Daily Archives: September 5, 2016

Weekly Challenge – Week 1 – PARTY ON

Just as we were all getting happy on grog TinyCo has brought us back to reality with the first of this events weekly challenge.

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Working on my Tan – My Tan Lines Resort’s Fun & Frolics

I got to thinking, dangerous I know but occasionally I take the risk, that sometimes when we’re running around like headless chickens, or just trying to unlock Giant Chicken and other characters, we sometimes forget about some of the other fun elements in our games.

So fellow addicts, admit it, how many of you have been working on your tans this year. I’ve been working on mine non-stop, but living in the UK I’m still as pale as Casper the ghost. Only joking I’m not talking about our actual tans, but the Tan Line resort TinyCo brought to all our games in April.

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