Peter’s Booty Haul – How Did You Do? Poll Results

Hi there fellow addicts.

The results from our recent poll are in and if I could just drag you away from your busy lives for a minute or two I’ll share them with you.


Firstly I’d like to take a minute to thank my fellow addicts who took the time to respond to these polls, without your interaction it just wouldn’t be possible to have posts like this, or to show TinyCo what we are thinking and would like to see in our games going forward. So thanks for taking that minute out of your day to be part of this community.

So without further ado here’s what you told us.

Which new characters/costumes did you buy/unlock during Peter’s Booty Haul


Character/Costume Votes Percentage
Pirate Queen Lois 1998 100%
Salty 1979 99%
Peter Pan 1846 92%
Fancy Seamus 1481 74%
Davy Jones 626 31%
Daggermouth 1501 75%
Duke of La Crosse Team Carter 581 29%
Captain Hook (premium) 287 14%
TInker Bell (premium) 296 15%
Mermaid Bruce (premium) 83 4%
The Captain (premium) 310 15%
Blackkbeard (premium) 247 12%


Did you try the Fun in the Sun Mystery Box to get returning characters/costumes?Clam Icon


Answer Votes Percentage
Yes, couldn’t resist. 143 10%
No, mystery boxes are too expensive. 1240 85%
No need as I had all costumes/characters 72 5%


Which returning characters/costumes did you buy during Peter’s Booty Haul?Clam Icon


Character/Costume Votes Percentage
Steroid Stewie 34 23%
Hot Meg 48 34%
Stripper Bonnie 55 38%
Barmaid Lois 53 37%
Slasher Bait Lois 36 25%
Fit Brian 36 25%
Firefighter Chris 42 29%
Jillian 56 39%
Cheerleader Bonnie 47 33%
Rollerblading Bikini Peter 55 39%


Did you participate in the Leaderboard?image


Answer Votes Percentage
Yes, I had my eye on a prize and pursued it ruthlessly. 129 7%
No, one look at the tiers and I gave up and concentrated on main event only. 663 34%
I put no extra effort into climbing the Leaderboard and let my general gameplay dictate where I ended up. 1134 59%


If you took part in the Leaderboard where did you rank at the end of the event?image


Answer Votes Percentage
I qualified for the top prize, placing between 1-500. 87 7%
I qualified for the second prize, placing between 501-1000. 84 7%
I qualified for the third prize, placing between 1001-5000. 368 29%
I took part but didn’t rank in the top 5000. 724 57%.

So there you have it fellow addicts, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.


56 responses to “Peter’s Booty Haul – How Did You Do? Poll Results

  1. The leaderboard prizes have arrived! I just received my fancy pink sea monster.


  2. Leanne Metcalfe

    I used clams to finish off unlocking Dagger mouth a day before the event ended but because he was in the event area that has now disappeared, I can’t access him. The mission icon is still on my screen but when I click on it, it says I can’t access him. Has anyone else had this? Will he be released into my character collection or have I just lost 80clams?


  3. I haven’t even been able to play in three days thank to connection error wish it will fix already


  4. update for android is there


  5. I was getting frustrated but it seems with most players I was right on track. I was actually really trying with this event but it seems TC has made it near impossible to get all of the prizes if you refuse to shell out tons of clams. And is there any actual equation they use for their drop rates because it seems totally random to me aso my drop rates were like 1:5 for an uncommon drop. I understand why many quit playing the game unless they like spending tons of real money or don’t have a job or one in which they can be on their phone constantly. I’ve never not gotten all of the prizes in tsto and usually am done days before it ends…TC should take after EA.


    • Quest for Stuff is more of a challenge than Tapped Out, I like it due to that to be honest.

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    • My honest opinion I put all over the site… this game is NOTHING like TSTO. It never was, it never will be. This game is challenging and complex. Not simple tap tap tap. In order to cover costs, all apps must have Premium content in them. Each one does it a lil bit different than another to stay unique.

      Yes, you will need Clams to get everything in this game… but without them… you can still get a HUGE amount of items. Lots of free Clams all over if you look for them. Just ask Russian Tigger. She knows all to well this.

      I just want Players to know going in that if you compare this game to TSTO it will only cause you more stress than anything. Just look at this as its own game, which it is. Play it one day at a time and set small goals. See where you get. ONLY spend Clams if you really really really want to. Otherwise, just have fun, enjoy the complexity of the game, and … if needed… take a break from the game if it gets to frustrating.

      Hope that helps. 🙂


      • I don’t agree that it’s either challenging or complex compared to TSTO – it’s just really really expensive.

        There’s no actual challenge, other than the fact that the drop rates are low and the prices for things really high.

        Plus things go wrong due to glitches and Tiny Co refuse to refund anything. In the real world a malfunctioning product would qualify for a refund.

        The poll shows that they’ve alienated the vast majority of their customer base by the high prices and levels unattainable unless you pay mega amounts of money.

        If they drastically slashed the prices, I’m certain that many more people would buy and use clams.

        TSTO are really generous with their donut payouts and the paid for characters and buildings play much more of a part after the event is over – it just makes you feel much more friendly to the company and happy to buy their product.

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        • EA are a massive corporation compared to TinyCo. And the generosity with Donuts is a recent addition, they used to be very scarce. In early days I had buy donuts with my cold hard cash to get any premium items I wanted in Tapped Out. But in FGQFS in the early days all the premiums I bought were from free clams they gave away. In fact I’ve done few posts on the topic of free clams.

          I finish and unlock most items I target in FGQFS and I honestly do not spend large amounts of clams, I’m like a reincarnation of Scrooge when it comes to clams. I plan & strategise, and that’s the challenge for me. Tapped Out, I open the game tap, tap and out again, job done. Vastly different games and playing experiences for me. I love Tapped Out, don’t get me wrong but FGQFS is my favourite due to having work harder to gain things. Although in the Sci-Fi event which just ended in Tapped out their was a lot of complaints over on our sister site TSTO Addicts that the event was too hard, and they couldn’t reach end of the prize tracks in the 3 Acts. So I think a lot depends on the time you can put in, some of us are lucky we can sneak a peak and reset tasks during the day, whereas others have jobs where that’s impossible. FGQFS definitely requires more time in the game.

          I think the polls show there is a small core of ultra premkum players who buy most characters/costumes, but on flip side the polls also show the majority of those who responded unlocked 5 of the 7 free characters/costumes available during the event.

          I’m working on a post just now that you might find interesting to comment on, but not sure when it will be up, but you’ll know what I’m talking about when you see it. Lol.


          • Awesome, I’ll go look for the previous posts and wait for the new one.


          • Russian Tigger, I laughed at your comment about the scifi thing on TSTO because you’re right – I was a victim of that!! I managed act 3 but the others weren’t possible without spending donuts 😀

            I agree with much of what you say but still hold that TinyCo are simply too greedy and in their greed I believe they actually lose out. I think both games could charge a lot less to gain more but the cost of Tiny Co items and worse – the way they refuse to refund clams when they’re fully at fault is just wrong.

            I’m looking forward to the post you mentioned 🙂


            • I know there’s a lot going on with the customer service team, so hopefully you will get the benefit of that going forward. And clams & donuts could be cheaper, I’ve always advocated making the mystery boxes 50 clams instead of 150 and the take up of players giving it a go will sky rocket.

              Sorry you missed out on the Sci-Fi event, it was a bit of a wake up for us casual tappers.


        • I agree. When this game first came out I did buy clams and I did buy characters but they really do nothing for you after you purchase them, they don’t get me a higher rate of coins or help with events. The only complex thing about it is remembering to frequently check this site (and thank goodness for the awesome people that spend their time and energy putting it together) to see what not to even attempt to unlock until all the items you need already because otherwise you don’t stand a chance due to the timers.


    • Bunny is right. I’ve never spent a realspace dime on this game but my inventory and Tanlines are overflowing with stuff and characters. Sometimes I never get to the last phase, sometimes I barely make it to the second to last phase or even lower. But even if I stay on the first one or two phases of an event, there is still lots to do and get. They’ve made it easy to earn a lot of clams with clam generating event buildings and clam tv especially, so I even can buy characters or buildings often enough. If I don’t have time to check in and reset tasks, I don’t worry about it but just do what I can if I’m interested. If I’m not interested in an event, I don’t seriously play it. No gun at my head.

      I play TSTO also and it is a whole different game. It still has its glitches such as slow spawning periods which have prevented me from getting the final prizes in events, but otherwise if you tap tap tap you get get get the free stuff in TSTO. In Family Guy, it is not that simple. Characters may have tasks to pick up different materials in different time periods, so you have to make choices depending on your goals. There can be multiple steps required so you have to juggle all the parameters. People often complain about this, but it’s really part of the game. It’s like complaining that Tetris is hard because you have to match those shapes so fast… Well, that’s what makes it Tetris! Family Guy really isn’t for the very young and/or impatient. There are skatillions of freemium games that will give you instant gratification, but this ain’t one of them. It’s important to match games to your temperament, mood, and time available. If a game frustrates you too much, either during a particular event or always, it might not be worth playing for you. Games are supposed to be recreational, helping us use other parts of our brains and de-stress, not add to our stress.


      • I’m not frustrated as in I’m going to throw my phone or am yelling at the screen…okay so I did talk to my characters a couple of times, “like seriously Chris, I have sent you 4 times to get a bomb and you haven’t found one yet, get to it”. I think my problem is that I like to complete things thoroughly (in all aspects of my life which unfortunately includes if I’m playing this game) I don’t find the game complex I’m good with figuring out in my head what I need to do and the time before I’ll be able to log on again for what I’m trying to unlock it’s more of the drop rates that seemed to be more by luck than a ratio and if I forget to check this site and a character or item is timed to unlock. I didn’t mean for my post to come across like I was going postal but just the fact that it seemed by the poll that most players cannot get the full content unless they spent a ton of out of pocket money if they like to truly finish an event completely. I just have to turn off my completist brain when playing as it doesn’t seem like a viable option (for me) in their events.

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  6. I only began playing this game a few days before the DC event (which, btw, I love love loved). I did well in both events and despite my best intentions spent a little $ on Green Arrow… which I don’t regret in the least (Ollie for Prez!). I think I finished in the top 500 but I’m not certain how that will work for me, since I’m still unlocking Stewie… will the skin be mine but unplayable until I unlock him? Either way, big huge gargantuan thanks to Bunny and Russian Tigger etc all 😁👍. Met friend who has been playing for two years is learning a lot from me thanks to you!


    • Thank for the kind words. If you qualify for the Blackbeard Stewie skin it is usually placed in your game even if you’ve not unlocked the character yet. You can see it locked in Al Harringtions, it will stay there waiting for you to unlock Stewie.


      • Thanks for the very quick response RT. 🙂 I guess I didn’t qualify for Blackbeard Stewie as his costume isn’t at Al’s (no Stewie skins are). Do we know if they settled on giving first prize to the top 100 only or the 500 it seemed to imply? I was 212 on the leaderboard when I logged off at noon (final score of 3253)… I didn’t get Adrian Beaky either but I’m certain I must have won one or the other. Should I contact TC or do you think they just haven’t gotten it done since the Halloween event is running a little behind?


    • That fact that you started about a month before me and still haven’t unlocked Stewie isn’t giving me much hope that I’ll have him unlocked for this event. 😦 I’m still a couple of hats short of Midlife Crisis Lois and just unlocked Anime Peter (for the Tricia unlock) a few minutes ago.


  7. It appears that I fared about as well as most players. It made a huge difference being able to pick-and-choose the store items instead of hitting them in a specific order (skipped several of them to keep pace with the necessary items).

    It is also good to see that most folks are not bothering with the leaderboards. I seriously never even hit that icon once because I was playing freemium this time and knew I had no chance.

    In all, fairly smooth event with a minimal amount of cursing/hair pulling/phone smashing. Just wish they had put out Viscount James Earl Tennis-racket to go with Duke of Lacrosse Team (and what was with Davy Jones looking more like Mermaidman?)…

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    • Yes! Mermaidman! That’s who Davy Jones reminded me of! Maybe he needs the starfish to breathe underwater, I think that might be the idea with Mermaidman. Except isn’t Davy dead? He shouldn’t need to breathe at all…


    • I was actually disappointed he didn’t look like Davy Jones of The Monkees. lol I probably would have shelled out some clams just to see my partner-in-shortness Davy Jones as a pirate in my game all the time! 😁


  8. Is anyone else receiving the “config empty for id chickenDeco in Building” message? I’ve been getting that for over 6 hours.


  9. I could have sworn there wasn’t an option to pick if you weren’t in the top 5,000 when I answered the survey questions.


  10. I got all the new characters and skins by the end. Got Stripper and cheerleader Bonnie, Fit Brian, Julian and bar maid Lois as I had the rest. Was a fun game and now have more people in the resort working on Stewie bucks. Want evil monkey but went ahead and spend some on King Butt.


  11. I quite enjoyed this event aside from a few minor annoyances. I loved TC allowing us to utilise the water.


  12. The only premium item I acquired was the item that kicked out clams(last I checked it still does…for now). I wanted “The Captain” but I decided to save the shells for Halloween.

    So as a(mostly) freemium player I did excellent. I got all the new characters and skins and placed in the second tier of the leaderboard!

    Overall I really enjoyed this event. I had a ton of fun with this one. Much better than Greek Life and the dino park one.

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    • You described everything I did int he event. I bought the item that gave away clams, because it is worth it, but saved my clams for the Halloween for premium characters.
      I had a great time and really worked hard for everything without spending Money, so I got all the fremium characters and finished all the quests.
      I started playing during greek life so was very lost. During Dino Park I was a bit lost still and during DC Comics event I didn’t put much effort because of the Olympic Games (although I really wanted everything).
      Had great fun. Hope Halloween will be as fun as the pirate event!


    • Shipwreck point will be generating clams for a few days into October, maybe October 3? Can’t remember, but they extended it past the event due to some early glitch. So anybody who has it needs to keep checking it daily until it no longer shows clams as a reward.


  13. Wow. At least 171 of the top 1000 leaderboard players voted in this poll. This means 1 in 6 players actually visit here (not mentioning those who didn’t vote). Fitting tribute to you guys and the fantastic work you do here!

    I tried for Davy Jones but the cost was way too much. I would still have needed over 700 clams for it, not good value for money. Better wait for it to come up again in a mystery box. I’m also a bit disappointed that characters are hardly ever voiced anymore.

    And like Tanya I think it wasn’t a balanced event, with too little to do for a long time then too much towards the end.

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    • Addicts do have an advantage in the community’s shared knowledge and strategy about the game, but I think you’ve grossly underestimated the overall install base of the game. (Though you have not underestimated the credit due to RussianTigger and Bunny for their hard work.)

      Keep in mind that the “Leaderboard” is only the Leaderboard for a fraction of the players. TinyCo has likely split up their entire user base into groups of 25,000-50,000 players and generated a Leaderboard based only upon that group. So, instead of the only the top 500 players earning the Pirate Stewie costume, it’s actually the “top” 1% of players that will earn that prize. Suffice it to say that, good as this site is, probably less than 1 in every 1,000 FGTQS players actually visit this site.


  14. It did not seem so difficult to get davy duke


  15. As a mostly freemium player I always seem to be about a week or so behind on these long events. I think it would be better if TC would eliminate the different drop rates and just have 1 drop for 1 action , period. Or perhaps give us bigger clam bonuses like 50 or 100 at a time instead of 1 or 2 here and there . Then we could actually buy some characters to help get ahead a little. It starts to get a little frustrating when someone goes on task continually and only drops a needed item once out of 4 or 5 times. Well, on to the next event…

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    • Do you have clam tv in your game? I’m picking up at least 7 clams per day from that. You might need to check in several times to get all your clams from it, I usually get them in batches of 5, 2 or 1. For weeks they were giving us huge gobs of clams, easily 17-20 or more per day, which was great. Sometimes they get generous on holidays.

      I’m totally freemium, though, so I don’t know if the figures are different for people who also buy clams with realspace money. But the only way they get $$$ from diehard freemiums is if they rent out our eyeballs to watch commercials on clam tv.

      Also diligently check Ollieland. You get about five clams max per week, but you need to keep resetting it every 20 hours to make sure you get those (you’ll get duds that spit out a few coins instead).


  16. It took too long to get Salty and was pretty boring of the first 3 weeks (waiting to get Salty)


  17. Those low numbers for Duke Carter and Davy Jones are telling, but not at all surprising.


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