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Peter’s Booty Haul – How Did You Do Poll

So after almost 5 long weeks of fighting Blackbeard’s fleet, peace is finally returning to the waters of our Quahogs. But how about your inner peace, are you happy with your haul? Has it left you feeling like you’re walking on water? Or are you cursing your luck at missing out on a character and still feeling a little sea sick?

For the first time I’ve been blogging with you throughout a whole event, and as much as the seas got a bit stormy I’ve honestly had a blast, so thanks for the welcome. You know by now I’m a bit of a nosy Nora and like to gather information from you, so I was wondering if my fellow addicts would be willing to complete a couple of end of event polls for me.


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Peter’s Booty Haul Questline – Daggermouth

Well as the clocks ticked down on the event Daggermouth finally came to life with a Questline of his very own.

But getting him in our games wasn’t easy, it was all hands on deck getting bait then catching fish after fish after fish, whoever said fishing was a relaxing pastime obviously didn’t play this mini-game, lol.  My only complaint, where’s Boom Boom.

I know many of you will be leaving this Questline until later.  But so you know what will be expected of you once you get there here’s a breakdown of Daggermouth’s Questline, Money Making Machine. Continue reading

Peter’s Booty Haul Character Questline – Duke of LaCrosse Team Carter

Ahoy there shipmates,

Well it looks like Seamus has some competition in the dress up stakes this event, as Carter brings his alter ego to the party, and he’s not just fancy but flamboyantly fabulous. As is his Questline which you can find here.

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Peter’s Booty Haul Premium Character Questlines: Blackbeard

So as we spent weeks & weeks battling Blackbeard’s fleet we never expected the man himself to desert his sailors and join us, but that’s exactly what happened.

Yes our towns are seeing another new premium, the aforementioned Blackbeard.

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Peter’s Booty Haul – Cursed Treasure Mystery Box

It’s a mystery, and there’s no sign of those pesky kids or Scooby Doo to solve it, so instead you get me bringing you this post. I know li’l old me is disappointing but hey what if I sweetened the deal with a few Scooby Snacks? No, okay I’ll just get on with throwing you some information on The Cursed Treasure Mystery Box instead.

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