Peter’s Booty Haul BATTLES- The Sloshed Schooner

Okay addicts, let’s all do the slosh?  No! Okay let’s all get sloshed? No! Jeez you guys are a tough audience.  Okay, okay then I’ll do what you want and talk about The Sloshed Schooner.

Start stocking up on the whiskey, (sorry living in the spiritual home of said elixir I have to shout very loudly it’s WHISKY, please remove the “E” TinyCo, but feel free to add a splash of water and ice to mine instead), as there’s another battle afoot on the high seas.

Pt. 1 of the main Questline Trawl of Booty will prompt you to repair the Sloshed Schooner. This has a 10 sec repair and once repaired your Schooner will be ready to go into battle against Blackbeard’s Scurvy Squadron.

Sloshed Task

Pt. 3 of Trawl of Booty will prompt you to man your cannons and Attack Blackbeards Scurvy Squadron. Pressing GO will take you to the Attack your Enemies screen. You can see from this only Salty & Peter Pan can attack, but as of now most of us will probably only be using Salty whilst we work on unlocking Peter Pan.


Once you select your character/s you will see the damage they can do, the cost of the attack, in these battles it is 6 bottles of whiskey, (you can collect these from clearing octopuses or from Tinkerbell’s 4hr task Make Small Talk), and the reward you will receive once victory is yours. In the example above the attack takes 6 hrs and the reward is 4 Cinnamon and 9 Lemons. Once an attack is underway you will see your schooner firing on Blackbeards squadron, if you click on it you will see the time remaining and confirmation of the reward you will receive.

Once the attack is complete you will see the following on screen, tap the tick and you will be able to collect your reward.


As soon as a battle is over as long as you have enough whiskey you can immediately start another attack.

You will also see an option to upgrade your Schooner. To do this you will need Cursed Treasure, Lemons and Limes to purchase Gunpowder from The Black Market. (For those wondering The Black Market is the building directly to the left of the House of Booty).


By upgrading you can destroy more ships in Blackbeards scurvy squadron with each attack and obviously gain more rewards. It’s going to take you time to collect what you need for these upgrades, you can look forward to more about this is another post.

The only way to increase your Schooner crew is to concentrate on unlocking Peter Pan as quickly as possible. This means you may want to make him your first purchase from the House of Booty, but that decision is yours, and yours alone.

So that’s our guide to attacking, thank you for sailing with us, we hope to sail with you again soon.



7 responses to “Peter’s Booty Haul BATTLES- The Sloshed Schooner

  1. Apparently, only whisky from Scotland can be called whisky, otherwise it must be called whiskey, so I think TC is being appropriately reverential with the “e”.


    • Whiskey is the Irish spelling from way back in the day. Scots get a touch cranky when our whisky is spelled whiskey but it’s all just good fun to me. And telling you this may see me having to flee into exile, but I think whisky is horrible. 😀😀😀


  2. Am I the only person whose progress has come to a complete halt this week? The cannon balls don’t seem to be dropping at all, even if I stagger the three characters who can get them, and I’ve only been able to run the second boat twice now so far this week as a result. I’m getting enough octopus hits in 48 hours time to run one ship attack for one run of 2 cinnamon rewards in 48 hours. At this rate I’ll never progress past this week’s content. Not meant to be a complaint, I would honestly like to know if this is some sort of glitch in my game, or if this is the intended game play by tiny Co for this week. If we are supposed to (in theory) unlock each week’s page of items and the character for each week, I don’t see that happening as I’m averaging about 6 cannon balls per 48 hours, which at best is allowing me one trip in the sloshed schooner for 2 cinnamon in 48 hours. With buildings costing multiple cinnamon per building I just am not seeing how this is going to pan out unless I use all the gunpowder from the first boats trips to upgrade the schooner to the max to get more cinnamon per trip.. Of course I feel this will probably bite me in the butt somewhere where the first boat will be required to be a certain level to pass the quest line checkpoint somewhere along the line! Thoughts on strategy to overcome this issue?


    • I am watching the Cannonball drops too myself. I am making notes of progress to send to them. Definitely message them to your progress. Hopefully the pace will pick up a bit more.


  3. Does anyone know what level two characters are required to fight with the schooner? Don’t want to do too quickly until Peter Pan is unlocked.


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