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Peter’s Booty Haul Main Questline – Sea No Evil!

***Update 9/7:  TinyCo have changed Pt. 9 of Questline to now only require Level 5 Gunboat.

Ahoy there, just popping my head above the parapet to bring you the main Questline. Please point your gunboats in the other direction whilst I take you through the tasks that will bring you closer to the treasure you seek.

Booty Haul splash screen

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Peter’s Booty Haul – BATTLES – Upgrading your Groggy Gunboat

Fire up your cannons as there’s a high seas battle afoot and I just wanted to gather and share a little information so we don’t all start misfiring or shooting ourselves in the foot.

This post is about upgrading, if you’re looking for a guide to simply attacking you will find it here.

Peter’s Booty Haul BATTLES- Groggy Gunboat

Upon reaching Pt. 3 of the main Questline See No Evil you will be prompted to repair the Groggy Gunboat. This has a 10 sec repair and once repaired your gunboat will be ready to go into battle and as battles = rewards you will want to boost those rewards by upgrading your Gunboat but don’t rush these upgrades too fast as their is a sting in the tail.

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