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Peter’s Booty Haul Character Questlines – Pirate Queen Lois & Salty

From the information we’re getting the 2nd phase won’t hit until Thursday 3pm PST, so that gives you time to keep upgrading  that Gunboat and unlock this weeks character & costume..

Hey there shipmates

So you’re not feeling all at sea, here’s the Questlines for Pirate Queen Lois & Salty.

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Wanna Talk With TinyCo?

Hey there Strangers!!

I FINALLY have what they are calling “internet” back. Sketchy still, but it is what it is. BIG BIG BIG props to Russian Tigger & Lotty for all their amazing help while we attempted to communicate in the mess as much as possible. TinyCo Logo

Now to the task at hand, having a chance to chat with TinyCo. Many of you may already know (or may not) that many changes have been amiss at TinyCo HQ the last year and there are many new faces there. In still trying to keep in communication with their players, they are wanting to do a “ASK ME ANYTHING” coming up on Reddit.

This will be your chance to directly pose questions to a few members of the TinyCo staff and maybe learn a bit more about them. The Reddit AMA is coming up THIS FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 9th (starting roughly at 130pm Pacific).

The announcement for it…

Per TinyCo, Kate (tinykate) as well as 2 other Team Members will be there starting at 130PM Pacific and will be there for approximately 2hrs addressing Players.

Feel free to join in and get to talk to TinyCo.


A BIG Thank You to you all

Just wanted to do a big Tigger bounce by to thank all the addicts readers who have made me welcome over the last few weeks whilst I’ve been blog sitting for Bunny.

Bunny’s shoes are not easy to fill, so I’m not even going to try, but I hope you will stick by the blog whilst we try to keep bringing you game play and event information as fast as we can, remember we only blog what we verify in our games, so we can only go at the pace our games allow. But as soon as we have information, please know it will be up here, and of course please keep posting advice in the comments, it’s appreciated more than you realise.

The second phase of Peter’s Booty Haul should hopefully hit our games later tonight or tomorrow, but there is every chance where we are that will be the middle of the night so bare with us across the different time zones.

And keep your eyes out for a few more non event fun posts to try keep you smiling whilst you grind away in your games.

See you all in Phase 2, may the drops be with us.

Peter’s Booty Haul Character Profile: Salty

Ahoy there Mateys

As we sail the seas around our Quahogs, lots of interesting things have been appearing there; we’ve got drunken sailors floating in barrels, tropical fish, boats galore. But cast your eye to dry land and there’s also goodies to be found there in the shape of new characters & skins to unlock.

With this new Peter’s Booty Haul event comes new Characters, and one of them is Salty!

Let’s take a look at what Salty can do in our silly lil games.

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