My hubby keeps bugging me that he wants a tablet too, so I figure it might be time to try that apple stuff. Love my IPod, but other than that not a huge fan of apple. Seems to me they pay all these game developers so they can have the exclusive content….


  18. Hmm, are they trying to alienate people who don’t use iOS because we prefer Android or people who don’t use Facebook cos we don’t want to open I’ve lives for the world to see….lets see if we get Android exclusives 🙂


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