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Halloween 2016 – Paranormal Preview Mystery Box

If you fancy spoiling yourself with an early Halloween treat, now is the time to check out the new Paranormal Preview Mystery Box. It’s full to the brimstone with returning characters and also a few costumes which will let you play Halloween dress up with Stewie, Meg, Lois & Connie.


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UPDATE BUNNY 945PM EST: There is a hold on the Event for Halloween right now. We will update when we get more information. For now, enjoy the break and time to breathe a bit and maybe pass off a few tasks that you have hanging out for months (or is that just me? Lol). I assume if we see anything tomorrow, it will be the usual 6-9pm ish TinyCo time… but that is only a complete guess. WHEN it actually rolls around, you will see a new post go up on the site letting you know. 🙂

The truth is out there, it is, it is, it is……

Let’s open our minds to the impossible as The Hauntening update is starting to hit the app stores. I’m seeing it on IOS NOW. You’re looking to upgrade to ga me version 1.29.0.

Please bare in mind this is just preparing us for the event, we still need to wait for TinyCo to push the button to make it go live.