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Peter’s Booty Haul – Phase 4 Is Live! – Updated & Complete

Ahoy there shipmates!

The last phase of the event is upon us, and with it comes the answer to just what do we need to complete unlocking Daggermouth. Oh and there’s a few other things, so stay with us as we help you sail through the end of what’s been another  crazy but fun event.



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Peter’s Booty Haul Premium Character Questlines: Mermaid Bruce & The Captain

Can you hear the mermaids sing? No, me neither, not over all that Cranch Cranch that’s going on.

Anyhows I think there’s been a bit of a pirate switcheroo going on in our Quahog’s which has seen us drop some of our treasured clams to get some characters and costumes in return.

Yes our towns have seen some new premium characters and costumes who as always come with their own side Questlines and this post is going to cover two of these, Mermaid Bruce and The Captain.

I know many who have won Mermaid Bruce and have purchased The Captain will have them permanently on their material drop tasks but let’s still take a look at their Questlines, The Life Aquatic & Crunch Time, and all you will encounter along the way. Continue reading

Peter’s Booty Haul Character Questline – Peter Pan

Hey there shipmates

Well they don’t call Peter Pan a lost boy for nothing, it was tough finding all the stuff to unlock him in our games. But now he’s been captured for all eternity in my Quahog I thought I’d  share his Questline. However I’m aware many of you will concentrate on this later as you will probably have him busy on deck in either your Sloshed Schooners or Boozy Brigs.

Peter Pan

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