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Peter’s Booty Haul Phase 3 Main Questline – Treasure Punting

Ahoy there, in between guzzling bourbon and fighting giant squids, We thought we’d take a break in our crew quarters and put together all the information you need to complete the Phase 3 main Questline, Treasure Punting.

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Peter’s Booty Haul Phase 3 – Issues and Answers

With the arrival of Peter’s Booty Haul TinyCo surprised us with a new event area right bang in the middle of our ocean. It looks great but with Phase 3 dropping there’s been some questions being asked over and over, so I wanted to bring you a post where I could answer them for all players to see, as although it’s never nice to have a problem in your game it’s sometimes reassuring knowing others are in the same boat. And thanks to Bunny as usual for taking our issues to TinyCo. The main questions we’re seeing so far are….

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Peter’s Booty Haul 101 – Giant Squid

Update: For those who aren’t seeing Giant Squid in their games, don’t panic, he will show up at some point before Pt. 7 in the main Questline Treasure Punting,  

Ahoy there fellow addicts. There’s a new boss in Quahog for us to defeat, and I’m not squiding you when I say this one is tough.

But feeling merry on a combination of grog, whiskey and bourbon I’m going into battle with only some broken oars and rusty anchors as my weapons. If you’re wondering if I survived, well obviously I did, as I’m here telling the tale.

But I squid you not, he’s one mighty challenge to defeat to 5X.

Giant Squid

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