Wanna Talk With TinyCo?

Hey there Strangers!!

I FINALLY have what they are calling “internet” back. Sketchy still, but it is what it is. BIG BIG BIG props to Russian Tigger & Lotty for all their amazing help while we attempted to communicate in the mess as much as possible. TinyCo Logo

Now to the task at hand, having a chance to chat with TinyCo. Many of you may already know (or may not) that many changes have been amiss at TinyCo HQ the last year and there are many new faces there. In still trying to keep in communication with their players, they are wanting to do a “ASK ME ANYTHING” coming up on Reddit.

This will be your chance to directly pose questions to a few members of the TinyCo staff and maybe learn a bit more about them. The Reddit AMA is coming up THIS FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 9th (starting roughly at 130pm Pacific).

The announcement for it…

Per TinyCo, Kate (tinykate) as well as 2 other Team Members will be there starting at 130PM Pacific and will be there for approximately 2hrs addressing Players.

Feel free to join in and get to talk to TinyCo.



13 responses to “Wanna Talk With TinyCo?

  1. Is this an app for discussion? How do I enter the TinyCo Reddit?


  2. It would help if the community of THIS site would help balance out the clear hate of the Family Guy Quest for Stuff Subreddit. Clearly there’s a lot of hate for Tinyco there (some of the hate is invalidated), so the community on this site could help balance it out by possibly asking questions in a professional manner, along with answer subreddit commenter’s likely super passive-aggressive questions with answers of your own, if you know them (I’m 100% sure there’ll be many useless questions in there, along with commenters attempting to bypass the questions aspect by commenting a long post of hate, followed by a minor question at the end).


  3. Looking at the comments posted under that announcement, already, it seems (to quote those comments) that this will be “a bloodbath”. It certainly helps me appreciate the community we have created here, under the wise leadership of “The Bunny”! (I guess there may be similar hatred being shown in comments that don’t make it past moderation on this site, but it is very nice to not have to deal with that.) If that talk goes as the comments seem to hint, I think I will pass; even though it would be nice to hear what TinyCo has to say, I’m not sure it would be worth it. Oh, I almost forgot… More Bunny Hugs! 🙂 And I guess a few RussianTigger/Lotty/Wildthornberry88 hugs are in order too… 😉


    • Let’s just say I got my eyes opened in my first day moderating comments here, I now know why all the addicts team here and at TSTO are adamant moderation is here to stay. I would imagine the Reddit event will be heavily moderated in order try keep things peaceful.


    • wildthornberry88

      Sweet I got 2 lots of hugs hehe XD


  4. I would love to if it wasnt going to be heavily moderated filled with softball, fluff questions like, “When is Family Guy going to get a Mapple Store and other such assorted nonsense.


    • It’s more a “get to know us” thing. And much like this site deals with daily, with disgusting trolls at every corner, moderation is a must nowadays. Otherwise it’s a free for all and not even worth the effort.


  5. Welcome back, Bunny!!!


  6. No, I’m not registered on Reddit, I’ve stated before that I think the amount of free content in the game is adequate, it’s fair. The last event, the DC comics was very smooth. I’m concerned that the face book complainers will make it a whine fest. Problem seems to be that they complain before reading all play instructions and then they miss the free content. Will you let us know on here how this Reddit session goes?


    • Will try to. Thing is trolls will aways be there. They’re here too hence moderation. Can’t avoid them. Thing is TinyCo said it will be heavily moderated there too so no drama allowed. They also said if it turns into trolls galore, they’ll just stop. Hopefully I can set up a Q&A here too soon. Been a while since we did one. 🙂


    • I think TinyCo have listened and we are starting to see them make some changes in events. And they seem to be trying to get on top of any issues faster. As to what the future holds, well with all the changes we will just have to wait and see, but I’m just glad the game has a future, as I still enjoying it today as much as I did when I first started playing. Of course that could be an indication I need an urgent medical intervention, rather than anything else, lol.


      • I hope so, Tigger. I really enjoy this game and are willing to spend extra clams for events/etc. as I see this as part of my entertainment budget. BUT, I think people do have legitimate complaints. There are plenty of times I’ve felt shortchanged (Mystery Boxes are a perfect example – have bought two, but will never again), but I’m willing to give TinyCo the chance to modify the game to reflect legitimate complaints. And, as I said, I hope they do…as someone who is willing to spend clams I truly believe they could find a way to lessen the individual costs on items – they’d probably be amazed at the number of items they’d sell when the sticker shock is lessened…

        And I totally agree with what you and Bunny have stated – moderation has to stay in place. This site works because the mod addicts are willing to put in significant time and energy on their OWN time and don’t need to subjected to the slings and arrows of cowards crouching behind sticky keyboards and anonymous screen names.

        Perhaps reddit isn’t the best platform for giving TinyCo constructive feedback, but it does show some willingness for them to stick their necks out. I do believe there should be a place for those of us who enjoy the game to provide direct feedback and legitimate without subjecting them to ridiculous nastiness – it’s really easy to be a jerk, it’s far harder to offer constructive, reasoned criticism.

        I don’t believe this site is the right place for such a direct line – I support Bunny’s goal to keep this site for the addicts and not an extension of TinyCo as she and the other mods are not beholden to them.

        OK, getting off my soapbox now and slowly backing away to fade into the Quahog Harbor mist…


  7. wildthornberry88

    Yay internets! Unfortunately I think I’ll be at work at that time.


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