A BIG Thank You to you all

Just wanted to do a big Tigger bounce by to thank all the addicts readers who have made me welcome over the last few weeks whilst I’ve been blog sitting for Bunny.

Bunny’s shoes are not easy to fill, so I’m not even going to try, but I hope you will stick by the blog whilst we try to keep bringing you game play and event information as fast as we can, remember we only blog what we verify in our games, so we can only go at the pace our games allow. But as soon as we have information, please know it will be up here, and of course please keep posting advice in the comments, it’s appreciated more than you realise.

The second phase of Peter’s Booty Haul should hopefully hit our games later tonight or tomorrow, but there is every chance where we are that will be the middle of the night so bare with us across the different time zones.

And keep your eyes out for a few more non event fun posts to try keep you smiling whilst you grind away in your games.

See you all in Phase 2, may the drops be with us.


14 responses to “A BIG Thank You to you all

  1. Hey, just dropping by to see if anyone has been able to start phase 2. I’m still stuck with a check back next week task, and it’s almost 7pm pacific, or specific time whichever you all like better…. he he he


  2. You’ve done a wonderful job! That’s a lot of info collecting, much harder than just playing. We appreciate you stepping up to fill Bunny’s shoes.


  3. You’re doing great!!!! We appreciate all your hard work 😃


  4. Thanks for all your help and effort in Bunny’s endeavor!
    WE appreciate all you did and will continue to do!!!


  5. I really look forward to the info and support on this site, it provides a bit of social activity as well, and is much appreciated. Many thanks!


  6. Hmmm… Bunny’s profile pic is misleading: I never would have guessed her feet were that big. Is she part hobbit? 😉 Keep up the good work, everyone!


  7. You’ve been doing a really great job and the posts haven’t changed much in tone either so you seemlessly integrated into it! I hope you’re having fun filling in for Bunny and it’s not too stressful trying to keep us all happy! Thank you (both you and Bunny) for always working so hard when you don’t have to. Hope Bunny is feeling better too xx


    • Thanks Wren. It does change the dynamic of playing a little when your gathering so much information but I’m still having fun, and Lotty is here behind the scenes working her magic too.

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  8. Shouldn’t it actually hit our games tomorrow, since the event started on a Thursday?


    • Recently with the change to the day events ends some updates have been hitting our games earlier, but we won’t know until this evening if that’s case with this one.


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