Peter’s Booty Haul Main Questline – Sea No Evil!

***Update 9/7:  TinyCo have changed Pt. 9 of Questline to now only require Level 5 Gunboat.

Ahoy there, just popping my head above the parapet to bring you the main Questline. Please point your gunboats in the other direction whilst I take you through the tasks that will bring you closer to the treasure you seek.

Booty Haul splash screen


Sea No Evil Pt. 1
Chris Starts

Check Out the Event HUB!
Visit the Pirates Plaza

Completed Task Rewards: 3  Cursed Treasure

Sea No Evil. 2
Chris Starts

Drunken Pirates Are Here
Rescue 6 Drunken Pirates: Tap on pirates in the sea off Quahog. Earns 1 Grog  & a chance of a rare drop of cutlass (needed to unlock Pirate Queen Lois)
Get 4 Grog from Drunken Pirates

Completed Task Rewards: 3  Cursed Treasure

Sea No Evil Pt. 3
Chris Starts

Blackbeard’s Fearsome Flotilla is Attacking
Repair the Groggy Gunboat 

Completed Task Rewards: 4  Cursed Treasure

See No Evil Pt. 4
Chris Starts

Attack Blackbeard’s Fearsome Flotilla: (requires Peter OR Pirate Queen Lois OR salty AND 5 Grog
Earn 2 Salt from Pirate Battle 
Place Quahog’s Fishery & Market from House of Booty: Cost  80 cursed treasure and 4 salt.

Completed Task Rewards: 4  cursed treasure

Sea No Evil Pt. 5
Chris Starts

Place the Beach Bumming Buccaneer in the Water: This costs 28 Cursed treasure and 3 salt and can be found in House of Booty.
Make Quagmire Use Salty Language: 4hrs, Earns  $50 & 30xp
Have Jerome Use Daggermouth: 2hrs, Earns $30 & 20xp

Completed Task Rewards: 3  Cursed Treasure

Sea No Evil Pt. 6
Chris Starts

Learn about upgrading Peter’s Pirate Fleet
Exchange limes for Gunpowder Kegs
Upgrade the Groggy Gunboat

Completed Task Rewards: 4  Cursed Treasure

Sea No Evil Pt. 7
Lois Starts

Attack Blackbeard’s Fearsome Flotilla
Have Pirate Queen Lois Practice her Royal Wave: 2 Hrs, Earns $30 & 20xp

Have Chris be a Royal Pain: 10 Hrs, Earns $90 & 50xp

Completed Task Rewards: 10  Cursed Treasure

Sea No Evil Pt. 8
Chris Starts

Place the Big Squeeze from the House of Booty: Costs 59 Cursed Treasure and 8 Salt.
Have Mort Swallow Jewels: 4hrs, Earns $50 & 30xp
Rescue 12 Drunken Pirates

Completed Task Rewards: 10  Cursed Treasure

Sea No Evil Pt. 9
Chris Starts

Have a Level 10 5 Groggy Gunboat.
Have Salty Buy Pepper: (not unlocked character so will update time when I can)
Check Back Next Week!


There you have it, the Main Questline taking you through your first week at sea.

How are you doing so far? Where in the Questline are you? Tips for other Players? Let us know.




32 responses to “Peter’s Booty Haul Main Questline – Sea No Evil!

  1. I’m 17 minutes away from having a level 10 gunboat (I didn’t notice the change to level 5 until just now), but I’m far behind on unlocking Salty. Oops.

    On the plus side I do have a lot of salt. I may be able to buy the Jolly Roger soon. But I’m not sure if I want to take the 291 cursed treasure hit as it won’t pay for itself until very late in the event.


    • I’m the same trying decide whether buy Jolly Roger.


      • ok, I’m a nerd…
        Here’s my breakdown for getting the Jolly Roger if you get it by 10pm est tonight:
        x/d days profit treasure
        6x/d 9.7 d 305
        5x/d 11.6 d 180
        4x/d 14.5 d 110
        3x/d 19.4 d 10
        2x/d 29.1 d forget it!
        Soooooooo if you collect EVERY 4 hours (6x/day) it’ll take you 9.7 days to get your 291 treasure back and then you have time to make about 305 more before the end of the event. I would collect 3-4x/day so it wouldn’t really be worth it to me, especially bc of the 45 salt it costs, and saving up the 291 treasure is very difficult in the 1st place. I hope this helps if you’re still debating whether to get the Jolly Roger!
        p.s. plz feel free to let me know if I screwed up my math


        • I got the Jolly Roger yesterday and already built up enough gold for Salty. So it doesn’t take that long to collect for both if you’re diligent about poking drunken pirates, keeping Quagmire, Joe, and Herbert on gold collecting tasks, and collecting often enough from gold dropping buildings (I only have the parrot thing and now the ship). Salty isn’t delayed by gold for me, but by those certificates that hardly ever drop now. Need two more. They just added another Bonnie task for the certificate (hopefully shorter) and also one for Mort. I put Peter on task for it also and am just letting Lois attack by herself. Have no idea how useful salt and limes will be in the next phase, but Lois has nothing better to do unless they’ve added a task for her also.

          There really isn’t anything else to do with salt from the battles anyway and collecting 45 bowls of it went faster as I upgraded the gunboat. I thought it was nearly impossible when I started.

          So the math might work out better than you think, and the ship looks nice… It can at least break even without too much stress.


  2. Just got Salty, so glad new content is out tomorrow.


  3. All of a sudden, after busting *** to get to level ten gunship, it appears that they lowered the level needed for next phase to 5!?


  4. Not sure if it’s been posted anywhere else but I noticed this evening in my game the sea no evil part 9 has changed to upgrade gunboat to level 5. I’m not quite 10 yet but not far off. So either way a happy change for most I’m sure!


  5. Ahoy Mateys! It be a most fortuitous event- tinyco has changed the level 10 groggy boat requirement for this week to level 5!! Yarrrg!!


  6. I just hit Part 9 and they changed the level 10 requirement for the gunboat to level 5. I was just beginning level 7… Still have to unlock Salty for his task, but guess I wasn’t the only one not too close to level 10.


  7. You need to update to Level 5 now instead of Level 10


  8. I LOVE it when you don’t have to get the buildings in any specific order!!! That way you can chose what is most important for your strategy😁 I am also happy with the ability to put things IN the water!! Makes the game more fun, plus my town was getting WAY too full on land, lol.

    I think TinyCo really hit it out of the park with this months event!!! Fun, and not mind numbingly difficult! Thanks again for the ability to chose item buildings before the unnecessary decos!!! Love it!


    • I found two ghost ships in inventory and an island that float in the water. Not sure if they did before. Might be worth skimming through inventory, the ones that float have a drop of water in the upper right corner of the pic in inventory.


  9. Think it kinda stinks we had one day for the challenge ….almost got it done…almost 😦


  10. Won’t be anywhere near a Level 10 boat by the time the update hits. Currently on level 7 with 1/4 barrels for level 8. Getting Lois to help on the raids now instead of getting the last fish for Salty but it seems a tough ask again. Everything else going fine though.


  11. You’re missing a step for “Sea No Evil Pt. 9” – “Have Salty buy Pepper” – this step is between Have a level 10 boat and check back next week.


  12. When I got to part 8 I was given credit for placing the Big Squeeze, which I hadn’t yet, but that was great because I wanted to place the houseboat first to help with Salty. I’ve since placed it though – just working on Salty and level 10 gunboat.


    • That’s what Bunny calls a “Happy Glitch” 😀


    • This happened with me also.

      Likewise I did pick up the Big Squeeze after getting to Sea No Evil Pt. 9 as there isn’t much else worth spending Salt on at the moment. I could have bought the Pirate Pool to help with Boat Shoes, but those are dropping okay with the Parrot Palace alone. The Fake Death Certificates, Fishing Tackles and Gunboat levelling look like they’ll take longer.


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