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Weekly Challenge – Week 2 – PARTY HARD

Just as we were all getting happy on grog TinyCo has brought us back to reality with the second of this events weekly challenge.

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Peter’s Booty Haul – BATTLES – Sloshed Schooner Upgrading & Levels

Ahoy there all you lost boys, and girls of course. Blackbeard has sent a new squadron of boats to keep us at bay, the Scurvy Squadron. And who you going to call to deal with it, well the Sloshed Schooner of course.

This post is about upgrading and levelling up, If you’re looking for a guide to simply attacking you will find it in the post Peter’s Booty Haul BATTLES – Sloshed Schooner.

Sloshed Schooner Battles

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Peter’s Booty Haul – BATTLES – Sloshed Schooner Rewards

Ok addicts, it’s the Sloshed versus the Scurvy as the 2nd phase of Peter’s Booty Haul sees our Sloshed Schooner take on the might of Blackbeard’s Scurvy Squadron.

Stoke up your cannons as there’s rewards afoot and we want to get our hands on them before they fall into the greedy mitts of that scurvy lot.

This post is about battle rewards, and once again I’m only going to cover the basics as the gameplay is really the same as with the Groggy Gunboat, only the rewards are different me hearties. You can find Battles and level information in the following posts.

Sloshed Schooner Battles

Sloshed Schooner Levels

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Peter’s Booty Haul 101: FISHING

Hey there Underwater Sea Creatures!

Fish Heads, Fish Heads, Roly Poly Fish Heads…

Little Fish, Big Fish, Swimming in the water…

With the New Phase 2 just launching and more options of earning Materials/Currency for the Event… I wanted to go over one of the new elements added to the game, FISHING AT FISHERMAN’S COVE!


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