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Peter’s Booty Haul – Phase 2 Is Live! UPDATED & COMPLETE

NOTE BUNNY: I was informed by TinyCo that the Event wasn’t as of yet live, however I am seeing items popping up in my game now as well as the new Questline for Phase 2. I have not seen a FAQ as of yet from them or confirmation it should be out… so I am posting this info… but with caution until fully confirmed that Phase 2 should actually be Live and active in our games.

Just Confirmed… LIVE!!

With a sprinkling of fairy dust and a whole lot of rum, the high seas and all that sails in them have been washed ashore in our games. As we move into Phase 2 we thought we’d bring you a shipping forecast covering all the must know information.

To see Peter’s Booty Haul live in your game you must update your game to version 1.28.0. Once you’ve done that it’s all hands on deck as you can pull up anchor and dive into the event.



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Peter’s Booty Haul Premium Character Profile: Captain Hook

Ahoy there, mateys!


With this New Peter’s Booty Haul Event, we also get some New Premium Characters for you to decide to add to your Quahogs. Like Captain Hook.

Let’s take a look at what Captain Hook can do in our silly lil games. Continue reading