Stewie and District 8 Have Arrived! (Updated and Complete)

Update: Amended to the land section.  Originally showed as 1 land section (After Funland area), it’s been updated to reflect 2 sections of land.  

Hello There Clammers!

After a VERY long wait….Stewie (and District 8) have arrived!

2014-07-12 04.03.45

District 8 should unlock for you with out a character prompt (just tap on the area) as long as you’ve completed District 7.

Midlife Crisis Lois kicks things off….you’ll be required to Clear the Amusement Park Block which will cost you $12,000 and take 18hrs…

Here’s the rundown on what’s inside the update…


Freemium Stuff:





building_bobsFunlandAmusementPark@4x Bob’s Funland– $20,000, 24hr Build (it’s actually a repair since it’s inside the District already).  9×9.  Earns $45, 30xp/8hrs.  Unique

building_maltshop@4x Quahog Malt Shoppe– $10,000, 16hr build.  4×5.  Earns $70, 45xp/16hrs.  Unique

building_quahogcinema@4x Quahog Cinema– $15,000, 12hr build. 5×10.  Earns $60, 40xp/12hrs.  Unique

building_parkBarringtonHotel_v3@4x Barrington Hotel– $20,000, 20hr build. 8×10.  Earns $45, 30xp/ 8hrs.  Unique

building_cherrypit@4x The Cherry Pit– $22,000, 18hr build. 6×5.  Earns $70, 45xp/ 16hrs.  Unique

building_quahogZoo@4xQuahog Zoo-$25,000, 16hr build. 9×10.  Earns $$60, 40xp/12hrs.  Unique.

building_quahogplayhouse@4x Quahog Playhouse- $25,000, 22hr build. 5×10.  Earns $90, 60xp/24hrs.  Unique.


stewie-animation-actionmodal-001@4x Stewie– Comes with Bob’s Funland.  Here’s what’s required to unlock him….30 Blueprints (common), 30 Jewels (rare), 10 Plutonium (extra rare), Make PB&J Brian do it in Slow Motion, Make Xerxes Bring Falconer Peter a Turkey Leg

carter-Carter- Comes with the Malt Shoppe.  Here’s what’s required to unlock him… 15 Sugar Packets (uncommon), 15 Fuzzy Slippers (uncommon),15 Jewels (rare), $25,000.


brianPBJ-animation-040-actionmodal@4x PB&J Brian- Required to unlock…. 20 Banana Peel (rare), 5 Maracas (extra rare), 25 PB&J Sandwhich (rare), 25 Baseball Bat (common).

peter-falconer-animation-shopPic-002@2xFalconer Peter- Required to unlock… 15 Feather (common), 10 Meat Chunks (rare), 10 Satchel (rare), 5 Leather Gloves (extra rare)


decoration_carousel@4xCarousel– $20,000. 5×5.  Animated when tapped (it spins).  Not unique so you can have as many as you want.

fg_decoration_champagne@4xBig Bubbly Fountain- $5,000.  2×2.  No animation.  Not unique so you can have as many as you want.

fg_decoration_condomvendingmachine@4xCondom Vending Machine- $10,000.  1×1.  No animation.  Not unique so you can have as many as you want.


Initial area (where Funland is) costs $12,000 and take 18hrs to clear.  There are two more sections behind it.  Each costs $12,000 and takes 18hrs to clear.

So for all of the land in District 8 it’ll cost $36,000.  This does not include the strip of land that was released prior to this update. 

Premium Stuff:

Update 7.15 : A few AWESOME readers have advised that the build times for premium buildings have been removed now.  So you’ll no longer have to tie up a worker on building one of these premium buildings 🙂


fg_building_place@4xpLace– 160 Clams, 16hr build.  6×11.  Earns $60, 40xp/12hrs.  33% chance Maracas will drop. Unique.

fg_building_giftshop@4xBuncha Junk Gift Shop– 270 Clams, 12hr build.  5×5. Earns $70, 45xp/16hrs. 33% chance Plutonium will drop.  Not unique so you can have as many as you want.


decoration_clubspotlights@4x Spotlights– 10 clams.  2×1.  Animated (they swirl around).  Not unique so you can have as many as you want.

Looks like TinyCo has also provided us with MORE of a preview of whats to come…at least character wise…as well.  In future districts (they ARE NOT in the game right now, so don’t worry you can’t currently unlock them…it’s just a preview of what’s to come) the following characters will be unlocked: Mayor West and Tom (District 9…not in the game yet, but this will be next.  We already know it & land for district 9 is in the game), Barbara Pewterschmidt and Jillian (District 10?), Neil Goldman and Death (District 11?) & Evil Monkey (One of the other districts?  New area???)

That’s everything is District 8 (for now).  Busy busy district.  It’s going to take a bit to unlock Stewie, so ENJOY the game.  Don’t try to rush it.  Go into the District knowing it’ll take a little while to clear it…but right now there’s nothing after District 8 so there’s no need to rush.  Take your time & try not to get too frustrated when items don’t drop (easier said than done..I know).

What do YOU think of District 8?  You excited for the new buildings and costumes?  Are you surprised by any of the content?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!


417 responses to “Stewie and District 8 Have Arrived! (Updated and Complete)

  1. I cant believe how long it has been taking to unlock stewie. A bit much really. Plutonium hardly ever drops unless you are one of the players that uses clams for everything, which I have a very hard time spending actual money on


    • It is a District. Here to stay. Just keep at it. It will happen. The Districts are not meant to unlock overnight. Try even refreshing your game to see if it helps. 😉


  2. I’ve been trying for days to get Plutonium but nothing. I’m stuck at 6/10. Help!


  3. Still taking forever lol. but now the rush is nearly-over from Stewie’s Party, back to the Grind.

    Falconer Peter
    4/5 Leather Gloves- Earned by: Make Mid-Life Crisis Lois Ride the Bucking Bronco OR Make Joe Do Target Practice

    PB&J Brian
    12/20 Banana Peel: Earned By: Make Herbert Freeze Popsicles OR Make Bonnie Clip Coupons
    20/25 PB&J Sandwich: Earned By: Make Meg Scarf Down Hot Dogs OR Make Bruce Teach CPR OR [Make Chris Eat a Large Ham]

    7/15 Sugar Packets – Earned By: Make Long John Peter Steal Sugar, Tobacco & Spices OR [Make Chris Eat a Large Ham]
    13/15 Fuzzy Slippers – Earned By: Make Herbert Be a Peeping Tom OR Make Quagmire Have Nap Time OR Get From Herbert’s House

    14/30 Blueprints – Earned By: Make Quagmire Watch NetChix OR Make Herbert Watch Little League Marathon OR Make Bruce Kitten Pickin’
    14/30 Jewels- Earned By: [Make Long John Peter Pillage & Plunder] OR Make Mort Swallow Jewels OR Make Jerome Grow His Fro OR Make Quagmire Let the Gerbil Loose OR Make Bonnie Twerk It OR Get From Family Jewels
    2/10 Plutonium- Earned By: Make Rambo Lois Seek Vengeance OR Make Brian Do the Scoot OR Get From Buncha Junk Gift Shop

    District 8 Toons (12)
    Bonnie, Brian, Bruce, Chris, Herbert, Jerome, Joe, Lois, Meg, Mort, Peter, Quagmire


  4. Supposed to be ‘have’ not ‘gave’. Oops. Damn you, autocorrect! I can blame that for my goof, right?


  5. Numerous people have said that Death would be perfect for the inevitable Halloween event. Why not add the Evil Monkey also? His tasks need to include something with Chris (duh), and him doing his angry pointing thing. I remember him actually speaking in at least one episode, would be interesting if he had dialogue in the game too – or maybe he’ll just wander around looking evil & angry. We gave awhile before we see him I’m afraid…


  6. How about Carter? Does he bring something useful to PB&J Brian, Falconer Peter or Stewie? Otherwise he’s definitely 4th in line…

    Someone may have have asked before. In that case, sorry.


  7. Can you think of a reason why my Bob’s Funland won’t unlock for me? It has a checkmark over it because I paid to repair it but when I click on it my app closes. The app is all up to date, as is my phone (I have an iPhone 4S if that matters). I deleted apps on my phone to make more memory space but that didn’t work either. The only other thing I can think of is to delete the app and re-download it.


  8. Also, I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that death will be in conjunction with a big Halloween event in the event district.


  9. No more build times and tying up your worker(s) for pLace and the junk shop. I wonder why they even did that to start with, other than to sell some clams.


  10. The build time for pLace and the Buncha Junk Gift Shop has disappeared and I bought them to test it, and indeed it is a direct placement, no build time. So that should help a bit.


  11. I wish that they would make tasks for rare very rare and epic items no more than 4 hours. Doing a 12 or 20 hour task and getting bumpkis is total BS.


  12. So, what really bothers me is the scale. How is the amusement park pretty much the same size as the ferris wheel? I want to add the amusement park to my “coney island” that i was able to do with the circus stuff, but it looks ridiculous. The midway games in the funland don’t even match the size of the circus ones.


    • My best suggestion, let them know. Much like the HUGE Camel size was changed, maybe some suggestions of other items will impact change. Just use your in game menu, help & settings, and send them some suggestions. 😉


      • Do you really think this channel works? They didn’t ever get back to me when I reported my game cosntantly crashing upon exiting it. Left me a bit underwhelmed.


        • It does when it comes to feedback. They may not respond but they do read it and take it into consideration. They’re very keen on what players want, and are very much tweaking as they go. Sorry you had issues with the tech support side of things. I think they were extremely understaffed in the support side of things for a while. Hopefully it’s sorted out now.


    • I’m so glad I at least have a cotton candy machine to show the age of my Quahog.


    • Oh, and original camel size was redonk! It takes up so much less room in my inventory now. 🙂


  13. Glad Stewie is here. Now I have to earn back all that money I spent on the Fourth of July boxes . Like others, wish I could sell back the extra stuff I have and don’t need.


    • Send in your suggestions via your game menu, help and settings, and let them know. They are really interested in the players feedback and love to hear constructive suggestions all the time. 😉


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