Peter’s Booty Haul Phase 2 Main Questline – Trawl of Booty

Ahoy there, in between guzzling whiskey and stoking the cannon, I thought I’d take a break in crew quarters and put together all the information you need to complete the Phase 2 main Questline, Trawl of Booty.

For more information on the Event, go HERE.


Trawl of Booty Pt. 1
Chris Starts

Octopuses are Here!: Tap on “GO” to see the details for taking them out
Repair the Sloshed Schooner: 10secs, Cost $500
Get 3 Cannonballs: Clam Options in Shopping Cart OR Seamus Bury Treasure OR Pirate Queen Lois Load Cannons OR Quagmire Use Salty Language OR Jolly Roger OR Charming Cove (House of Booty)

Completed Task Rewards: 4  Cursed Treasure


Trawl of Booty Pt. 2
Chris Starts

Clear 10 Octopuses with your Cannon: Use the “GO” button on the task to start the Cannon feature
Blackbeards Fleet has Grown: Tap on “GO” to learn more information
Get 4 Fuel from Octopuses: (This means collect 4 whiskey from Octopuses)

Completed Task Rewards: 6   Cursed Treasure

***Bombs Away! Clam Offer Triggered***


Trawl of Booty Pt. 3
Chris Starts

Attack Blackbeard’s Scurvy Squadron: 6hrs, Requires 6 Fuel per Attack (just needs to be started) and Salty and/or PeterPan
Collect 4 Cinnamon from Blackbeard’s Scurvy Squadron: This will vary on your Ship Level of attach and payout reward on how long it will take
Have Joe Patrol the Pier: 6hrs, Earns $45 & 45xp

Completed Task Rewards: 6  Cursed Treasure

***PeterPan Questline, Being Childish, triggers***


Trawl of Booty Pt. 4
Chris Starts

Place Peter Pan in the Lost Boys Treehouse: Costs 200 Cursed Treasure, 2 Cinnamon, and 8 Salt (House of Booty)
Rescue 12 Drunken Pirates: Will have to wait for 2 Spawns of 6 to appear. Tap on each one to clear them 

Completed Task Rewards: 3  cursed treasure


Trawl of Booty Pt. 5
Chris Starts

Clear 30 Octopuses with Your Cannon: This will vary on how many you can capture with each Cannon shot on how long it will take
Exchange Lemons for Gunpowder Kegs at The Black Market: Tap on the Black Market to see what exchange options you have available
Upgrade the Sloshed Schooner to Level 3: Requires 5 Gunpowder Kegs

Completed Task Rewards: 9  Cursed Treasure

***Gone Fishing Triggers- Unlocks Fishing Feature***


Trawl of Booty Pt. 6
Chris Starts

Attack Blackbeard’s Fearsome Flotilla: (only need to start one) 3hrs, Requires 5 Grogs, Captain Queen Lois and/or Peter and/or Salty 
Attack Blackbeard’s Scurvy Squadron:
(only need to start one) 6hrs, Requires 6 Fuel, Salty and/or PeterPan

Completed Task Rewards:  6 Cursed Treasure


Trawl of Booty Pt. 7
Lois Starts

Place Patch Crafters: Cost 90 Cursed Treasure and 2 Cinnomon
Go Fishing (x3): Requires 1 Bait each time

Have Quagmire Try On Puffy Pirate Shirts: 8hrs, Earns $80 & 80xp

Completed Task Rewards: 2  Cursed Treasure


Trawl of Booty Pt. 8
Chris Starts

Have a Level 8 Groggy Boat: Tap on your boat to see how many Gunpowder Kegs you will need to Level up to 8 
Have Peter Pan Think Girls Are Yucky: 8hrs, Earns $80 & 50xp

Completed Task Rewards: 8  Cursed Treasure


Trawl of Booty Pt. 9
Chris Starts

Have Long John Peter Search For Treasure: 4hrs, Earns $50 & 50xp
Place the Pirate Watch Tower (House of Booty): Cost 120 Cursed Treasure and 10 Cinnamon
Check Back Next Week!

***Check Back on Thursday to complete Pt. 9 and later that evening the release of Phase 3***


There you have it, the Main Questline taking you through your second week at sea.

How are you doing so far? Where in the Questline are you? Tips for other Players? Let us know.



42 responses to “Peter’s Booty Haul Phase 2 Main Questline – Trawl of Booty

  1. This event is definitely a cash cow for this company so I will not be buying anything for this event , and I’ll see what happens w/ the next event. I say this as there are very few characters that drop the cannonballs and bait. you need to get too much of the plastic to help to unlock daggermouth and you need way too many feathers to try and get peter pan. If the next event does the same then they will more than likely lose me as a regular player and customer.


    • I’m doing fine with feathers, have 80 of the 104, just by using my freezing strategy to get as many octopuses as I can at one time, I hit 10 yesterday with one cannonball.

      The plastic rings I’m at 10 but not worrying as Daggermouth is supposed take time, again just be patient until a few fish swim over each other, you can get 3 with one bait this way. But again it takes patience to sit until the fish overlap each other.

      I hope this helps and you start enjoying the game again.


      • I’ve been using these same strategies and they work great!! I’ve unlocked pans feathers before his elixir, and the maps. Still super low on plastic rings but as they haven’t even told us the other things needed for dagger mouth, I’m not concerned.

        PS. I did splurge (because I LOVE Peter Pan) and get Tinkerbell, but she’s totally unnecessary!!, I’ve got a bank of 26+ whiskey because of the 6 hours it takes to finish the scooner battle. So don’t fret!! Just have patience and get as many octopi as you can in each shot.

        Oh and as a PPS a great way to get tons of them to swim in the same spot: use the water buildings/ships you earned in week one and make a barrier from the Tan lines to the mainland, this will force the octopi to want to swim for the open side. (which you can make into a small gap with the digger island and other decor) and they’ll swarm through that gap LIKE CRAZY!! just be a little patient and tap on the ones going in the wrong direction so they go back for the gap. Tap and wait til 10+ are all in that small gap and FIRE😁!


        • Hi Aka, thanks for such a detailed comment to help other players.

          I agree, I got Tinker Bell but would be doing fine without her. I don’t use mazes or blocks for the octopuses, I just use patience and tap freeze them, I’m hitting between 8-10 now, only need 7 more to complete the 78 for the weekly challenge. But I’m going have play around to see if I can hit more than 10, little challenge for myself, keeps me out of mischief. Lol. Has anyone out there hit more than 10? If so tell us your secret.

          I’m at 34 plastic rings. I just wait for 3 fish to cross over, usually in a corner. Drops seem decent enough. I just worry I’ll have completely run out of patience by the time this event ends. 😀😀😅

          Good luck with the rest of the event.


          • The most octopi I have hit at one time is 9, but I am using the herding strategy. As noted, given how long a battle takes, I have a good hoard of rum, and now that I have all the cannonball producing buildings I can put Quagmire on bait. Now all I need is 5 more elixir, which might happen today, but likely tomorrow. No clams spent here, just to be clear.


            • I got the elixir I needed, and like you have put Quagmire on to bait, as well as also having Peter Pan available with a bait task. I bought the clam dropping building, and Tinker Bell, but neither were necessary to progress I have to say so I’m hoping most players whether premium, freemium are having a good event and good fun.


  2. ok, this got dumb…you send the 3 to get cannonballs, and a couple times none of them even dropped 1…then if you do get cannonballs you have to shoot the octopus and hope they drop the bottles just so you can send your ship to fight and you need 6! all day yesterday i only got 3 bottles. ill take out 4 octopus at a time, all they drop is coins..LAME!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m managing freeze 7 or 8 together but it takes patience to sit wait for them come into the area you’ve frown others in. Remember they also drop feathers for Peter Pan so try get him in your game ASAP to get full benefit of drops.


      • I built a maze using the fish that you can buy for 150 coins. I can get around 11 at a time.


        • But how do you get them to go into the maze?

          Liked by 1 person

          • A series of rows that they follow all the way down to the entrance to the maze. They normally roam around randomly but when they come into contact with a row of fish it turns and follows that row. Then they end up right at the entrance to the maze and I pop a cannon ball right there. Idk how to include a screenshot but maybe one of the editors can include an example.


        • The maze sounds expensive and difficult to make, I did a cheap man’s maze and just used the decor/buildings/ships we earned in week one to block from Tanlines to the main land. It’ll force the little guys to want to swim for the open side. If you close(leaving a small gap in the middle) the other side with digger island and those 3 fish we had to buy the octopi will want to swarm through that small opening. I’ve been getting no less the 10+ octopi per cannon ball😉


  3. My Daggermouth quest seems to be broken. I saw the repair symbol for him and when I clicked on it and he appeared but it won’t let me collect items for him. When I click on the plastic rings it says I need to get to ‘gone fishing part 2’ but the quest line for part 1 never started. Anyone know how I can fix it?


    • You need to get to Part 5 of the Trawl of Booty Questline before Gone Fishing will pop up, after that you can send Meg, Quagmire and Mayor West for bait, then you can go fishing, where you will get drops of six- pack plastic rings and fish bones.


  4. Does anyone know what the repairable area by the beach is(below the groggy gunboat)? It’s been there since phase two and I don’t want to unlock it until I know I can complete the challenge if that’s what it is.


  5. Can someone give me a list of characters that drops bait for gone fishing? The only character I’ve found so far is meg.


  6. I’ve fully completed Trawl of Booty Pt. 5 but nothing has triggered for me yet nor a “!” pop up for Trawl of Booty Pt. 6 or the Gone Fishing feature? Could you tell me what triggers these two or is my game glitched?


  7. So is anybody else having problems with the drop rates? i get one bomb every 4 hours and when I shoot 4-5 octopus I get one barrel.. Since we need cinnamon to buy everything…this seems to be a progress killer for me.


    • It’s been pretty up and down for me so far.


    • Yes, that’s the drop rate I’ve been getting too. I have everybody who can working on bombs and I only get 1 bomb every 4 hours. If I’m lucky that is, twice now I got nothing at all. When I do use my 1 bomb I end up getting 1 cinnamon.


    • I’m in the same boat (sea what I did there?).

      I finished last week’s tasks ahead of time, and bought Tinker Bell straight away. Yet after two days I’ve still only managed one attack on the scurvy squadron. Getting the feathers for unlocking Peter Pan looks like it’ll take ages too.


      • I’m doing ok with the feathers, got over half already, they seem drop well. Just try get as many octopuses with one cannonball as you can. That will also help with whiskey.


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