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Blah Blah Blah Yadda Yadda (Open Thread)

Addicts Asylum Patient Zero

Hello There Addicts Asylum Patients! Having a fun day? Lots of stuff on your mind? Just want to ramble on about anything and everything? WELL TOO BAD!!!

Errr, I mean… Here is the place where you can do it. Have something cool you want to share with your fellow readers/Addicts? Have something on your mind that you just want to get off it? Have a million dollars? Having a mental breakdown like me? Lol.

This post is for open conversation. Pretty much anything and everything goes (as long as it still follows the Addicts Site Guidelines). Feel free to chat it up all you want.

If you are not sure of what to talk about, here are a few subjects to get you started.

What are you up this weekend? I am laid up with a fractured leg. Yes, I know, my luck… but meh. I keep going. I got it will on “vacation”. Lol

Done anything new this week? There are some New Movies out, any you saw that you liked? 

Halloween!!! My favorite Holiday is getting closer and closer. Do you do anything fun for it? Favorite Costume? Worst Costume stories? Lol

Remember this post is for FUN!! If you wanna gripe or complain or rant or …well, be mad about something…take it to our WHAT THE DEUCE posts and get it out your system there. 🙂

There you go. Get your typing fingers fired up and yap yap yap away.