Peter’s Booty Haul – Cursed Treasure Mystery Box

It’s a mystery, and there’s no sign of those pesky kids or Scooby Doo to solve it, so instead you get me bringing you this post. I know li’l old me is disappointing but hey what if I sweetened the deal with a few Scooby Snacks? No, okay I’ll just get on with throwing you some information on The Cursed Treasure Mystery Box instead.

The Cursed Treasure Mystery Box is now live in our games, bringing with it some event area decorations as prizes.

Cost ~ 90  cursed treasure

The prizes should you wish to try your luck are:

Giant Squid



Skull Pillar

House of Booty

Black Market

We can’t give you any odds on these, they really are just a fun way to use up any event currency. Did you have enough cursed treasure to chance your luck? Were you lucky? Share your luck, good or bad, in the comments.



11 responses to “Peter’s Booty Haul – Cursed Treasure Mystery Box

  1. I keep hoping they’ll do more of these mystery boxes for something other than clams, but I doubt this will be done again.


  2. I think they originally coded it for clams, because in my game as it was loading the elements for Human Rupert to open his chest, the cursed treasure coin was a clam and I thought I accidentally spent 90 clams. I was so relieved to see it shift back to cursed coins after Rupert appeared.


  3. Is there a chance you don’t win anything? I got all the prizes first try (i.e. 5 tries in total). Now I have to find something else to waste 1000 treasure on…


  4. Got them all, but I really love my giant squid!

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  5. I thought I had been unlucky getting so few attempts. What a pity that this time they didn’t include so many things in the mystery box. I would have liked to keep an octopus or the serpent statues. Oh, well, at least I have the giant squid.


  6. I was hoping they would put all the different ships up for sale.

    Bought everything but only the Squid and Wirlpool will be staying out of storage.


  7. I was hoping for the Stewie and Brian Dragons! I had also enquired bout pieces of dock, sort of like road pieces for the water. I do like the whirlpool though, and wish we could have obtained more than one of them and the squid!


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