Wicked Glitch!!!

Hey there Clammers!!

While we are waiting for the New Stuff to hit our games, I wanted to go over some of the things we are seeing right now in the comments. Those Wicked Glitches!

Lois wicked witch

***I was bored and made this image when the game First launched. It fits. Lol.***


Blimp Questline

It’s been a lil bit, but I’m still seeing scattered reports of Players stuck on the Blimp and progression on it.

For the most part, this error was resolved but some still didn’t take the fix. I want to get an idea of who’s left so please provide following…

  • Where are you stuck? Name and part # of Questline?
  • Can you still see the Blimp in your water?
  • If you can see Blimp, do you get an error tapping on it?
  • What device do you play on?

You can post the info below or email it to me. Also if you can, email me your Player ID (DO NOT POST IT) if possible so I can have them target specific games to see cause. familyguyaddicts@gmail.com

UPDATE: Thanks to all that sent me info, I added it to the already list of things. TinyCo is still working on a patch for this and hopefully the NEXT update will have a resolution for it.




Seeing increasing reports of a Consuela Error…

Config empty for id chickenDeco in Buildings 

Those of you experiencing this, please email me screenshot of the error. Some of you I’ve already talked to about this error. familyguyaddicts@gmail.com

UPDATE: I have spoke with a huge portion of you about this error and I think the majority of you now have an idea of it’s cause. If you want to discuss it further with me, you are more than welcome to still email me, but at this point and time… I have done all I can. Sorry.




This is resolving for most, but please let me know if any of you are seeing error telling you to update game AND have got the new 1.29.0 or higher update.

For everyone else, 1.29.0 update has hit iOS and Google Play. Kindle & Facebook I’m not sure at this email time but let me know if you see it on Kindle.




For now, EVENT IS NOT LIVE. When it does hit, a new post complete with rundown will go up.

Yes, there’s updates in the App Markets, but an Update means nothing until TinyCo “flips the switch” to release the new content into the games.

So sit tight and enjoy the quiet downtime before more fun chaos ensues.




This is a known issue Tinyco is still working on. Please continue to message from your game if you’re impacted.

We will update once we hear more.

UPDATE: TinyCo is still working on the patch to correct the missing Characters “lost at sea” like Daggermouth, Peter Pan, and Davy Jones. Once they are able to get a patch, they will send an update out. Until then, hang in there. They will continue to work on it til it is resolved.



This game has a LOT of outside animation and “bad guys” usually during Events. Because of this, most devices… even newer… can struggle to keep all that live activity running on the screen. This causes the game to crash.

To combat this, it’s really best to limit what’s on your play field to the Main buildings used, then a few other areas of interest that you’ve set up. Too many Buildings, Decorations, Walking Decorations, etc can really drain your game memory ability and add to the crashing and lag.

More tips to help here….




Of course there are random Glitches that pop up here n there. The main thing is to try the Basics. Then let us know if still issue and report to TinyCo if needed.




Annoyed Peter

I just wanted to put this out there and please understand I say this due to I am trying to protect ALL Players. I am not doing it to provoke hate, anger, or mob mentality… so please keep that in mind.

If you or another accessing your game have now or in the past used ANY alterations to your game, you can end up losing your game. Those alterations, no matter how big or small, are adding coding into your game that does not belong there. At any point and time, that alteration WILL come back to bite you in the form of glitches, error codes, or complete game loss. Not to mention who knows what information is being taken from your device. It has in the past resulted in identity theft, bank accounts wiped out, and worse. I will not allow or promote alterations as I have seen the damage to Players from simplistic to life ruining. I am hear to HELP others, not hurt them or put them in harms way.

If any games have been altered, TinyCo will not touch them. There’s no way to tell how much “damage” was caused and correcting one issue can make a thousand more appear… not to mention the alteration means it is no longer their game.

I know and get all the arguments as to WHY people turn to alterations, but time and time again… I see the same results. You will have issues accessing your game, major glitches, loss of ability to participate in Events, or you’ll end up losing your game completely and all the work you did put into it. Just not worth it in the end in my personal opinion.

If you feel you are flagged with an altered account unfairly/wrongly, please take it up with TinyCo and further the discussion with them.

I really wish there was more I could do to help, but if the game is not played as intended…there really isn’t much more I can do. Sorry. 😦


There you have it, some overall things going on in the game.

Did this help you? Have something glitching not mentioned you need help with? Let us know.



164 responses to “Wicked Glitch!!!

  1. Stuck on “Build-a-Blimp Pt. 2 – Check out the Blimp Construction Site!” with a possibly related Ollieland crash.

    I have been experiencing the known issue where tapping the GO button next to “Tap the Blimp Construction Site” does nothing, and no Blimp Construction Site is visible in the Quahog game field. Beginning with the update that added the Halloween Event, I am now experiencing a crash when tapping the Ollieland button.

    1. Player taps the Ollieland button
    2. The background image of Quahog dims, and the loading timeout image of Stewie on the return pad appears
    RESULT: A cutscene centered on the corner of the waterline where the Blimp Construction Site is located begins to play, and the game crashes within one second
    NOTE: This crash is 100% reproducible, and also occurs when the Player taps the Ollieland button from within the “Rocky Point” Event Area

    Occasionally, Ollieland replaces Quahog in the background (behind the loading timeout image of Stewie on the return pad) before the cutscene begins playing

    Occasionally, an XP box appears, but the game crashes before the Player is able to tap it

    Game Version is 1.29.6
    OS is Android 5


    • Thanks for the information, have you also sent an in game message to TinyCo with these details.


    • Elliott James Dexter

      YES that is exactly what’s happening. to me it’s so annoying


    • Still happening. Now over 2 months since I’ve been able to visit Ollieland. Since the Clam TV has also stopped showing up with any regularity, I can’t generate enough clams to even think about spending them on things. Tried contacting support and all they did was manually complete the quest for me. Now I’m stuck on Part 7, “Stewie wants to fly the blimp” because there’s no blimp in my game. Haven’t been able to unlock the Fine Arts District, Haven’t been able to unlock District 10. Can no longer progress the main storyline.


      • They’ve been trying to resolve Blimp issue off n on. All you can do is just keep in contact with them every now n then. It’s more than a simple fix since launching Tan Lines.

        Side note: Clams are a side option NOT controlled by TinyCo. As its from a 3rd party, they can’t just jump in and fix issues. Instead they’ve got to send info to 3rd party and wait for them to resolve… so it’s gonna be some time. Just hang in there.

        As to Ollie land issues… you can try basic troubleshooting… like ONLY IF YOUR GAME IS SAVED… do a complete uninstall/unlink of the game (if linked to facebook) and relink to Facebook again. It can help out at times when people aren’t seeing Facebook friends. May help out with Ollie.

        There’s several things that could be going on. Start with basic troubleshooting and see if it helps.


  2. I cant pass the dance hall stage pt4. Its stuck in that part and cant unlock the little girl


  3. My game loads but my town is all messed up, lots of items and characters missing and locked. Want to play latest event but not sure I should with the glitches. Any suggestions?


    • Have you updated to the latest version in App Store 1.29.6? If not, please try that. If still having issues please give us more details.


  4. I still have the crock guy for a task to complete. Is there anyway I can get that removed?


  5. I have chickendeco error can u fix ****


  6. charlene gilbreath

    Still having chickwn deco error…help!!!!!


  7. Still stuck on dance hall days part 4. There’s no blimp and it’s not in my inventory. However I already have the Pawtucket brewery not too sure if that has anything to do with it.

    Please help.


  8. I am having the chickenDeco error as well, I would really appreciate any help. Thank you…


  9. Hi Bunny. Will you please email me the details on the chicken building glitch. Sounds like it’s not good. Thank you.


  10. Halloween just showed up in my game!!!!!


  11. It’s here it’s here it’s here!!!! Go update guys! I’m on iOS. *eeeeheeeheee!!!!!


  12. I need help on the chickenDeco glitch! What do I do??


  13. Hi I seem to personally have a problem with the daily tan lines quests that should pop up. Since the day that tan lines went live for everyone I have not had a single daily quest pop up for me to complete I have tried everything to get them to trigger and still nothing happens. I have tried messaging tinyco multiple times for a few months but they won’t give me a straight answer to my problem they seem to say that they can’t fix it and they have passed my information on to someone higher up and that I should hear back from them but still there is nothing yet other people I know have had tan lines daily quests pop up daily since it went live months ago.


    • wildthornberry88

      FYI I have only pushed one of your four comments as they were almost identical.


    • Sorry about that it’s the first time I have posted and I didn’t know you had to approve them first, I thought there was a character limit or something so I tried to shorten it to see if it showed up on here haha still learning things


  14. Prob with the blimp since first quest line started for Olivia. Nothing triggered when I clicked on quest. Reported to Tiny Co who promptly helped to complete for me. But they’ve not responded for my last quest Virgil First Edition Part 3. It’s about a week and this time they’ve not helped me complete.


  15. Everyone needs to take this break from events and clear their tasks and visit their family’s and friends. Not sure when the last event free weekend took place. Also do not remember when I had zero task to complete since we roll from one event into another. I have $10M plus and no task to do so it is time to blow up town and chill till the next event.


  16. I wish the error load screen was fixed already, I havent played in 3 days lol.


  17. I was able to update to 1.29.2 on my Kindle.
    Maybe that is why TinyCo is delaying the Event this time, until all devices are available.
    I get so frustrated with Leader boards. I am always behind by one or two days, never even a remote chance.


  18. Dinosaurs question here!
    Should my clever girl T-Tex and Brontosaurus be able to level up like the other characters now the event is over? I know Peter needed to train them but this no longer seems like an option. Thanks!


    • wildthornberry88

      Mine still can’t 😦 I hope they will be able to one day and I’m sure you’ll see on here if/when they can 🙂


      • Heh, in addition to not being able to level up my dsinosaur either, I still have tasks for people to Train at the Toxic Shock Gym (from the Wrestling/WWE event) that earn nothing. 😁 I messaged TinyCo months ago about it & was told they’d get $$ & xp added soon or possibly the task will be removed, and I think it was Bunny on here who said those tasks were supposed to be removed. *lol* At last check (admittedly before the start of Halloween), they were still there.

        I’m really liking the setup of this event so far, where each ‘Case’ is it’s own event, sort of. I often get stuck on SOME drop, so it’s nice that when it happens, I’m not days/weeks behind with no hope of finishing. Also nice to still be able to buy things in the store from the previous Case. Now if they just didn’t force us to buy every.single.item, I’d feel this is a perfect event! 😁


        • I think the dinosaurs etc are on a list of things TinyCo will do but as they don’t cause any game issues they aren’t priority. But hopefully see then sorted soon. I would have liked dinosaurs we unlocked to have started off small and as we increased level they grew, until they reached full size.

          I’m enjoying this event, and blogging for Bunny has made me look at not just how I play but others.

          Liked by 1 person

  19. I had Aquaman task in my task line. I got TinyCo to remove it though.


  20. Matthew B Lawler

    I’ve been checking the official Facebook page and tiny Coco has yet to issue a statement on why the Family Guy Halloween event is not live or when we can expect it to be alive why are they refusing to tell us anything


    • Because they don’t want to say a time and/or date and it not go live and just have to issue another comment… then another… then another. When it’s ready, it’s ready. Not a moment sooner. 🙂


      • I understand that; although, I would still like to know if it’s likely to be more than a day or couple days. There are some tasks that I would like to do, but I am paranoid to start a long task that might interfere with me being able to start the event on time, especially ones with Peter as Peter usually needs to be available immediately when the event starts. I’ve been burned before by starting Peter on a mission and then the event starts and I am stuck waiting 12 hours to be able to join the fun. 😦


  21. Guess I’d rather wait for a smooth running event then relive wasting 17 hard-earned worms on another Daggermouth glitch


  22. I’m soooo sick of waiting for this event to start ahahah

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Ahahah im soooo sick of waiting for this event to start ready to pull my hair out


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