Daily Archives: September 28, 2016

New Event Teaser!

OMG!!! The truth is out there and it’s coming to Quahog.

Take a peek at the image below (TinyCo Image had to be removed…see Bunny’s info below and the silly Addicts Image Bunny added instead… for fun) to get an idea of what’s hitting our games on Thursday 29th September 2016.

Side Note Bunny: So sorry all, I am taking the Teaser down for a bit. It was released too soon and I don’t want to violate Copyright/Legalities. Once it is released “Officially”, we will update you. For now, at least we got an AWESOME taste of what’s possibly to come!!!!! 🙂

FYI… The image below is an ADDICTS Image of my “Bunny” Stuffed Animal. It is not from TinyCo. I just put it in here so there is at least an Image to see to get you in the Halloween mood. Lol. 

Halloween Addicts Image Stuffed Bunny